One of Many


May 26, 2003
Author: Erika
Age: 12
Rating: PG-PG13
Disclaimer: I don't own Sydney or Vaughn and anything Alias. That was all from the mind of JJ.
A/N: If you haven't read The Adventure of Life I suggest that you do. Since this story is the sequel to it I think it'll help you understand things better. Oh! And this is my 3rd fic! :)

Chapter 1

"Rachel!!" yelled Sydney. "Help the twins with their food!!"

"Mom!!" said Rachel, "They can feed themselves!!"

"I know they can but they're making a mess."

"It'd be easier if dad was here to help! I mean, I had to start changing diapers when I was six!"

There was silence except for the twins throwing their peas into each other's mouths.

"Sorry, Mom."

"It's okay."

"I'll help."

"Thank you."

Rachel's POV

It's been five years since my dad got captured by Sark. I know everything about my parents' lives. I know about their CIA jobs and that my grandparents work there too. I know my grandpa on my dad's side got killed by my grandma on my mom's side and that she was a KGB agent. I also know what happened to my mom's friend, Francie and I know all about the Rambaldi prophecy. I know everything. It's just I wish our lives weren't like this.

Nobody has heard of Sark or Anna since that night. I wanna get back at them so bad. I wish my mom could but she can't. There are the twins and me and she just has to stick with deskwork. That's eleven years of deskwork. I know my mom is tired of it. I can see the longing for adventure in her eyes.

I remember that night pefectly;like it just happened yesterday. I remember the fight my mom had with Sark and I remember what Anna was doing to my dad. I remember kicking her in the back of the ankles. Oh, that felt good. Anyway, I remember every single thing. I remember what my mom told me after she called the CIA headquarters.


"Sweetie? Rachel honey? I need to tell you something."

"Yes, Mommy?"

"See, uh, well. Your daddy and I work for the CIA."

"What's the CIA?"

"It's an agency and it's for the government. See, your daddy is a spy. I was a spy but I am not right now because of you. Those two people out there. They are our enemies and they have been for a long time. I'll explain more to you later but at the moment, that's all you need to know."


I didn't say a thing. I understood completely. Even at that young of an age. I just gave my mom a big hug. We stayed like that for a few minutes. Then we went to bed. We slept together in my parents' bedroom for the first year.

I also remember helping my mom with the twins. I remember feeding them and changing their diapers and I remember being at the hospital. My mom and I grew closer together;epecially during that first year.

I miss my dad. I know he's still out there but I still accept the fact that he isn't here. I just tell my friends he left for a trip but never heard from him since. If they ask what happened I say,"We don't know. He didn't even seem like he wanted to leave. The government couldn't find him either. We just keep quiet about it. Don't tell any one." They don't tell anybody at all. I'm glad that I have chosen the right people to be my friends.


Rachel made the twins stop wasting food and helped clean them up. She got them ready for day care.

ring ring

"Hello?" asked Syd.

"Sydney? Is that you? If so put this on speaker phone. This is important. I need you and Rachel both to hear this," said Weiss.



"Coming!!" said Rachel.

"Hurry!! It's Uncle Eric!"

"Is she there?" asked Weiss.

"Yes," said Syd.

"We found Sark's and Anna's body. It looks like they had been beaten up really badly. They're dead, thankfully, but that is not the point. There was a gun there and it was checked for finger prints. It was Mike's."

"Oh my God...D-Daddy?" said Rachel.

"Michael..." said Syd.

I felt like writing this tonight!! :)


Mar 12, 2003
This is so good! Love it how you started and then went back recapping the events! :D You're such a good writer and you're so young!! How do you do that?? :confused: Keep up the great work!! (y) (y) (y)


Mar 16, 2003
That was a Great Start, It´s Very good, pots more pleasee, Vaughn is Alive ????? :LOL:

Thanks for the PM

~ NAT ~
Apr 9, 2003
Erika!! That was a really evil place to leave off!! Ooohhhh!! Michael's alive!! ::does Weiss's happy dance:: :D Yay!!




Jan 8, 2003
South Africa
hmm sorry Erika about not posting sooner but ooh I can't wait to see what happens next.He's alive yay and i'm glad that you decided to do a sequel and thanks for the PM


May 26, 2003
I have no idea on how I do it nattie700.... :unsure: It just comes naturally...... :blink:


Chapter 2

"Oh my god.....D-Daddy?" said Rachel

"Michael...." said Syd.

Rachel's POV

"I'll leave you two alone now but I suggest that Rachel should skip school today and just let the twins go to day care. I'll call for you. Don't worry," said Uncle Eric.

The line went dead.

My eyes were brimming with tears but my mom had tears streaming down her face. Now she was crying; and so was I. "M-Mom.." I choked, "D-D-Daddy's still, he's still alive......"

"I-I know sweetie. Thank God for this miracle," she said.

