Online Sci-Fi Special this weekend

Sci-Fi Fans, I thought ya might be interested in this. This weekend, The Reel Show (a weekly, live show about independent filmmaking) will be having a Sci-Fi Special. The show plays on on Saturdays, from 2-4pm EST. On the show, there will be several sci-fi films for you to see, and you can chat with their filmmakers in the show chat room. And, there's going to be a live interview with filmmaking brothers Nick and Joe Fiorella, who are currently working on a sci-fi film. They've got exclusive behind the scenes footage to show.

Films being played:
Short action/sci-fi film, “Deployment Strategy” - In 2055, artificial intelligence is possible. The government tries desperately to control the use and abuse of cybernetic beings while society struggles to accept them. Software hackers are both highly coveted resources and enemies of the state. Lt. James Lee, computer psychologist, embarks on his first assignment. His wits and training will be put to the test. But what about his beliefs? In a time of self-aware software, who exactly is endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights? Man? Or machine?

Short sci-fi film, “Babylon 2084″ - E90-1248 is working as a sorter of building material in one of two towers which are facing each other in an endless expanse of water. His life is dedicated to the growth of the tower, because the water level is rising. When an accident happens, he finds himself in the bottom storey of the building, a place where all those people are shunted off to, whom the upper storeys of the tower can no longer accommodate. E90-1248 becomes aware of the fact that the tower is well on its way to destroy itself and that he is the only person able to save the human race from perishing.

And a Classics Segment about the 1957 Classic "Kronos".

If you get a chance, you might want to check it out.


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