Opinion: Why Andrea is so much better in the comics


For those of us who watch AMC’s The Walking Dead, we’ve come to hate seeing Andrea on screen, especially now that she’s so infatuated with the villainous Governor. If you’ve read the comics, however, you know that Andrea is such a better character in her original form. Beware of potential spoilers, especially from the comics.

Though she was always a little rude and bossy on the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, Andrea was never really that unlikable before she went to Woodbury. At least not like Lori was. Even when she was chasing after power-hungry Shane, she wasn’t too bad. We just thought she had terrible taste in men. We even felt sorry for her when she got left behind at Hershel’s farm.

Now we’re starting to think it might have been better if Michonne had never found the ailing Andrea, since she has turned into such an awful character since then.

Inside we are screaming, “But she’s not like that in the comics!”​
For fans of Robert Kirkman’s original Walking Dead comics, we know that Andrea, though tough, is a strong and amiable part of Rick’s group. Her relationship with Dale is less fatherly and more romantic, and the two of them prove to be an incredibly strong couple. Andrea’s desire to protect her older beau, as well as Donna and Allen’s boys, show us that she cares for more people than just herself.​
With her introduction to Woodbury in AMC’s version of The Walking Dead, Andrea has shown that she thinks less with her head and more with her desire to attach herself to the most powerful man in town. How could she completely blow off Michonne, who cared for Andrea when she was sick, and who knew her better than anyone?​
Even with the end of the midseason finale, Andrea decides to comfort the Governor and believe his ridiculous story rather than question why her friend might be driven to attack the leader of Woodbury in such a way. She doesn’t even give Michonne a chance to explain.​
Andrea and Michonne Walking Dead
All of the evidence is out there on how terrible the Governor is, but Andrea is refusing to acknowledge his evil. Hopefully she opens her eyes to his brutality soon.​
We love Andrea in Kirkman’s comics. She’s so reliable as the group’s lookout, she’s loyal to her friends, and she even shows herself to be a capable mother. Though personally we’d rather see Rick and Michonne get together, Andrea’s newly romantic relationship with Rick shows that she wants to enjoy her life instead of always worrying about who is going to die next.​
Andrea and Rick Walking Dead
We just hope The Walking Dead producers let a little more of Andrea’s original character seep into the AMC show, because we’re tired of dreading what Andrea will do to screw things up next. We want her back as a vital member to Rick’s group, and as Michonne’s best friend.​

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Yeah, i prefer her in the comics because she actually helps the group rather than sleeping with the governor and making the situation a whole lot harder to handle.
I could see in the beginning why she may not have believed Michionne at first, but I am pretty sure after that little confrontation they just had, I would have left Woodbury. Of course the directors do this to add plot twists and also maybe so that people who read the comics wouldn't always know what was gonna happen and when, it keeps everyone on their toes. I do hope she rejoins the group or at least realizes she shot at them by accident and seeks them out. I have a feeling though that felgercarb is gonna hit the fan and the integrity of Woodbury's security will go down and the whole town of people will get overrun by walkers. A shame for all the innocent families there since only a handful of people there know how to shoot.
I love Andrea in the comics and although I hate what they did to her character on the show it's understandable. Instead, of turning strong and independent like in the comics she has become weak and clingy because of her sister's death. I believe they just wanted to show the two ways that it could have gone.