Our Love

May 8, 2004
Chapter 1

Syd’s POV

I stare at the face of a man I never knew. The day I was born he vowed to protect me, he vowed to love me. He has done neither. He’s never been my shelter from the storm, never the light to help me find my way. He’s been a shadow, a mere presence in my life. There is only one man who has ever showed me love; this man has been my protector, my guardian angel. This man has been the shelter to the storm, the light to find my way. He’s my love, my home. He is Michael Vaughn.

I now take my blurry vision away from the shadow, and gaze upon the files I know hold in a vice grip. He, my father, has documented my whole life. He knew I was alive for two years, he knew what the Covenant was doing to me, and he never came to help me. I know wonder if he even cared. He threw my life away. He let Vaughn drink himself into oblivion thinking I had left him. He watched as Vaughn married a woman who never loved or cared about him. Lauren thought of him as a mere project to get Intel from the CIA. The thought brings up the contents of my stomach so it burns my throat with hatred. These two people have ruined Vaughn’s life and mine. Lauren has already paid, but my father will know what it’s like to live your life in fear and wonderment. He’ll know what it’s like to no feel loved because until Vaughn came into my life, I never felt loved.

He runs. Jack Bristow runs from the bank. He flees Whittenburg. He escapes me, but I could care less. The only man I am worried about getting home to is now sleeping on my couch probably with a remote in his hand “watching” a repeated King’s game. He already knows the score. So I fiddle with my key and finally head… HOME to HIM.

I walk into the building that I’ve occupied since I returned from the “dead.” I now think of it as my home, no, our home! The scene played out in front of me is truly a Kodak moment. Vaughn’s lying on the couch with the remote across his chest and very content Donovan at his feet. I smile thinking that I’ve never been this happy to come home. I drop the forgotten file on the end table and run to take a shower. Donovan lifts his I dam well think he smiles at me, and I can’t help but his nose.

The steam from my shower cascades into my bathroom settling as fog in a swamp. I’m wrapped up in my thoughts; they’ve never been this calm. I never heard the bathroom door open or the faint swooshing of clothes being thrown to the ground. I feel his strong arms around my waist and taste the sweet tongue of his kisses. He’s mine.
“When did you get home?”
“A half an hour ago, you looked so cute sleeping, I didn’t have the heart to wake you or our dog.”
“Well I’m glad you think I’m uh, “cute.”
“Well what would you prefer?”
Dead seriously he says,”Ruggedly handsome maybe?”
“Maybe.” My last word comes out as a whisper due to the fact that his lips are now tracing the line of my spine. I can only guess what's next. He gently turns my body to face him. His grin only furthers my agreement of what is to come. My eyelashes flutter against his bare chest. His nips at my earlobe just might draw blood, as if I care. His gentle, yet rough hand glide down and up my soaking wet body, they latch on to my hair and he brings his mouth to mine, or is mine to his? Either way his kiss whispers his need, his need for me. My tongue locks with his as my need for him becomes know,
"Tell me what you want Sydney."
Ooh, he uses my full name. "You, I want you Michael." His next kiss was meant to leave me breathless, well I think it worked as I feel my lungs sweet ache for air, but my lips not willing to break free.

Vaughn’s POV

Ooh, she wants me, like I didn’t already know that. Dam there goes my ego. The grin that spreads across my face must give away my thinking.
“You know Vaughn you could hurt yourself if you keep thinking.” Now she thinks she’s funny, well I plan to have a little fun my self.
“Now you wanna crack jokes, well my teasing side wants to come out to play with... you!”
“Mmm, well know stop talking and start teasing.” I will, I will. I travel my lips down the sweet skin of her throat and nip at her collarbone; I can taste the sweet skin of apple and cinnamon. She responds by kneading the muscles of my shoulders, twisting her tiny body against mine.


