One Night Love Affair


Nov 16, 2004
Title: One Night Love Affair.
Author: Jenn (Freelancer21)
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters! J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot and ABC own them.
Summary: CIA Agents Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn have never met, until that day when he rescues her in North Korea. Then their paths separate again. Forever or will they find their way back to each other?

Let’s say Sydney has been through the Alliance take down, her two years disappearance because of the Covenant… all this without ever meeting Vaughn. Up to now…

This story has been previously published at Hope you enjoy!

One Night Love Affair

Chapter 1

«Freelancer to Base Ops! The plane is going down! I’m going to have to jump!»

There wasn’t time to wait for the answer. Agent Sydney Bristow quickly got up from her seat and put on her parachute in a record time. She opened the Cessna’s door and her eyes were only met by darkness. There wasn’t even a moon that night; that’s why they had chosen that particular day to send her on that mission in North Korea. The forest was everywhere beneath her, but there was no time to waste hoping for a better place to jump.

Sydney exhaled loudly, having one last thought for her father.

And she jumped.


«This is Vaughn.»

«Agent Vaughn. This is Rose McDermott, Assistant Director Skinner’s secretary. Mr Skinner wants to talk with you.»

«Oh, great! That should be good news…», sighed Michael Vaughn.

A trip down to Skinner’s office was never something you came back from with a smile on your lips. A phone conversation wasn’t much better, he knew it from experience.

«Agent Vaughn.», said the deep voice.


«I have another assignment for you. The L.A. field office just called. They need you for a rescue mission not far from where you are right now.»

«Just what I needed», Michael thought to himself, sarcastic. He sighed again. He just wanted to go back home in Miami, after spending the last three weeks here in South Korea, trying to locate a Rambaldi artefact he had just learned was now in Brazil. Up to a minute ago, he thought he was finally going to be allowed to pack up his belongings and go back to his dog Donovan.

But he controlled himself and asked:

«May I ask who I’m going to rescue?»

«A fellow CIA agent named Sydney Bristow.»


Sydney carefully moved her legs. Everything seemed to be working fine. Left arm. Good. Right arm. She winced in pain. She was injured. But before she could check on it, she had to find a way to get back on the ground. Because right now she was hanging between earth and sky, her parachute caught in the branches of a big tree.

She tried to gauge the distance between her feet and the ground. Didn’t seem too high. Anyway she didn’t have any choice. She unbuckled her parachute and took one straps off her shoulder, hoping the weight balance change would slowly get her closer to the ground.

Sydney guessed right. She heard the parachute tearing apart and she felt herself going down. But it only lasted a second or two, and then the descent stopped abruptly, sending a flash of pain through her injured arm. She tried to pull the parachute a little more, but she got no results. So she had to go for it. She got ride of the parachute altogether and let herself fall to the ground.

Luckily, at that point she was only a few feet in the air, so she didn’t hurt herself. Looking up, she realised there was no way she could get the parachute back and hide it. Hoping it wasn’t too apparent from the sky, afraid the North Koreans would locate her, Sydney decided to get away from this place as fast as possible.

She didn’t have much to help her. Just her gun that she was smart enough to grab before jumping. She had no food, no phone, no map. But she knew that she would find a small city down south. Orienting herself with the stars, she began her long, painful walk. There was no time to waste; she knew that if the North Koreans captured her and found out she was CIA, she was a dead woman.


The helicopter had just dropped him in a clearing, as close as it could from the estimated point where Sydney had jumped of the plane. Assuming she was still alive, she must have walked south, knowing that she would reach the only village in a two hundred miles radius.

Now he had to find her. Not an easy task, he was very aware of it. The tech guys had provided him with a state of the art body heat detector, but the forest was vast… Vaughn sighed and began to walk. The sun would only begin to rise in a few minutes, so he didn’t see much. He wished he were home, watching a Kings game with his pal Weiss, drinking a cold beer… But at the same time, he really wanted to find that girl. He had seen her picture. Gorgeous. Something a little sad in her eyes. Skinner had told him she was a tough one and warned him to be careful if he found her… She wouldn’t be an easy catch.

Right now, Vaughn knew that the CIA was spying on the North Koreans’ communications to know if they found the plane. Or if they found a body.

He just hoped that it wouldn’t be the case.


The sun was now way up in the sky, and Sydney was getting very tired. She was hungry and her arm hurt. She had taken some time to examine it. It was cut deeply and had been bleeding quite a lot. Tearing up a piece of her t-shirt, she had bandaged it as well as she could, but had nothing to disinfect the wound. It would have to go this way.

At least there was one good news: there still wasn’t any sign of the North Koreans. Apart from the brief noise made by an helicopter at dawn, far from where she was, there was nothing to worry about. She had been through much, much worse.

