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Chptr 12

Disclaimer: None of the Alias characters belong to me, except a few of my own fictional ones, the rest all belong to J.J.Abrams and his people etc…

Sark and Syd both frequently glanced back at their passenger in the back seat, not quite sure of how to proceed since she hadn’t spoken since they had departed the plane. They had shared a minimal conversation, which seemed like an attempt by Steph to break the ice slightly and show them she wasn’t completely spaced out by what had just happened, but it didn’t go down too well.

Steph sat staring out of the plane window as Sark and Sydney sat opposite. They glanced briefly at one another before the figure before them spoke, “So, what’s you real name?” “Excuse me?” Sark said, not quite sure of what she was asking him. She turned to face them, her eyes focusing mainly on Sark and repeated, “Your name –you can’t really expect me to believe that ‘Sark’ is your Christian name, so what’s your first name – your real one!” “Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s my ‘Christian’ name, but it’s Julian – only don’t think of calling me that – my name is Sark, and it has been for a long time…and I don’t intend on being known as Julian again – I left that boy behind a long time ago…” he said, trailing off a bit towards the end as if he had said too much and did not want anyone nearby, even Sydney to hear this. “Why don’t people call you Julian anymore?” Steph asked in an innocent, yet curious manner, but Sark didn’t seem to appreciate the question – or the answer it would provoke – and something inside of him snapped, “Same reason you don’t like being called ‘Stephy’” At this Steph’s narrowed her eyes and a torrent of frozen ice swept over her sky blue iris’, “That’s different!” she spat out in contempt.

Sydney could only watch as the two people before her stared at each other – both sets of blue eyes cold and hostile – and the speech between them angered. “How so?” Sark asked, dropping his cold demeanor slightly as he calmed down from his previous falter. “Because the only two people who were allowed to call me that are now lying dead thousands of miles away!” she said, more as realization to herself than an answer to Sark’s question, and then she turned to stare out of the window again, her eyes glinting in the light with unshed tears.

It was as if there was a silent understanding between them now, and the subject was never brought up again on the journey.

Glancing in the rear-view mirror, Sark stated simply, “She’s asleep” with the smallest hint of affection – though you couldn’t tell if you didn’t know what to listen for – before turning round to stare at the young girl in the back seat, lying curled up across the leather seats, looking somewhat…peaceful.

“She must be exhausted after everything!” Sydney said, as tears began to fall in sequence with her words. “Hey…Hey!” Sark said, turning her head to face him as he placed a gentle hand on her cheek, “ It’s ok Syd, she’s gonna be ok – we’re gonna be ok! Look we’re nearly there, just, Syd, look, your mum’ll sort everything out – she’s gonna be fine, Syd, honest!” She wiped away the last of her tears saying, “Thanks, and I know, mum’ll know what to do – she always does!” smiling slightly at her last comment, “I just hope she gets through this ok, I mean after everything else!” “She will, Syd, she will!” Sark said reassuringly as he drove past the gate and up the driveway to main entrance of the house.

Sark entered the house with the sleeping girl in his arms, Sydney at his side. Irina came rushing out at their arrival, and at the sight of the unconscious girl in Sark’s grasp, blood covering her clothes, she hastily shouted out, “Alexander, get out here – quickly!”

At this the young girl stirred and Sark knelt down placing her on the cool marble floor beneath. “Irina, she’s ok, albeit shaken and rather tired”, Sark stated on seeing the look on his employer’s face. “Then why?…” Irina stated motioning towards the blood, “We ran into some trouble - ” Sydney started to explain, but was cut off by the sudden appearance of Khasinau who rushed to the side of the girl on the floor.

On seeing the face of the figure before her Steph wrapped her arms round his neck, a smile evident on her face amid all the tears and she said, “Uncle – I’ve missed you!”

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Chapter 13

Disclaimer: None of the Alias characters belong to me, except a few of my own fictional ones, the rest all belong to J.J.Abrams and his people etc…

“I’ve missed you too, Cale, I’ve missed you too!” Khasinau replied, speaking directly into the girl’s ear, and affection and truth evident in his voice. He pulled back slightly to take in her disheveled appearance, but before he could comment she said, tearfully, “What are you supposed to do when the only person who can make you stop crying is the one who made you start in the first place?”

At this he looked deep into her eyes and saw the one thing he had been dreading, “Oh God, I’m so sorry sweetheart!” he said, pulling her in close to him again. He knew what had happened before anyone told him, but this didn’t help him understand her pain any better than any of the others. She withdrew though, moments later saying in amongst crying, “He’s really gone, isn’t he?” “Yes, he is” Khasinau answered, after seeing Sydney and Sark’s solemn faces, and trying to sound as calming as possible, which was extremely difficult in this situation, “But I’m sure he told you how much he loved you and you know, sweetheart, that he’ll always be watching over you – he’d never leave you!” Steph sat up and wiped her tears away and simply stated, “Thank-you!”

“For what?” he replied, unsure of what he had done to receive this. “For that – I don’t know, it’s weird, I mean I knew he was gone I just kind of needed someone to say it, and now I know it’s really true – he’s really gone. He gave me this” she said as she looked down at the necklace hanging round her neck, and fingered it as she continued, “He’ll always be watching over me, I know, but at least this way I feel like I have a part of him with me, always!” “But, you already do, Cale” Khasinau spoke to the young girl, “He’s in your heart, your love for each other will forever be with you, both!” Steph smiled and hugged him again as she made her way to stand up, with his help.

Just then Simon and Allison appeared in the doorway, accompanied by Diego and Brooke. They were laughing and joking, but one look at the scene before them shut them all up immediately. They looked from their two friends in the corner to their employers and then to the young girl that stood before them, though rather shakily, Simon noted.

Just then Brooke’s pet rat (don’t ask – weird I no, but there ya go!) scurried out onto the floor between them and before any words could be exchanged Steph had swiftly removed the clasp in her hair and thrown it in the animal’s direction. Brooke looked down in time to see the little creature keel over to the side, the metal pin lodged firmly in its neck. “What The F*ck?!” she exclaimed angrily at the young girl before her who was staring impassively before her. The girl merely looked at her as a furious Brooke stalked forward.

“What was that?” she spat at the younger girl. “That is what one calls… nature?” Steph replied, and turned to face Irina who had an expressionless look on her face, but Steph could see the pride and smirking face hiding behind it. “Nature? Nature?” Brooke cried out, putting her face in front of Steph’s so as to make the girl turn back round and look at her. It had the desired effect, in some ways. Steph did indeed return to face Brooke, but the look in her eyes told her not to push the matter, or at least it should have…

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