The mere act of her twisting and kneading turns his stomach to liquid and causes an unrelenting ache in his lower body. Vaughn fans his fingers against the silk of her stomach feeling the effects of his tortured kisses. His mouth then hungrily finding hers, the sound of a small gasp finds it way to the surface of her lips when his hand moves higher, his knuckles brushing the soft underside of her breast. Sydney catches his head in her hands and rakes her gentle fingers lovingly through his golden hair. He drops a path of fire down the hollow of her throat, and then explores every sweet inch of her collarbone with his tongue.
Sydney tries to suck in her breath has his hand closed possessively over her breast. He can feel her nipple rub against his palm sending electric currents to his oversensitive groin. He tackles her breast with his hand and gently squeezes the soft flesh. Lifting his head from the crook of her neck, satisfaction spills through veins as he sees the flush of desire across her face and the love in her eyes that matches his intensity. He can feel his penis swell with release, but he refuses to give in, not yet, she deserves to be loved and loved by only him!
He captured her lower pout with his mouth tugging gently as his hands worked her breasts teasing the nipples into painful peeks of pleasure. Sydney lets out a low growl of satisfaction and pushes her lower body against his, making his breath squeeze through his lips.

Her hands tear at his muscles. Her erratic breathing and desire-glazed eyes are enough to send him over the edge, but he grips reality and pushes her against the warm tile wall of the shower. He uses his arms to cage her between him. She has no place to go and no place to run she likes it this way. Vaughn dips his head and places a fiery kiss against her open mouth his tongue slides gently with hers and then goes lower. She moans in anticipation pushing against his body urging him to never stop. His closes his mouth over her breast and kiss the valley between. He then alternates between her breasts tugging at her nipple with his teeth. He places his hands on the curves of her hips and his mouth spreads fire through her stomach.
“Vaughn,” she says on a rushed breath, and digs her nails into the soft muscle of his shoulders. ”Vaughn please.” He lifts his head and she arches her body toward his, rubbing her stomach against his arousal. “My turn.” She purrs against his ear, and nips at the lower edge.
Her heated lips against his skin quickens his breathing and slams his eyes shut. Her gaze follows his movement and she moves so her lips are inches from his. She licks the outline of his upper lip and then sucks on his bottom lip. Then she plunges her tongue into his hot mouth and sucks the breath from his lungs. In a quick attempt to stop her torture, Vaughn reaches for the shower’s nozzle and shuts the water off. He throws Syd over his shoulder and glides effortlessly into their bedroom. Her giggles off affirmation quickly turn into purrs of pleasure and she holds his hips against hers as the mouth dance their soft dance. Now it’s his turn to moan his penis is trapped between their heated bodies. He returns his mouth to her neck and uses his knee to spread her legs. He settles himself against her and the grin reappears on his lips as she reacts to his unmistakable sign of desire, but the fun is not over yet. He wants this moment to last forever. He feels her need and it rivals his own. Everything else in their life evaporates into a swirl of over heated passion. Her hands mold to his hips urging him to passion. He unhurriedly slides his hands down her curves testing the soft weight of each breast.
“Vaughn,” a sluggish plea against his mouth. He brushes a feather-light kiss against her forehead while snaking his arm around her lower back arching her aroused body towards his. “Yes?”
Her hands begin a frantic search for his erection. Vaughn slides to one side giving her accesses to the one place she seeks. When her small hand grabs a hold of him he slightly tenses begging for control, she willing hands it over knowing she have a hell of a time. He captures her venturing wrist with his callused hand and places a light kiss to the opened palm. Their eyes meet in a silent dialogue of desire. He places her hand against his heart, she reveries in the whispering thump of his heart, the heart he gave to her years ago. His mouth travels just below her stomach, teasing the sensitive flesh that makes her so different from him. He nips at her clit making her shiver with unrenowned pleasure. He nips at her again but sucks the pain from his teeth with his mouth. Vaughn’s tongue decides to play, and slowly pushes it’s way past his lips and takes a hold of her now sensitive clit bringing it back to his mouth. Her purrs of pleasure and pain mingle with his filling the air with soft music. Her sweet taste burns into his tongue and his arousal throbs from the pain. Sydney’s becomes lost in the overbearing sensations of his biting teeth and soothing tongue that she barley hears the faint humming of his voice, ”Let yourself fall,” and she does knowing he’ll always catch. Vaughn rips her orgasm from the pit of her stomach. She pushes from the bed, her shoulders merely touching the cradle of comforters and lets out suffocated scream of desire. It’s all that Vaughn can take. He releases her clit and draws her tongue into his mouth bathing her with all his love. Lifting her chin so that he looks at her flushed face, he balances on his forearms and gently grinds himself into her. Not wanting her to beg, he bends her legs at her knees so they cradle his body. Vaughn whispers in her ear “Look at me; I want to see all of you.” He pushes his penis into her with slow, tender movements, feeling her nails dig into the sensitive flesh of his shoulders as his body fills hers. Her warm body tightens, hugging his arousal. He slides back out only to push further inside. He captures her lips, crushing them to his. The movements of his lower body tenses the muscles of his back and Sydney uses her fingers to release the unwanted tension. She needs the slow movements of their lovemaking to build her own tension. She wraps her legs around the curve of each hip and brings Vaughn’s penis closer her body. The tip of his aroused body whips against her cervix until both are to dizzy to catch themselves. Their tongues still sliding with each other, they both crash against their orgasm and let loose the tension. His body’s fluids mingle with hers and slide down the heated flesh of her thigh. Vaughn’s forearms can no longer hold out against the released tension, but they allow Vaughn too gently roll off Sydney bring her body flush against his. She throws her leg over his hip and brushes the slick golden hair from his face. She places a kiss to his lips, and another over the whispering thump of his chest. Vaughn then places her hand over his chest, guarding his heart. She lays her head in the crook of his neck and whispers, “Through the storm you are shelter, to my torn heart you are the needle and thread.” A storm brews outside in reality, lightning striking the sky, and thunder shifting the roads, but the two lovers are beckoned by darkness in each other’s arms.