In fact, the last five years represented a good collection of bad moments… Finding out she had been working for the very enemy she thought she was fighting against. Going through the death of her fiancé. Being abducted and tortured by the Covenant. And the list went on and on and on…

Now Sydney Bristow was tired, both physically and mentally. Maybe she just shouldn’t have jumped from the plane and end it then. Her father was the only reason that had kept her wanting to live. But sometimes she wondered if that would be enough…

Suddenly, she thought she heard a noise. She stopped dead in her tracks and drew her gun. Sydney quickly bent down and scanned the area around her. She saw a shadow flicker in the trees about 60 feet from her.

She raised her gun and waited.


The detector Vaughn was holding suddenly beeped. Someone was there, only a few feet away from him.

Play ball.

Was it Agent Bristow? Here, in the middle of nowhere? Probably. He could call out her name, but what if it wasn’t her? He was in for a bullet in the head.

Vaughn decided to play it safe. He drew his gun and carefully walked closer to the form he had detected. Maybe he could identify her before she shot him to death…

But she was nowhere in sight. He had no choice but to call her name. He hid behind a big tree and went for it. Mom, if I don’t make it, I love you.

«Agent Bristow! I’m Agent Vaughn! I’m here to rescue you!»

Only silence replied.

«I don’t want to hurt you!»

A few seconds went by. Finally, she spoke to him.

«Show yourself! And drop your gun!»

He obeyed. He didn’t have much choice.

«Good. Now walk straight in front of you.»

He walked a good forty feet before she told him to stop. She got up and Michael Vaughn caught his first glimpse of Sydney Bristow, and vice versa.

Aiming at him, she ordered:

«Throw me your ID!»

«I don’t have any, in case I met with some unfriendly people. I don’t mean you, of course…»

She didn’t flinch. Okay, no time for jokes…

«But I’ll throw you my sat phone. You can call Dixon. He’ll confirm my identity.»


Chapter 2


Feb 28, 2003
Yeah, i read this over at SD-1 but since it's down and alll...ahem

I like this story, i think it's very cute. Too bad i already knows what happens from following along at the other site. That's okay though, second time through is just as good if not better than the first. So PM me when you update!



Nov 16, 2004
A/N: Hi! I'm glad you like it so far! Since SD-1 has been down, I was desperate for some feedback, so I decided to recycle old stories! :hide: (By the way, thanks Spy41 for following this again! ;) ) Since this story is already completely written, there is no point of leaving you hanging for long periods of time. So I will try to update daily. Thanks!!!

Jenn :love:

Chapter 2

«But I’ll throw you my sat phone. You can call Dixon. He’ll confirm my identity.»

Good idea. You could never be careful enough these days.

«Okay. But don’t even think about moving, or I’ll make sure this is the last thought you ever have.»

The look on his face reassured Sydney. This guy was looking at her with a mix of respect and a hint of fear. He wasn’t going to try anything. In fact, she was pretty certain Dixon was going to confirm his story. He looked too honest.

«Yes, this is agent 02589143. I need to speak with Director Dixon right away.»

She didn’t have to wait more than three seconds before Dixon was on the line.

«Syd! Are you okay? Are you hurt?», he asked precipitately, concerned about her well-being.

«I’m okay.», she reassured him. «Just a little cut on my arm. Dixon, I’m currently in the company of a man claiming he’s here to rescue me. His name is Vaughn, or so he says.»

«Syd, it’s okay, we sent him. He’s legit.»

«Uh, Dixon, would you mind me asking you a question, just to make sure it’s really you? I’ve just seen so much…»

«I understand. Go ahead.»

«That time we went to rescue Marshall… What was your cover?», she inquired.

«I was the big-haired DJ!!!», he laughed.

«Good. I suppose that will have to do!», Sydney smiled.

«Great. Now, Syd, be nice to Agent Vaughn. He’s the Miami office’s best agent. He’ll take you to a clearing in the forest and a helicopter will pick you up there. Tell Vaughn to call his contact when you reach the meeting point.»


«Take care, Syd.»

«I will.»

She disconnected the phone and stared at Agent Vaughn.

«Alright, it seems you’re who you say you are. You can move.»

«Great. Can I get my gun back? Could be useful.»

«Okay. But you should know that I’m still going to keep an eye on you. Just in case.»

Vaughn nodded and went back a few feet until he found his gun. Skinner was right, she was a tough one. Coming back to her, he wondered what she had been through in her life to be so reluctant to trust people…

When he got near her, she handed him the sat phone, but she winced slightly when moving her right arm. Vaughn noticed.

«So, now that you know I’m CIA, are you going to let me clean up your wound?»

She looked at him right in the eyes for a few seconds. Vaughn felt like she was trying to see through his soul.

