On publishing and marketing SF novels

Wow! What an interesting article

I read 'On Publishing Fiction' twice because I so empathised with the trials and tribulations of different publishing routes.

E Publishing is an interesting debate. At least with HUNTRESS being an MP3 audiostory download it's ideal for that format.

Downloading means you get the product relatively straight away and keeps the costs down so each episode is only £2.99 That's not much of a gamble for people to see if they like it and far less than it would be on CD.

I wonder if self publishing is eventually going to outgrow the traditionally published market in variety of books available?
We've seen a few people come through here with various different routes to publishing. One set up a Lulu shop and was noticed through proliferation on the net and managed to acquire a bricks and mortar contract for his book.

Things are changing now. In the music industry, the books (and ebooks method) and we're waiting to see just what wins out. Agent and then Publishing House, or do all the work yourself and see less overheads, more profit, but a gamble on reaching a wide audience.

Interesting to note that in the UK last year there were 200,000 books available through bricks and mortar establishments but 190,000 sold upto 3,500 copies each. The average author in the UK makes £4,500 a year from writing. Shops take half the face value of books, authors see say £0.50 to £1.00 for each book worth £6.99/£7.99 sold and it is disgusting that the true "artist" suffers where corporations and retail establishments squander the earnings.
www.lulu.com a POD service, although other features available. You can manage a "shop" similar to being an ebay "shop" dealer. Pay for features, website space, services. I think you get better deals on services from them by getting the "shop" services.

Music and Audio

Those are the areas that a potential buyer can browse to.
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Thanks, I hadn't heard of them. I'll certainly look into it as an alternative way of marketing HUNTRESS. Especially as the ISBN numbers seem to be cheaper than buying them direct from the The UK ISBN Agency.