Vaughn’s POV
In the distance I can hear the low hum of the thunder rolling off the crescendo of trees and jaded light. The curtains are drawn shielding the wet sky from my eyes. The dimness of the room is an antonym for what I am really feeling. The lightweight on my chest is welcomed because I know if I look down I won’t see Lauren or my nightmares. I’ll see Sydney; I’ll see my dreams and a glimpse of a future that I thought was long lost. She’s curled into my side trying to claw her way into my skin, her leg is thrown over my hip and her head is placed over my heart. I think back to a past that held our futures, the past that held our secrets and our identities. After the infamous take down, after the kiss that sparked a new life of longing, I had Sydney. We were finally happy we finally had a life to weld together. We were running from the CIA just for a few days. Santa Barbara was a place that would shelter our minds from reality. We never made it past goodbye. Instead of being greeted by her sweet skin, I was greeted to the ash that was once her house. The black trash was left behind, the only remains of a life I lived for such a short time. I cried that day, the first time in over twenty years. The last time I cried was when I figured out what my father meant my setting my heart by his watch. I never could cry about my father’s death because I was only eight and I never understood the meaning of death that was changed when they found the “remains” of Sydney’s body. They had told me bluntly that she was never coming back that I was allowed to grieve; I was allowed to move on. But how? How do you move on when the one person who gave you meaning that gave you life was now at peace whispering against the wind? Sydney was dead. “They” “allowed” me to grieve but then expected me to move on with a life I didn’t want. I never found the answers at the bottom of the beer bottles; I never found the guidance in Lauren. I found an ache of emptiness, a dull roar of pain. I never really let Sydney die, at least not in my heart. Wherever I wandered she was always there, never really gone. I loved her, the day I threw her ashes to the wind I said goodnight not goodbye, because one day I would see her again in a place where her eyes always glowed with life and her heart would always beat under my hand and her voice would carry through my ears. She followed me through my highs and took the plunge through the low times and in a way, Lauren brought Sydney back, the Covenant kept her alive. I knew I could never love Lauren, but hell she never loved me. She was right when she told me; the day Sydney came back I didn’t need her anymore she did see the spark in my eyes when she came alive, but I owed a part of myself to Lauren because I numbly married her and never truly believed in her.
I would look in the mirror for those two years and I would see a tired beaten man, but now the jaded color of green that my eyes once were are now the forest green that Sydney always loved. I hear her breathing pushing it’s way from her lungs, letting me know she’s still here, with me! The tired, beaten man died the day the bullets pierced Lauren’s skin, she was the reason I looked so bruised. Hmm, I laugh to myself as I glimpse at the walls, they’re not as bear since I moved in, my junk and her junk became our junk. We wasted no time after Palmero. I told her I loved after three years of choking on those simple, yet powerful words.
“I know what you’re thinking.” Sydney’s coy smile peeks out from behind her dimples. I stretch the best I can with her position as it was before. “And what am I thinking all mighty one?”
“Ahaha, it’s to early to joke. Anyway mister all mighty smug one, you were thinking about me, Lauren and the past three years of hell and torture we’ve been through.”
“Well you’ve hit the nail pretty hard on the head. I was thinking about the same thing, the only difference is that Lauren wasn’t the only one that held secrets.” She must have noticed the slight confusion creasing my forehead.