«Okay.», she finally said, not having much choice. This man was going to be her partner for the next several hours. She would have to trust him to a certain extend. If things turned bad, she would have to rely on him and him on her.

Vaughn smiled briefly and went through his bag to find the first aid kit. In the meantime, Sydney removed her long sleeves shirt, exposing her hurt arm. The bandage she had made herself was soaked with blood, and she saw concern into Vaughn’s eyes when he approached her.

«Maybe we should sit down on that big rock over there. The wound may required a few stitches, and I would need to be steady.»


“Anything you say, doctor Vaughn”, she thought ironically as she sat down.

Vaughn sat down close to her and delicately untied the bandage. He was just inches from her and she noticed he had the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen. She turned her head, not wanting to soften to him.

«Does it hurt?»


«It seems to have stopped bleeding, but it sure bled a lot. I’m going to clean it. Tell me if it hurts.»


She couldn’t help but cringe slightly when the disinfectant touched the wound. Vaughn stopped immediately and looked at her.

«You okay?»

«Yes, go on. I’m a big girl.»

«I know you are.», Vaughn smiled as he continued his work. «My boss told me you were a tough gal.»

She didn’t say anything, so he continued:

«I think he was right.»

This time, she couldn’t help but smile a little bit. Vaughn looked at her, a twinkle in his eyes. But he knew better than to push it.

«How did you hurt yourself?»

«My parachute got caught into a tree. A branch probably did this.»

«Probably. Okay, I’m done disinfecting. But I guessed right: you’re going to need stitches. The cut is pretty deep.»

«Whatever you have to do.»


While stitching her arm, Vaughn tried to engage in some civilized conversation with Sydney. He didn’t know why, but he felt somehow close to this woman. He wanted her to trust him. He wanted her to like him.

«So, the Kings are doing good this season, huh?»

«I wouldn’t know. I don’t follow hockey much these days.», she replied, thinking back sadly at all the evenings she spent watching games on TV with Francie and Will. But that was part of another life. A life that didn’t existed anymore.

«Well, you’re missing something. I can’t wait to be in L.A. and go to one of their games.»

«Where do you live?»


«Shouldn’t you like the Lightening?»

«Gee, that would make my life so much easier!», he laughed. «My friend Eric and I are always fighting about that. No, I don’t like them. I grew up in L.A., so I’m sticking with the Kings. Okay, I’m done. You’ll be as good as new in a few days.»

Their eyes locked.

«Thanks, Agent Vaughn.»

«You can call me Michael. I’d like that.»

He saw her hesitate. Obviously she wasn’t ready to be too friendly with him.

«You still don’t trust me, do you?»

She sighed and looked down.

«I’m sorry. I’ve just seen and been through too many things. I’m afraid I’m now having a hard time trusting people at face value. Nothing personal.»

«It’s okay. I understand.»

She raised her eyes to meet his.

«But you can call me Sydney. I’d like that… Vaughn.»

He couldn’t help but smiling widely, showing off his dimples.

«You’ve got yourself a deal, Sydney.»


Chapter 3

Alias Tippin

Sep 20, 2004
Hi Freelancer

I've read some of your stuff at sd-1 and love it :)

I've been lurking here a bit since sd-1 went down and was so excited to find that you posted some older stuff. but so mad at myself that i've never read this. now i have to wait :(

do you have more of this posted anywhere else? :P

I need a fic fix fast!!! I'm miserable without sd-1.

cant wait for more. seriously. :Ph34r:

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Aug 30, 2004
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Freelancer21 said:
Vaughn sat down close to her and delicately untied the bandage.  He was just inches from her and she noticed he had the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen.  She turned her head, not wanting to soften to him. 
I guess it will be hard for her to withstand his eyes and him! :angelic:
Yeah they kinda hit it off! :unsure:
Can´t wait for more! :woot:
Thanks for da PM! ;)



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HEY Freelancer21!!!!
I read this at SD-1
Its a wonderful story
I loved it
Everyone should read it
It's so great


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I'm bored and even if I have already read your story on SD-1, can I be added to your PM list once again ^_^
Oh and great chapters :D
Nov 23, 2003
awww!!! glad they're on a semi-friendly level!

can't wait for them to get back to LA and maybe vaughn wll do some digging to find out more about her and why she's so un-trusting (does that make sense, lol)


Mar 23, 2004
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:D Im loving this!! That chapter was beyond great! Im usually over at SD_1 and I cant eblieve that I ahvent read this there....its fantastic! I cant wait for more...oh...and Im loving how hes trying to get through to her! :D



Feb 28, 2003
Awesome chap! I like the banter about hockey. lol. Don't you hate that when you love a sports team from another state? I like the Kings but i can't watch them cause i live in Chicago. Sucks. But keep up the great work, well...even though it's already a finished story....alright i'm going to stop talking
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