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Aug 12, 2003
Philadelphia, PA
hey erika :hi:
i just caught up with this story it's great! (y)
your so talented at writing. i'm 12 to but i cant write for felgercarb.
i cant believe vaughn can't even recognize his own daughter.
well i can understand a lil' bit caus it's been 5 yr. but he still should of recognized her even just a lil'.
i feel sorry for rachel

can i get a PM pity peas? :flowers:

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May 26, 2003
Chapter 6

"Oh my God.........." said Vaughn. "How could I be such an idiot?!?"

"I don't know, Michael. I know that it's been five years but you should at least recognize her a little."

"I don't. Maybe it's easy for you guys because you see her all the time but I did notice she looked a lot like you. I just didn't say anything."

"You better talk to her."

"I'm going now."

Vaughn ran off to where Rachel was. He felt so stupid.

"Rachel?" asked Vaughn.

"Oh, so now you remember," she said angrily.

"I'm so sorry."

He sat down next to her and hugged her.

"It's just that you look so different than before. I noticed your mother's and your resemblence but I just didn't say anything."

"Really? I look like mom that much?"


Rachel started to cry and hugged Vaughn. "Daddy, I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too honey."

"Daddy, I love you."

"I love you too."

Rachel calmed down and wiped her tears and let go of Vaughn.

"Daddy?" she asked.


"Let's go home."

"I'm with you there."


Sydney and the party were watching all of this.

"Mom, it's like one of those really sad movies."

"Yeah, I know."

"Oh, look," said Weiss. "They're coming toward us now."

Rachel and Vaughn were now happy again and while walking towards the party they had a mini converstaion.

"So, how's school?" asked Vaughn.

"It's great. I made the honor roll my first year."



"Have you made the honor roll since then?"

"Yeah, three times. Including last year."

"Well, look at that. I have a really smart kid."

She laughed.

"Wait, one thing. Why did the send you here? You're only eleven!!"

"Uhhhhh...... let's just say mom's not happy with it either."

"Can you tell me more?"

"I'll explain it to you later with the others."


"DAMN!" yelled one of the agents.

"What is it?" asked Kendall.

"I was just running a simple DNA test to see if the bodies were doubles or not. They're not Sark and Anna. They are doubles. They're still out there."

Kendall sighed and rubbed his bald head. "I'll inform the others."


On the way back to LA Sydney and the others explained to Vaughn what had happened during the last five years. She even showed him a picture of a recent photo of Rachel and the twins.

"Wow.... I sure do have beautiful kids!"

"DAD!" Rachel yelled.



The adults all laughed.

"So what are the names of our twins?"

"Daniel and Anne," replied Syd.

"Glad I like those names!"

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"You do remember when we were trying to figure out a name for Rachel, don't you?"



"What about Isis?" asked Syd.

"Isis? What the- no! Not some freaky Egyptian name!" yelled Vaughn.

"But it's a nice name."


"Well, what about Anastasia?"

"No, never liked that Russian name."

"But it's my grandmother's name!"

"So, I still don't like it."

"Okay, what about Michelle?"

"Okay, I may consider that one. What else have you got?"

"Hmmmm...... Michelle, Jennifer, Mary, Nicole, Rachel-"


"Okay! That's great! Now we have to pick a middle name."

"Hmmmm..... I like Nicole. Rachel Nicole Vaughn... Sounds nice to me!"

"I love it Michael!" Syd kissed him. "I knew that you'd pick something great."

"I always pick something great!"

"Yeah right."

"I DO!"


"Remember that joke I told you years ago? I just agreed with you to make you happy but it was great!"


"It made you laugh!"

"Doesn't mean it was great!"

"Yeah it does!"

"Riiiiight...." Syd just got up and went to the kitchen. She started to cook dinner while Vaughn was trying to convince her he was a genius.

*End Flashback*

"Oh my God Mom....." said Rachel. "You literally wanted to name me some wacky names!"

"They're not wacky!"

"Yeah they are. I never liked my mother's name anyway," Irina jumped in.


"Well, honey it's true."

"Only after Anastasia and Isis were the names good."

Sydney sighed.


ding dong

"That must be them!" exclaimed Carrie.

She opened the door. The twins ran up to Sydney and hugged her and hugged everybody else but Vaughn.


They ran too fast to either get a hug or a kiss but they eventually ended up with Sydney. Sydney picked up Anne and asked Irina too carry Daniel. They all went inside. Carrie noticed Vaughn.

"Oh my God! Mike! I'm so glad they found you!" She gave him a friendly hug.

"Hey Carrie." said Vaughn.

Vaughn walked up to Marshall.

"Hey Marshall. Glad to see you again." He shook his hand.

"Glad to uh, see you again Mike."

The twins were dumbfounded. Who was this strange guy? Why does everybody know him?

"Mommy? Who is that guy?" asked Daniel.

"Anne, Daniel.."

Anne and Daniel crawled into her lap.

"Mommy, you can tell us! We'll keep it a secret! We promise. We pinky promise."

Sydney smiled. "You guys, that's your dad."

"We have a daddy?" Now the twins were more confused than ever.

"Yeah. He was, he was gone for a really long time. We'll explain the rest to you when you get older."

Daniel went off Syd's lap and walked up to Vaughn. "You are my daddy?"

"Yes, Daniel. I am your daddy," said Vaughn.

Daniel went to Anne and whispered for her to come with him. They walked up to Vaughn.

"Anne. We have a daddy."

"Are you sure you are our daddy?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm sure," he said.

Anne crawled into Vaughn's lap and hugged him. "I love you, Daddy," she whispered and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Vaughn and the other were surprised how fast she had gotten used to him. He hugged her back. "I love you too, honey."

Daniel just stood there watching. He wasn't going to be the "man of the house" anymore. In a way, he was glad of it. "Daddy," he said, "I'm glad you're home." Daniel hugged him too. It was his way of saying he loved Vaughn already as well.

Vaughn smiled and hugged him back. "I love you too, sport."
There we go. A happy ending for this chapter. :D I hope you guys enjoyed it!

And Kim, of course you can get a PM. You're funny. lol :LOL:


awwww *get fuzzy feeling inside* that was so adorable! the twins are soooo innocent!!! :love: and the Rachel Vaughn things was sweet too! and Anastasia and Isis are so not wierd names :P
--Mandy :angelic:
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