Old house creepy walls


When I was younger we moved to my childhood home. It belonged to my aunt and grandmother at the time and it was later passed down to us. At first the experience of living in a bigger better house was exciting but over time I learned to understand that it wasn't normal. I never experienced any actual figures or shadow people but enough "strange'" things began to happen that I soon began to question what was normal. For starters footsteps where constantly heard in the living room and they where always heard coming from the hallway to the kitchen. It was such a recurring event that I later found out that the reason why my grandmother had gotten rid of her carpeting was due to the fact that she actually saw the footprints on the floor once without any body in the room but herself.
The footsteps weren't the only thing tho. When I was a baby my cousin who lived in the house at the time got into a huge argument about washing the dishes with my grandmother and left for a house party where she died in a heated argument. Occasionally when the family was gathered in the living room or if you where alone at the house we would hear dishes being moved and washed but when we went to investigate their was never anyone in the kitchen. Once I even heard a loud sigh in the kitchen when I was by myself. It sounded like that of a younger woman responding to my yapping away on the phone as if to say "here she goes away again on that thing".
Another time when I was a teenager I was scaring my little brother in the kitchen and turning off the lights while making scary noises to freak him out and got a good laugh out of it. It was kinda messed up and he got mad and stormed off to his room crying but as I was turning off all the lights and locking up all the doors for the night the last remaining light in the living room turned off all by itself that night not long after I had scared my little brother in the same way myself. I knew it wasn't my brother being vindictive because the light that turned off was right in front of my visual range and the last one I had to turn off. It was one of those end table lamps that you have to turn at the bulb to turn it off. To my surprise I heard the lamp turn and watched it turn off all by itself. At first I was scared because of what had happened but had this feeling like the ghost was giving me a taste of my own medicine and instead of freaking out I started to burst out laughing because the ghost had got me! '"HA HA very funny you got me"' I said out loud feeling like it had felt pretty pleased with itself teaching me a lesson. The footsteps can be dated back to before my cousin died but I'm not sure about the kitchen dishes it wasn't till years later when I was older that my grandma told me about the argument and it made sense that even though we where living with "strange'' things they didn't feel scary. At least not in the those areas.

The house was a three bedroom house and we would often change rooms and live in different areas. My least favorite room was the room connected to the living room and the master bedroom away from the hallway doors. When I slept in that room I experienced long loud scratches from the top of the ceiling down to the floor. Scratches on my body that where small tiny three claw scratches in random places, lights turning on and off and photographs of Jesus on my mirror turned upside down without anyone being in our out of my room. I began placing tape tests at the door to check if anyone was coming in or out of my room while I was at school or away. When I came back the tape would remain untouched and no sign of entry was made but things would seem to move around the room. I became very religious around that time and prayer did seem to work but I soon wasn't the only one who was experiencing individual experiences. My littlest brother talked about a young girl who talked to him once in the house when he was a toddler. He said she had dark hair and was nice to him. My other brother experienced a dark shadowy figure trying to peek through the side of the wall at him once in the living room. No matter how '"strange"' things got we somehow stopped thinking of them as strange. Doors would shake and try to open by themselves but no one was on the other side. Even my cat stopped coming inside the house after a while. I once saw a perfume bottle slide by itself across my desk and fall to the ground. Figurines on the shelves would move clockwise or counterclockwise but refused to stay in the same positions sometimes it was just weird.
The boiling point for me however was shortly after my son died. I went into premature labor and lost my child in that house at 8 months old. I grew very depressed and sleeping in the same room became a psychological nightmare. I knew I had to get out of their and I did. I got a decent job and moved to a normal non haunted house.
The silence was the first thing that stood out to me.
The house was actually quiet when their was no one home. Their wasn't one noise that couldn't be explained or an experience that seemed out of place. Every action had an equal and opposite reaction every voice had a body every sound came from an action. Normal was simply nothing out of place. It was then that I began to view the supernatural world and the paranormal with a more scientific approach. I was curious to understand what was going on and if the experiences I had experienced my whole life where actually due to location and events in time and I wondered if hauntings could actually be a glimpse into some sort of temporal fluctuation that we experience from the energy of previous house hosts that was somehow left behind or on repeat or maybe not yet understandable from our liner existence. If so how do you account for a trolling ghost?
Now my life is pretty normal. I have experienced other ''strange'" things since I moved out but I still have no explanation for some of the things we experienced growing up. My family has recently moved homes and the house we once lived in recently got turned into an apartment area. When I stopped by last I asked the construction crew if they experienced anything weird during construction. Unfortunately they hadn't I wondered if it was just us or if it was the land. Either way I left with a sense of longing. After all family had lived and died in that home including my son. As I drove away I could almost feel him. Surprised by my visit and crying out to me from some sort of beyond. It was hard to drive away but what else could I do the pain was too much to bear. To this day I haven't returned. I don't know if anyone lives their today I assume they do but I wonder sometimes if they too experience some of the things we did. I left alot of sadness in that place and I don't think it might have been the best thing I hope I didn't add any negative vibes to the land but a piece of me died their the night my son died as well.
Anyways that is my story of how I grew up in a "strange" phenomena home hope it was insightful today I live a normal ghost free life and I now know that none of it was normal before.