Wanted [Paid Request] vBGallery to XenForo Forums Importer


Code Monkey
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I'm looking for a coder to handle a PhotoPost vBGallery to XenForo forum converter. Below is a copy of my thread posted to the XenForo forums.

Please feel free to reach me either here at CinVin or at XenForo.com if you are interested. (y)

Kevin said:
With no viable XF gallery on the horizon I am not going to let that be the only factor that prevents me from migrating away completely from vB. So with that I am looking for a PhotoPost vBGallery to XenForo Forum importer.

To accomplish this request you must be familiar with vBulletin 3.x, PhotoPost vBGallery for vB 3.x, XenForo 1.0.4, and the XenForo forum importers.

  • Source: PhotoPost vBGallery 2.3+ for vBulletin 3.x
    • The source files are stored in the file system, not the database.
  • Target: XenForo Forums
    • Current version (1.0.4 as of today)
  • The import might not happen at the same time that the rest of the vBulletin data was imported into XF or the vBulletin data might not have been imported at all previously. Because of that the importer will need to have as a first step a vBulletin user's importer (see the current XF vB importers).
  • A new XF "category" node shall be created with the same name as the vBGallery title (vB ACP => vBGallery => Modify Settings => Gallery Title)
  • All vBGallery categories shall be replicated as "forum" nodes under the category node. The new forum nodes shall use the same names & structure as the vBGallery categories.
  • Each file in the vBGallery category shall be imported into the corresponding new XF forum as a new thread.
    • The user associated to the new thread shall be the user who uploaded the file to vBGallery.
    • The file title shall be the thread title.
    • The file description shall be the thread content.
      • If there is no description value then the file title shall be re-used as the thread content.
    • The file shall be attached to the new thread.
    • The file shall be embedded below the thread content after a line break using the option to display it full size.
    • If possible, the new thread shall retain the ratings of the vBGallery file entry.
  • At the end of the import an XF table shall be created with a cross reference of the imported category IDs to XF forum IDs and imported items IDs to XF thread IDs. This is the same concept as the table that gets created when running the XF vB forum importers. My intent is that I will come up with some redirects from the old gallery pages to the new XF threads. I will take care of that one unless you would like to tackle also. :smiley:
  • Things you don't have to worry about...
    • vBGallery permissions. Just create the new XF nodes and it will be up to the XF admin to recreate any usergroup permissions that might be in place.
    • vBGallery custom fields. It would be *nice* to bring any any custom field values as part of the thread content but is not a major thing
    • vBGallery file types. It will be up to the XF admin to make sure that they have updated their XF allowed attachment file types to include the file extensions that they have in vBGallery.
If you are confident that you can do this imported, please send me a private conversation so that we can discuss further.