Online Article; '27 Best Sci Fi Shows'


Jun 6, 2018
While there are some good shows on there, and a few great ones, some of them don't belong at all IMO, and any list of this sort that does not include Firefly is garbage.

The newer BSG, The Expanse, MSTK 3000, The Madalorian, Stranger Things S1 and Doctor Who up through the Matt Smith years are shoo-ins. I'd say Futurama belongs, I've never watched but I know a lot of people who absolutely love it to death. Orphan Black was pretty good, and I've been wanting to watch Counterpart.


May 17, 2020
Bahahaha, this is from the perspective of Rotten Tomatoes "critics". Well there's your problem right there. They have as much taste as a robot.
Edit: to be fair, some of the choices were really good, but others were absolute dumpster fires that were obviously picked because identity politics and having the "correct" viewpoint.
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