“Did you happen to see the blue folder on the night stand?”
“Yeah, I did but I figured they were for you so I let them be. Why?”
“They were written by my father. My father knew I was alive the whole time. He had me on active duty. He let you bury me, he let you mourn me, and he let you live without me. Dam it Vaughn he knew what the Covenant, what Oleg was inflicting on me and he never cared to “save” me. He let me die.” The tears that have pooled in my eyes, I’ve let flow freely. How?
“He knew about Lauren and her “project.” She referred to you as her god dam project. I’m sorry for throwing this at you.” Her voice is cracked with emotion. It’s my turn to tell her how I really feel.
“We can’t change the past Syd. We can only live now. We take the memories we have of the life we lived before you went missing and we cherish them. We take the nightmare we lived from then on and burn it. We burn the lies and the secrets. We start to live the life we dam well deserve. No more waiting. No more wanting.”
“We burn the nightmare of Lauren and Jack. I like that.” The dimples pierce her cheeks and I know mine do too. “I love you...M-Michael.”
“No, it’s Vaughn; I will always be Vaughn to you.”
“But, but what happens when we get married? We’ll have the same last name.”
“It doesn’t matter. To you, Vaughn’s held a special meaning I will never understand because I don’t want you to. You never fell in love with Michael; a certain women, whom I wish to forget, used Michael.”
“You will always be Vaughn. MY Vaughn!”
“Yeah. Wait, wait a minute you said when we get married we’ll have the same name, so it’s safe to assume you will be taking my name, I won’t make an ass out of you an me?”
“No you won’t make an ass out of you and definitely not me. I can do that all by myself. But I never wanted to take Danny’s name. But I want to share your name. I want to share your life.”
“Then, you will be the only women to share my life, and the last name.”
“You mean,”
“No,” I cut her off. “Lauren kept her name as Reed and she never shared my life. You know, through the darkness you’re my light, and to my frozen heart, you are my heat." She thinks I didn't hear her whispered vow, but I cherished the soft hum of her voice that carried the shadows away. Because we are out of the dark and into our thoughts.
May 8, 2004
The incense of breakfast floats through the crevices of their home and into the bedroom where Sydney lays asleep. She inhales the soft sent and stretches, realizing that the warmth in which she’s slept in, is now chilled by the absence of his body. Looking for her clothes which she knows were thrown somewhere…instead she grabs her robe and heads towards the soft humming of Franck Sinatra’s New York, New York. Vaughn busies himself with the loaded pan of Taylor ham and eggs. “So, what’s on the menu at Chef Vaughn’s?” She vibrates the question over his collar bone as she nibbles on the soft skin of his neck.
“Not me.”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m the special, and you need your strength for later.”
“Ooh I like when you play handler.”
“Mm, I know, that’s why I do it.”
“Where’s my food almighty smug one?”
“Now, you can get up and get it yourself.” He slips into his chair and spreads open the paper. Sydney scoffs at his attitude, pretending to be hurt by his “harsh” words. She peeks over the top edge of the paper and, in a child-like voice asks, “Watcha doin?”
“It appears that I’m reading the paper, why?” She shrugs off his answer and shimmies out of her chair. She stalks her prey, and when he least expects it, she leaps into his lap. With a grunt of breath, he folds his arms around her subtle approach. “Hi.” She whispers.
“Hi.” He can barley grunt out the expected answer because her position on his lap knocks the air from his tired lungs.
“I love you.”
“I’m sure you do.” His cocky grin reappears. He lifts Sydney from his lap and throws her over his shoulder and casually saunters back to bedroom. The door clicks shut leaving behind a confused Donovan. `Where the hell is my food?’

