One of Many


May 26, 2003
Chapter 7

After Sydney, Vaughn, the twins, Rachel and the whole rest of the family had dinner at the Flinkmans they said goodbye and left for home. Out on the Flinkmans' driveway there were tons of hugs and kisses and goodbyes. Irina and Jack went their way while the Vaughns went theirs. Oh it felt so good to be a whole family again.

When the Vaughns reached their house and parked in the garage all the kids were asleep. Sydney and Vaughn looked behind and smiled, then shared a short kiss. They unbuckled. Vaughn carried the twins while Sydney woke up Rachel. Rachel headed to her room, slowly and sleepily, and plopped on her bed not even bothering to change and brush her teeth. She was fast asleep.

During that time, Syd showed Vaughn Anne's, then Daniel's room. After they changed them and put them in bed Syd and Vaughn headed to their room, closed the door and locked it. Next thing you know there was kissing and removal of clothes. They couldn't get their hands off eachother. It had been way too long. Way too long.

The next morning Syd and Vaughn were asleep peacfully in their bed, undisturbed. They had left the door locked so they thought it was be a long peaceful sleep. But next thing you knew, the twins ran in the room. "MOMMY!! DADDY!!" they yelled and climbed onto the bed jumping like hyper bunnies. Apparently they got used to the idea of having their dad there very quickly. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!"

Vaughn moaned, then Syd. Then they sat up and leaned against the bedstead. Syd yawned. "How'd you get in here?" she asked the twins.

"RACHEL DID MAGIC TO GET US IN HERE! See, Mommy, the door was locked and Rachel did magic with a paperclip!" responded Daniel completely excited.

"AHA! AHA!" said Anne while nodding her head in agreement.

Syd had forgotton that she had taught Rachel that trick a couple of years ago. She smiled. "Did you you like the magic?" she asked the twins.

"YEAH!!!" they yelled still like hyper little bunnies.

The twins were still jumping on the bed and Syd and Vaughn were bouncing up and down because of the movements. "Well," said Vaughn while getting up and wrestling the twins to the bed, "I can make magic too!"

The twins were now sitting on the bed while Vaughn was standing on the floor. They gasped. "YOU CAN?!"

"Yes, I can! Your dad is very smart you see!"

Sydney laughed and smiled. "Oh really? Well, why don't you show us a trick Mr. Michael Vaughn?"

Now you see, Vaughn, of course, didnt' know any magic at all. He was about to say that he was lazy to do a trick but was quickly cut off by the twins.

"C'mon Daddy! Show us a trick!"

Now Vaughn didn't really have a choice. Knowing at that age that if he said that he didn't known any Daniel and Anne would surely be dissapointed in him; he didn't want that.

"Alright, alright. Dear old dad will show you a trick. But first, you hafta be really good and quiet. I will make breakfast for the family and then after that, I'll show you the trick!"

"Okay!" said Daniel.

"We'll be really good, Daddy! We promise!" said Anne.

"Okay, now skoot and tell Rachel what's going on."

The twins quickly jumped off the bed and ran out of the room. "RACHEL!! RACHEL!!" they started yelling.

"Don't be too loud you guys!" Syd yelled after them. "You'll wake the neighbors!" Then Syd was left there laughing. "I wonder where you're gonna come up with something, Michael," she said, still laughing.

"I'm a genius! And geniuses can come up with anything!" he said.

Sydney rolled her eyes and sighed. "Not this again..." she murmered.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing!"

"You said something!"'



"Oh fine I said, 'Not this again...'"

"What do you mean 'Not this again...' ? I am a genius!"


"I am!"

And next thing you know they were arguing whether he was a genius or not.
I FINALLY UPDATED! I am SOOOOOOO sorry that I haven't been! I've been busy and also a lazy bum who just didnt' feel like updating or reading fics! Well, hope you enjoyed this update!

~Erika :D


Oct 2, 2003
this is such a gr8 story! :))))))))
can i plz get a PM? plz plz plzzz!
upd8 soon, upd8 soon


Mar 12, 2003
Erika it's so good to see that you're back!! :D Lolz Vaughn's not a genius! I watched Truth Takes Time ep and at the end with the morse code he was like 'huh' :confused: when she was ripping it up and Syd was like 'I know what I'm doin' Well I can't wait to see more of the family life I really do like having Vaughn so dad-like, he'd make a great dad! :D

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