Optimize Computer

Anurag M

Oct 8, 2010
[size=large]Optimize Computer [/size]

After a while you feel your windows system running slow? many things that might cause it, ranging from viruses, programs, settings, and so forth. but if the slowdown in the performance of your computer has begun to disrupt please try the steps below.

[size=medium]1. - Disable Stratup programs[/size]
Startup programs are programs that will run automatically when the computer re-boot, start-up items more or do not want that can slow down your computer boots. if you are unsure about an item Strat-ups no problem disabling it, if all goes well let but if an error occurs return to the original settings.
to do so follow these steps:
open the run menu:
start> run>
then typing msconfig and press enter.
In the System Configuration Utility window click on the Startup tab.
you need to do next is just to uncheck (remove the check mark) on items that are not in want. items such as realmedia, quicktime and the like do not need. not recommended to disable your antivirus.
You are then prompted to restart your computer, restart when completed in the window that appears check the "dont show ...." and then press ok.

[size=medium]2. -Get rid of Spyware, Adware, and Malware[/size]
Is your computer is in Scan Spyware, Adware, Malware and other pest programs? These programs can reduce the performance of your computer drastically. if you have not done a scan you should use a free anti-spyware like spyware terminator.

[size=medium]3. -Optimize the display setting[/size]
displaying all the visual effects will take some resources (resources) of your computer. to optimize:
right click on my computer> select properties
or it could also start> control panel> system
then click on the Advanced tab
Performance box click settings
missing his mark tick at all except "
Show shadows under menus
Show shadows under mouse pointer
Show translucent selection rectangle
Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop
Use visual styles on windows and buttons
if it is click OK.

[size=medium]4. - Speeding up file browsing[/size]
Maybe there is a notice when we opened the windows explorer there is little delay. This is because Windows XP automatically searches for network files and printers every time you open Windows Explorer. to accelerate the speed of browsing the file:
open windows explorer> tools menu> folder options
on the view tab, remove the check mark on the Automatically search for network folders and files
click OK

[size=medium]5. - Set the size of the Page File[/size]
By default the Page file size is not fixed. Windows must change its size each time more space is needed. and this takes PC performance. so its best to limit the amount the page file, follow these steps:
Right-click My Computer> select properties
click on the Advanced tab
click on the Settings button in the Performance section
click the Advanced tab
Virtual Memory section click Change button>
click the C: drive (or another drive where the page file is stored)>
select Custom Size, and input the same values for Initial size and Maximum size
if you have less than 512MB of RAM, let the page
file in the default size. if you have 512MB RAM or more, change the ratio of 1:1 between the size of page file with
the size of physical memory (real memory).
click Set, then OK

[size=medium]6. Service-Off system that is not in nee[/size]
click Start> Run>
typing msconfig then enter.
select the tab services.
then remove the check mark on:
Indexing service, this service indexes all data on the hard drive to speed up the search process. for those of you who rarely perform file searching just turn off this service.
Error reporting service, this service only displays a message that a program error and asks whether to notify the error to microsoft or not.
TCP / IP NetBIOS helper, if you do not connect to the network just this service.
Remote registry, allowing remote users change the registry on your computer, turn off this function also improved its security of your windows.
Remote desktop, for those who do not use the remote just turn off this function.
Secondary Logon, if your computer has only one user just turn off this service.
System restore, note the changes on your windows and more not to use.
Portable media serial number, if you do not have this type of media just turn off.
security center, the service which was launched since XP sp2 which monitors whether the anti-virus, firewall, or automatic updates run smoothly
automatic updates, automatic windows update for those who use pirated windows turns.
wireless zero configuration, for those who do not use the wireless connection just turn off this service
windows time, to synchronize time on your computer with the network, just turn off.
Fast user switching
system event notification
if it is press ok and restart, when finished restart check the "dont show .." and press ok.

[size=medium]7. -Uninstall unused programs[/size]
go to start> ControlPanel> Add or remove programs>
then uninstall programs that you rarely use or never use.

[size=medium]8. -Clean the registry of useless registers[/size]
to do this much more easily using a special program, you can use the free program CCleaner or Advanced care system.

[size=medium]9. -Registry Defrag[/size]
after registry cleaner is time for me to make it more compact it Lansing and faster computer performance. same as above, using freeware such as advanced system care to do this.

[size=medium]10. -Enable Direct Memory Access (DMA)[/size]
right click on my computer> select properties> click hardware tab> click device manager button>
select in device manager IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers> and then double-click on Promary IDE Channel (depending on the position of your hard drive on motherboard)>
In the Advanced Settings tab to change the transfer mode to "DMA if available 'and then click ok.

hah, has been finished. long dah do not make a long post like this .. hopefully useful and greetings sucses.-Registry Defrag
after registry cleaner is time for me to make it more compact it Lansing and faster computer performance. same as above, using freeware such as advanced system careuntuk do this.