Online Magazine -- Subcutaneous

Hi guys,
I hope this is the right place to post this. I am a lover of all things horror and sci-fi. This, coupled with my passion for writing, editing and journalism, has led me to start my dream. I do all of this with no payment other than the enjoyment of sharing artwork and stories of the genres with others. I manage, edit, promote and design a seasonal magazine called Subcutaneous, which you can read here for free -- Subcutaneous Magazine Issue 1

In the magazine there are also sci-fi/horror movie reviews and video game reviews. Book recommendations are at the end of the magazine and were given by those who submitted content.

I'm posting because I'm trying to broaden my network with other lovers of the genre. I would love any suggestions this community can give as far as improvements with design, layout, content, etc. Or for any of you writers or artists out there who want to submit, that would be cool too.

Here is the Facebook page for it, if you're interested. Subcutaneous | Facebook

I hope if you read through it, you'll find the magazine as interesting and fun as I did while making it. There's another one coming out right before Halloween that is paranormal related. There's a lot of cross-genre in that one, which is fun. I can post that here too if it's appropriate.

Also, it would just be great to befriend some like-minded people, even if you think the magazine is silly or you don't like it. So, hi. :)


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