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OS ~ A Novel to enhance the Mind, Heart, and Will

Discussion in 'Books' started by jonblondyn, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. jonblondyn

    jonblondyn Cadet

    Jun 16, 2013
    Hey folks,

    My name is Jon Blondyn. I am new to the community and was looking for some feedback/critique on an eBook that I have recently self-published after writing it for 7+ years. The Novel is called OS.

    The first half of the Novel is available to read, entirely for free, at my website www.blondyn.com
    Here are some of the concepts that are covered in OS:

    ~ The Original Creation Story
    ~ A Guide to the Language, Law and Limit of the Universe
    ~ How - and between whom - the 'Big Bang' occurred.

    OS is one story, composed of three tales.

    ( I & I )

    The first narrative is about a Youth,
    Who traveling through a desert, in search after his Long Lost Love,
    Discovers a mysterious Lamp.
    Within the Lamp, the Youth meets a Dark Skeleton
    That proceeds to teach him about the Mind, Heart, and Will;
    A Dark Skeleton that unveils shrouded mysteries of History
    And offers Words of Warning regarding the one whom he seeks...

    (I & I) is specifically designed to take the Reader
    On a Crusade alongside the Youth
    To Experience a creative dissertation on Majestic Creation.

    {Rock 'N Roll}

    The second narrative is about a Rock Star
    Who was stung with Cupid's Arrow by a Muse.
    Soon after he became obsessed with Lady, she left him,
    Leaving him to resort to his one and only option - fashion a Remedy.
    Why he chose the Ælixir of Life Æverlasting is too much to speak of here, But while the Rock-Star-turned-Inventor incessantly toils over the Synthesis, a monstrous creature - a Yeti - continually deters him from Solving for the one Missing Ingredient to suffice the Ælixir's completion.

    This part of the Novel is a Rock Opera;
    The Lyrics are Presented ~ the Music, to be Imagined by the Reader.


    The third narrative of OS is the story of Quantum[X], who goes to rescue the Queen of Light from a Saturn Moon.
    Quantum[X] is a Superhero with Superpowers of Coding.
    His form switches between a Physical State of Being,
    To a Superstring State of Essence;
    The Queen of Light is a Universe.

    [MARVEL] questions our own place in the Cosmos and its Destiny.

    Inspired by the Amazing Artists, Engineers, and Individuals of the World, OS is a Novel of Ideas; a Reflection on the structure of our Consciousness, our Dreams, our Reality.

    Again, I would appreciate any feedback - thanks!


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