"I will......"

Then we embraced. We stayed like that for a few minutes. Then we got up, wiped our faces and took the twins to day care. Then we headed for the CIA headquarters. Uncle Eric greeted us there. "Hey kiddo!" he said.

"Hey Uncle Eric!"

"Hey Syd!"

"Hey Eric!"

Then we headed inside. "When were the bodies found?" my mom asked.

"About an hour ago," said Uncle Eric.

"Where were they found?"

"Barcelona, Spain."

"Is there a search party?"

"Yes. They'll be leaving in a couple hours."

"I'm joining that search party."

"Syd, you haven't been in combat for eleven years."

"So what? I can practice right here and now. That's why I brought my sweatpants and T-shirt," she said while holding up the pair she got from her bag.

"That's true. Go ahead and practice. I know there's nothing I can do to stop you."

"You got that right...." I mumbled.

"What was that?" asked Mom.

"Oh, nothing."




"I wanna go."


Everyone in the CIA was looking at us now. I shrunk for a sec but then I grew. I would stand up to my mom! "So what?!?!? I can defend myself!! I've been taking Tae-Kwan Doe since Dad dissapeard and I am a black belt, I know sign language because of my deaf friend and I have perfect aim!! I could learn to use a gun right now!!! You know that I do archery at school sometimes and you know that it's rare for me to not got a bullseye! I COULD GO MOM! I CAN GO!!"

Now I got my mom's attention as well as everyone elses in the agency. I could tell they thought this was gonna be good..........


"Fine!!" I said. "I won't help find my father! Even though it's been five stinking damn years!!"

"Don't you talk to me like that......."

"Mom, I'm sorry but I feel that I half to help and nothing you do is gonna stop me!"

"Stop being as stubborn as I am!!"

"STOP!!!!" yelled a voice. Everyone looked toward it. It was my grandmother's, Irina Derevko. "Both of you stop! Both of you stop right now and both of you stop being as stubborn as I AM!"

We were completely silent.

"Rachel," said my grandma, "it's possible that you may go."

"WHA-" said my mom but my grandma cut her off.

"You, you are the daughter of the prophecy girl. You could do it at this age. I've been keeping this a secret for years now but the first child of the prophecy girl is special. There is another prophecy that Rambaldi made if the first, on page forty-seven, didn't completely follow through during the first thirty-five years of the prophecy girl's life due to other things. It is on page seventy-four. It says if the prophecy girl does not completely fulfill the prophecy her first child will be different. Her first child will be stronger, more intelligent and may be wiser. It starts to kick-in at an early age but gets stronger as the child grows older. You, my dear, I think will be very capable of doing this."

Now everyone was quiet.

"Me?" I asked in complete awe.

"Yes you."

"My daughter?" asked my mom.

"Yes, your daughter and my granddaughter."

"Oh great," says Uncle Eric under his breath, "look who's coming toward us. Bald-headed monkey ass."

"WEISS....." said my mom very quietly but a little angrily. "Not when kids are around."

I giggled.

"Everyone!! Get back to work!! NOW!! Jack, Irina, Sydney, Eric, Rachel. Come with me," said Kendall.

Everyone obeyed.

We all walked to Kendall's office and we went in. "Okay," he said, " I heard the whole conversation. Sydney, you can go. Just practice and catch up a bit. Rachel, you can go but only if you pass our test for defense. You'll learn to use a gun right now and then you can take the test. I'll have my best guy teach you and and my best lady to test you."

"And who may the be?" I asked.

"Your grandparents."

"My grandma and grandpa?!"



"I'm not really sure about this," said my mom.

"If your mother is sure about this then so am I."

"There's nothing I can do. All of us are stubborn. It runs in the family. Two against one as well. I'm out-voted."

"Alright. Now you guys can go about your work."

"Wait. Who will watch the twins?!? Mom, can you do it?"

"Can't. Sorry. Work," said my grandma.

"Work? You don't have that much to do!"

"I'm on the search team."

"Oh, and which brings me to ask Kendall, who is on the search team?"

"If Rachel passes the test," he said," then you, Irina, Jack, Rachel and Weiss. Weiss will monitor the surveillence and Flinkman and Dixon will do stuff from here."

"Okay. Let's start but before I do I gotta talk to Carrie."


Everyone stepped out of Kendall's office and left but I told my grandpa that I'd be there in a minute.

"Carrie?" I asked. "Who's she?"

"Oh! Of course!! I don't think you've ever met her. See, she's Marshall's wife. They got married last year. That was the wedding I went to!! She used to be FBI but now she's CIA. She's a really nice person. You should go meet her! I'll introduce you two when we get back."

"Oh, okay."

Then I left.


ring ring!

Sydney stopped practicing and answered her cell phone. "Hello?"


Heh heh heh........:devil:
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