The shrilled ring of the alarm clock broke through Vaughn’s unconscious state of sleep. `I hate the morning!” His hand reached over to kill the unwanted noise. He went to stretch but a soft weight was asleep against his chest.
"We have to get up Syd, Nadia is probably already home."
" And I care because?"
"Because she's your sister."
" Half-sister. Anyway, i'll get up, but only because i have too, not because i want too."
" Get your ass out of bed and clothed, i'll be in the living room."
" Fine choose your hockey game over your girlfriend."
" I knew you would understand."


Sydney finally emerges from the room, her hair in a lumpy ponytail and she is dressed like a uhh.. BUM. She spots Nadia, Vaughn and Weiss in the living room watching a boring 50's movie that wastes hockey fan's time. "I can't believe they but a movie on this channel that has no sound and no friggin color!' Obviously Weiss' sarcastic response earns him a slap in the ghead from his new girlfried, Nadia! "If you don't like it use the remote, it's practically attached to your hand anyway!" "Fine i will." Syd and Vaughn just sit back and watch the rude banter between young lovers. Even though Sloanes has become her new boss. Nadia her new roomate, and her father an new enimie, she has a family that's dysfunctional, but the foursome wouldn't wnt it any other way!


Jun 10, 2004
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May 8, 2004
NO POV [tissue warning, i needed a few my self]

A note on the table told Sydney where she could find Vaughn.
I’m at the Santa Monica pier. I needed to figure some things out. I’ll meet you here!

She throws her scarf around her neck to block the bitter cold of seasonal weather. She steps her skillful foot to the ice covered ground and makes her way to the age-old pier. Too many memories have been stowed away here. She finds the darkened figure highlighted by the faintest orange light of the shallow sun. He’s a gorgeous man of mind and beauty and he’s always belonged to her.
“How long have you been out here?”
“Hours maybe, I lost track of time, it’s easy to do. I lost track of time the day your soul left the heat of your body.” She now knows what he’s been thinking; it’s time they break open old wounds so they heal without the ugly marks scars are known to leave behind.
“I left the briefing room with a grin that would put Rockefeller to shame. We were finally getting away to a place where we could pretend we were normal people living a normal life. I drove down the all too familiar streets of LA, but an empty feeling weaved its way through my heart, I paid no attention to it. I made that left onto your street and the grin slowly faded and the emptiness took permanent fixture in my body. Your house was the color of hell and Will’s pale body lay quivering against the lawn. I ran to him and all he chanted was that you were gone and life took on no meaning. It didn’t. Life had no meaning because I had no one to live for no one to stand my ground. You were dead and I would bury my love, my life, and my soul. Three days later I stood at the foot of the shore, the white waves crashed against the gloom of the sky. The waves never made it past my feet, just like your ashes would never make it past the horizon. I looked to the sky and asked my father to protect you to save the only life I had known. To save you until I was able to reach for you and hold you. I whispered my last vow of love to you and threw the ashes to the wind hoping that they would caring you away from the pain of the life you used to live. I heard the whisper of the same wind. It was you, you were telling that I would live one day again. I would live a life with you one day. I held those words to my heart and they closed my throat and chilled the blood that ran through my veins. I would never love another woman. I gave Weiss one last hug and threw the Michael Vaughn that loved Sydney Bristow to the horizon. We would always be together. So I gave up clearance to the CIA and walked. I tried finding the answers at the bottoms of bear bottles but they only seemed to numb the pain and then in the morning the sorrow would be that much more unbearable. So I stared teaching, the only thing you ever wanted to do. I found comfort and refuge there. Then one day the CIA calls saying they have Intel on your mother that I need to come in. There I met Lauren. To me she wasn’t pretty or funny she was just another woman and we got along for the time being. She asked me out on a date and I numbly agreed. She asked me to marry her and I also numbly agreed. No one would ever replace you, but i was lost so I tired a new life, it was obviously doomed from the start. I remember nothing. I don’t remember the wedding, the song we danced to, and the cake we ate. I don’t remember the conversations we had late at night and I never fell asleep with her against my chest, I barley slept at all. In retrospect I never remember having sex with her. I was numb to the world. She didn’t warm the bold in my veins and never placed memories in my life. I would have dream of you, fantasies if you will. I would remember the conversations late at night when the rain pelted against the window and the lighting would collide with our thoughts. Those were what warmed my bitter blood; those were the memories that flooded my lifeline. YOU.” The tears bombarded his life and now they fell like icicles to the worn out ground. Sydney gasped in horror at the life he lived not o long ago. She could never imagine, nor would she ever want to. Now, it’s her turn.
“There were times when I thought I would no longer survive the harshness of this New World. The Covenant believed they had broken me, but I held on to Sydney, even though I knew I was dead. I felt dead inside, but I would remember all the conversations late at night when the rain pelted against the window and the lighting would collide with our thoughts. I would remember you as my ally, your heartbeat I felt though it was slow, but it was steady. I knew you were alive, I knew that one day I would fight threw hell to reach your arms again. And I did. I fought the bitter cold and the never-ending hell of Julia Thorne and I made my way back to you. At first I was scared that you had moved on, but then I would look at the shadow the hung as a thick fog. You walked through that thick fog for two years, it was the same fog that I had walked through, so you see, we were connected, even if we didn’t know it, we felt it. When you looked at Lauren it wasn’t a look of love but a look of loneliness, a look of darkness; she was your wife, but only in nominal (name) intent. We were soul mates and life crashed us together, this time the forces be damned we were a team once again, changed people, but a stronger bond of love.” The wounds have bled the bitterness of hatred and now the two lovers will make a new life for a new love!


