Old shopped jellyfish pic does the rounds, media go for scientists quotes


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Aliens could resemble jellyfish the size of a football field says

The bigger the better they posit!!!

Life will be as life is. No good making guesses.

EDIT: changed pic as source didn't like the bandwidth usage (Snopes)

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Huh? What?

I haven't heard this report, thanks Tim. Aliens resemble JELLYFISH ?

This isn't the first time someone made this claim about jellyfish-like creatures. In 1976, Trevor James Constable from Southern California, claimed he recorded flying invisible alien creatures. Later, some people believed these creatures (or beings), were the ones causing the on-going cattle mutilation problem.

(clip from the 1976 UFO documentary - Overlords of the UFO)​


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Or more recently in fiction:


Feintuch's "fish" that could warp through space and land on planets, spreading viruses and wiping people out, warping into orbit clutching asteroids and dropping them on cities, they represented an enemy on all fronts, not safe anywhere from them.