Omg saw ,Jen, ben and victor eating diner nxt 2 me

Mar 31, 2003
ok ODDEST thing happend tonight, I went to dinner at this Italian resturant in Beverly Hills and such, and I'm there for a b-day party for my freind who knows michael vartan..crazy enough I saw michael V. two weeks ago for a hockey game and such and talked to him for a qucik second before he had to go cause he knew my freind. so I see that my freind's mom saw the list and it says victor garber is coming at same we were for dinner..and I'm like omg I never saw victor when I was on the set this would be really cool. SO while I'm eating at dinner, I look up and I see this couple coming in all dressed up and such..and then I look at them and SAY" HOLYS**T" that ben and jen, wtf this was most random thing I never expect for them to come even if they knew vicotr but still not my thing to think I'm like wow" she is really pretty and preggers" cause last time I saw her was last year when she was dating michael and she was very kind to us on the set and such of alias..and then I 'm like omg this really wierd to see al three at them having 3 tables from us and ya. Vicotr was in this tux I believe very handsome he looked, and ben always trying to look good I guess and jen very pretty with a lot of BLING BLING I must say. But ya a few days ago while watching celebrity poker with vartan I switch channel for a break tivo and I see ben and jen for this katrina thing on tv collecte money through phone calls and I was like let me see if I can call jen and donate money but ended up not calling. BUt ya so wierd to see ben affleck twice in a month last time I saw him was week I met michael and ya it was very akward funny. We didnt go up to them becuase we didnt wanna disturn them and make a big fuss and it would seem akward to tell them we knew michael and met her and supposly vicotr and michael good freinds it would have been odd so ya. I always keep a camara in my purse ever sinc eI got a digi cam but this is the one night I forgot it at home and ya this ironic event comes into my life after having a stressful week of first days of skool. But anyways I wanted to share my story to you guys and such.
DArth Leah


Mar 25, 2004
thanks for sharing! Lucky you!
I wish I were you, especially if you have a friend who knows MV!!
Do you have pics of your previous encounters with Jen and/or Michael??


Jun 15, 2005
u have the best luck!!!except the whole forgetting ur camera!!!i just wish i knew someone who had seen a star!! let alone know them or see them myself!!
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