Our Love

May 8, 2004
sry that i haven't updated my grandmother sick and i had the flu over the holdiays!! couldn't move any muscles, but i feel some what better and i will have an update tomorrow!
May 8, 2004
She snuggled into his chest feeling the softened heartbeat as his chest rose and fell with every breath. She could feel his blood pump under his silk skin. For three years she would scream his name in the dark, but he never answered. Just as he used to talk to her, she talked to him, the only difference is, he never answered back because he didn’t know where she was, but she knew where he was. Those lost years were ripped from her heart, her ice-cold blood slowly melted as she found her way home. Every time she saw his face her blood would run a little warmer until finally, it was boiling hot, the way it was when the Alliance, the plague of her life was finally taken down! They enjoyed six months of missions and life together. Now the past can’t be undone, the minutes of the past can’t be erased, but they can store those memories away, and build a new life, from an old love!

He wraps his arms securely around her warm body. He memorizes every curve of her hip, every scar the masks her body, every freckle that lies against her skin. Now there were new scars to memorize, on both their bodies. Hers is against the skin of her belly. His is against the skin of his back, were it almost killed him, and the other lays against his chest, were Sydney saved his life, ironically. The scar against her belly no one knows what it means for their future, the only one that does is peacefully sleeping, curled into his side. At this point what matters most is the she’s alive and safe. He can’t always keep her safe against the nightmares that rarely creep into the night, but he can try. If in the future they find out that she can’t have children of her own, yes it will be heart breaking, but it won’t be the end of the world. He won’t love her any less. Before they rekindled the flame of the candle, she had told him they needed to go slow, they needed to find themselves, but even she knew that they would never find themselves without each other, and they had already lost three years of love, that if they had taken the relationship slowly, if they had added one log to the fire, eventually it wouldn’t have enough ammo to survive and slowly, but surely it would have died. They need to feel each other, they need to love each other, they righted the wrongs and are now taking on the world, and they already took on death.

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am but a thousand winds that blow.
I am but the diamond glints of snow.
I am but the sunlight on fertile grain.
I am but the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am but the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am but the soft stars that shine too bright.
Do not stand at my grave and weep;
For I am no there. For I did not die.

The bitter cold seeps through the open window. The curtains swaying at their own accord. The gentle wind breaks over the bare skin of Sydney’s shoulder, dragging its claws against the smooth surface in a rhythmic tune. Her eyes flutter open as she inhales the crisp soothing scent of the cold. The warmth of a man circles her body giving comfort even in a deep sleep. His hair is soft to the fingertips of her hand and his eyes now shine like a diamond in the ruff. The tattoo on his left arm seems fitting; he’s a rebel underneath the business suit. His skin glows with an abnormal halo, he’s heaven sent, he’s her guardian angel. Sydney’s thoughts break through her silent connection. She somehow thinks of Danny. She thinks back to a time when there were together. Was it happiness that she experienced, no it was longing, she was longing for something deeper more meaningful. And now she has him. If Danny was still alive he would be married to someone who needed him; someone who loved him and it wouldn’t be her. She loved and needed Michael. It’s been a long rocky road for both of them, but it’s the road that never winds, and they never look back to see the empty road left behind. There’s no need to the road in front of them is wide and bright.

A soft, almost whisper like scratching noise filters through the air, Donovan. Sydney knows she too wrapped up in Vaughn’s embrace to break free without waking him, but she risks it anyway. She slowly rolls toward the open space of the bed that is left cold and bare. She swings her legs over the edge and hops out. Although she is naked for the entire world to see, her world is Vaughn, and it’s not like he’s never seen her this way. She opens the door enough to let the dog in. Donovan slowly trots over to the edge of the floor a throws himself down and falls asleep. She lets out a snort of laughter and crawls back to the warmth of his strong warm arms. She sighs in contempt.
“You shouldn’t laugh at my dog.” His groggy voice slices through the thin air.
“I wasn’t laughing at your dog, I was laughing at our dog.”
“Oh, ok.” She shook her head and snuggled back into his side with her head under his chin and her arms wrapped around his side. “Vaughn?”
“I can’t sleep.”
“Me either. What do you suggest we do?” He didn’t give her time to answer, his warm lips had already tackled the answer. Syd rubbed her lips over his and gently licked his bottom lip.
May 8, 2004
hoping for a snow day so i can finish the next couple of chapters!! cnt wait for tomorrow!!!![he gets to spend the night]
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