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May 8, 2004
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May 8, 2004
They took one last look at the faded horizon and welcomed the clear darkness of the night. The moon had cast its glow onto the ocean, and the stars kissed the sky with a mellow halo. Vaughn wrapped his arms around Sydney’s shivering body.
“I’m sorry I kept you out here for so long, I’ll take you home so you can warm up.”
“I know of a better way to warm me up. It involves you, our room a fireplace and me. Ring any bells?”
“A few, maybe, you may have to show me.” They sarcastic banter lead them the way home. They both entered the house but got stuck between the doorframe and each other.
“Ladies first.”
“I can’t fit, your friggin shoulders are too big.”
“Well your ass is too big.”
“Well you never complained before.”
“I was never stuck between a door frame.”
“And that’s my fault?”
“Yeah it is now move your ass.”
“I did.”
“Then how come we’re still stuck?” His last word ended on a grunt as they both fell to the ground in a loud heap of laughter.
“Well I guess your ass pushed us through.”
“f*** you.”
“I leave that job to you.” They probably will never know how they freed themselves from the doorframe, but it’s a new memory to make them smile on days when shadows cloud their eyes.

A short poem to start the next section:<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>

A cleansing path rolls off thunder in the sky…
A heated light dances through the oblivion…
Its anger thrust itself into the already burning atmosphere…
Its presence rejected as the sound echoes off into eternity!
Faint whispers of fallen angels can be summoned by the depths of one’s soul…
Melting the ice and fanning the fire that burns, but cannot be seen…
It’s flames slap against your withered skin, leaving their marks of insanity!
Opposites attract in an undying battle of power and reverence…
We try to escape what we are…
Run towards yourself and you shall no longer be lost in liminality and refuge…
Instead you will find home of wavering doubt that quells the fire and sparks the warmth!
We fear not the unknown, but the known we so often live!” Justine Franchino wrote this for my English class!


“Do you regret ever working for the CIA or following in your father’s footsteps?” Syd’s voice breaks through the stilled night, but only as a quieted whisper.
“No, I can’t regret the life I chose because I would never have been happy.”
“Because, and I’m going to be a complete sap, I would never have you in my life, I would always live in a wondering state, wondering if there was some different, more exciting life then the one I’m living now. I would constantly rack my brain for an explanation of life. But my explanation to life is you. Syd, you crashed into my life and turned it right side up. I didn’t realize this until you were long gone. But I always say, better late then never.”
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