"One Word Story" compressed


Sep 20, 2007
Page 01: Once, there was an infamous Bartender who held a Cucumber.
Page 02: Naturally, this caused much Pain for vanilla Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis research. Suddenly,
Page 03: a small Rodent named Bubba ate a magic Bean, which
Page 04: exploded upon had bald Feet. This Time apparently my imagination
Page 05: was particularly nasty and fluffy. Hence, there was much Money
Page 06: thrown at politicians, just when it exploded ! Personally, i believe
Page 07: that Gorillas can fly while singing badly. This is loco.
Page 08: Yesterday, Syphilis was killing many deformed Polygons shaped outside weirdly.
Page 09: I ate Babies. Afterwards ----tails tequila-flavoured splashed over my leopard-skinned
Page 10: Bikini Briefs. Ew, said Cow. Initially Jesus killed Herpes with
Page 11: sporks. Heros very Soul explodes. Meanwhile terrestrial Lifeforms surreptiously wandered
Page 12: about the Moors of Tunisia. Sadly, none warranted that there
Page 13: kind of bother. Confused, the Baphomet stole Rupees from Chuck-Norris.
Page 14: Amazingly, losing his Mind was not absolutely happening. Not at
Page 15: the Hometown Hoedown. Why this Skald is sitting inside, outside,
Page 16: insideoutside, as the Hallucinogen wore off. Dumbfounded, Dumbledore struck a
Page 17: Malfoy Chicken with his lucky Zweihander, which garnered much unfortunate
Page 18: Attention from the psycological Disorders of Monks. Sigmund slayed a
Page 19: fat Hog with buttered Biscuits and flaming Potatoes dipped between
Page 20: Bites of flaming Munchkins Toes - unfortunately they exploded. Then imploded,
Page 21: and Ryuk choked on Stringcheese obtained through Subterfuge. Only it
Page 22: was stale like when Grandma choked on Tuna Scales or
Page 23: perhaps when this rotten Thread. Grandma misses Mr. Beans. In
Page 24: Russia there he froze in Jello ! Wow said Raptor, the
Page 25: radioactive Raptor. Suddenly, there appeared the Superhero "Roachmill" who flames
Page 26: everyone. Dr. Tran was handing over the talking Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis to Santa
Page 27: Claus. When suddenly a terribly small, yet quite fascinating looking
Page 28: Condom appeared. Moistness consumed much of my Thoughts, yet i
Page 29: had no other Choice but to make passionate Waffle secks.
Page 30: Unfortunately, Daax joined the Orgy - Genocide ensued. Raptors are sexually
Page 31: efficient, doomed to castigate Apples, red in Antarctica Zooblefooble isn't
Page 32: sane anymore. Sprite is fizzy, especially when gargled with fermented
Page 33: Caviar. Gasping codfish - crouching Tiger. Zimbabwe endures Daax when frigid
Page 34: Winter permeates laundry. Dishwasher detergent tastes delicious, especially in a
Page 35: Samovar. Pandas smell sexy. Butter battered with Jalapeños and Sausage.
Page 36: Yummy. Government Strippers are precise when sanctioned in accordance with
Page 37: international Ordinance Number 1693. Magnanimous Gestures pooped in Doom. Libertines
Page 38: rarely proper themselves without first convincing the Chimpanzees of their
Page 39: Intentions. Sumptuous Feasts rarely consume Muppets. This Thread never
Page 40: fails to amuse the Proletariat Monkey. There once was a
Page 41: Man Orgy. There happens to be no Flea Circus in
Page 42: my Purgatory. I suck. Do you ? 'Cause Mommy said "Beans !"
Page 43: for the Coppers. If Jim were dead, Sally would ride
Page 44: a -----in' Corpse. Hide Sally, hide. Suddenly, the Tumor festered
Page 45: inside Mexico. Dirty Crackers make horrible Pets. Clean Foreskins eat
Page 46: themselves. Angels are hellishly self pitying little undead Monkeys. Daax
Page 47: is rapacious, which doesn't surprise America. It shocked Brazil, or
Page 48: Germany that America didn't bomb Canada Years before Daax debunked
Page 49: St. Marmots Theory of Pie. Roybartitos Codification of Pudding was super
Page 50: special. Science often underestimated Penguins because polar Activities were classified.
Page 51: You can contemplate many bathetic polar Opposites, but Mayonnaise always
Page 52: delivers Presents. Beep beep. Cars, especially big -----in' ones, like
Page 53: People eat vegemite. Vans, buses, Giraffes and Sandwitches eat People.
Page 54: Wee ! Umpa Loompa sat on Willy Brandt. Who dares Pancho
Page 55: Escobaro to eat cobalt coloured Zink, said "weee...eee!" Savage.
Page 56: Umpa Lumpas polevaulted Puppies across France using inane...

Whew, that was more than I expected.


Nov 16, 2007
Connecticut, USA
Good job. It seems like everyone is confused about where to continue the one word story or something. I guess just continue it in the original thread and we can use this one to post updated "Compressed versions or something.
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