Horror Overlord (2018)


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Overlord (2018)

R | 1h 50min | Action, Adventure, Horror | 9 November 2018 (USA)

Julius Avery

Billy Ray (screenplay by), Mark L. Smith (screenplay by)
Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Mathilde Ollivier

On the eve of D-Day, the 5th of June, 1944, several American paratroopers are dropped behind enemy lines to carry out a mission crucial to the invasion's success: destroy a radio tower built in a little castle of an old French town that the Third Reich uses for communication between Berlin and Normandy beaches' bunkers. Due to the intense enemy fire, the planes are shot down and most soldiers die in the landing or are killed by the Nazis' night patrols after they land. However, a private named Ed Boyce survives to find Corporal Ford, a last-minute incorporation from Italy and a veteran expert in bombs and explosives, rogue sniper Tibbet, war photographer Chase, and finally private Dawson. After they watch the killing of their superior Sargeant Eldson by a Nazi night patrol, Ford becomes leader of the group and they try to get the town with the tower in order to complete the mission. In the forest close to the town they meet Chloe, a villager who assists the soldiers in her home with her elderly aunt and little brother Paul. But the mission gets complicated when, by accident, Boyce ends up inside the Nazi radio tower, only to find horrible secret experiments with human beings that could empower a victory for Hitler and would change the fate of the world forever. With D-Day approaching, Boyce and the others begin to realize there is more going on in this Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation. They not only have to fight against soldiers to destroy the radio tower, but also against the results of the experiments to turn the entire place to ruins. All this before dawn and Hitler gets his Third Reich of a thousand years that he promised.

Watched this twice so far.
Typical WW2 movie about a select group on a mission that sidetracks into the surreal.
Its certainly watchable but I didn't really like it that much.
Not sure why?
Gotta watch it a few more times before I can give it a rating.
The evil Nazi experiment thing has been done to death.

Still, pretty good action sequences and some gore (light gore).


An Old Friend
thanks for the review
you've been a busy little poster this week
Not a review, more of an accounting.
Personally I didn't care for the film.
Felt like been there/done that.
It did have good prodution values and is completely wachable.

I did watch it again.
It didn't improve with multiple viewings.
I archived it as a one and done.


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Been released Downunder but haven't grab the disc yet, will probably check it out next month - budget blown this month - damn you Doctor Who boxed sets. Aussie Director I believe.

Tom in similar vein The 25th Reich might be more your taste ... or not.