Outline for a fanfic.

Feb 27, 2003
This isn't really a fanfic, just the plotline for one. I've never written a fanfic.

Nyway, Vaughn and Syd are living together, and they have a daughter. :D Her name is...Siobhan (pronounced Sha-von, like Vaughn..hee hee, poor kid. Siobhan Vaughn) Nyway, They're a happy little family and they do less spying to spend more time with the kid, and there out on a mission, finally thinking they're gonna catch Sloane, but it's all a setup and distraction so Sloane could kidnap their kid, who's like only 2 years old. Well they search and search but they can't find the kid or Sloane like they just walked off the end of the earth.
Meanwhile Sloane thinks that their kid is the Rimbaldi prophecy girl. He and Emily raise her and tell her that her parents died in a car crash and they are her grandparents. The kid goes to a snooty boarding school and everything and she thinks her name is umm...Kylie. Nyway she's been trained since she was little to fight and everything, 'cause Sloane wants her to be able to protect herself. So she's as kick-ass as her Mom (whom she doesn't know is her Mom). Anyway, she goes through some papers in Sloane's office when she's home for the holidays or something, and she finds some suspicious evil rimbaldi stuff and info about evil spy organizations he's been working with, and she's kind of weirded out. One of Sloane's bodyguards catches her and shoots her with this dart thing that knocks her out and when she wakes up she's freaked out. While she's recovering, Sloane firest the bodyguard and tells ...what was the kid's name again...Kylie right. He tells Kylie he's sorry, but to keep out of his office. Then Emily, who's totally guilty, breaks down and tells her that her real parents are alive and they're not really her grandparents. Kylie thinks she's crazy, but then Emily tells her about the Rimbaldi prophecy (By this time Emily knows everything but stays with Sloane cuz she loves him or whatever). Nyway, Kylie is freaked out and she runs away.
Meanwhile, Jack get's a lead about Sloane, and Syd and Vaughn attack his house with a teams, but by the time they get there and figure everything out, Kylie is gone because she ran away, and Sloane escapes while they try to take him into custody.
I'm gonna quit now because I've just realized why I've never written a fanfic before. I SUCK! :) :Ph34r: :Ph34r: :Ph34r:


Feb 26, 2003
I liked it. Go ahead and write it out! It's not like everyone on this site is a prize-winning author anyway. I'd read it. :D
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