Paint my nails!

What color should I paint my nails?

  • Red

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  • Dark purple

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  • Ice blue

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  • Dark Blue

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  • Hot pink

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  • Light pink

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  • Glitter clear

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  • Clear

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  • I'll post another suggestive color.

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OK,OK!!!! :LOL:
I've decided that I'm going to paint my fingure nails red!!! We're twinz Karlee!!! :woot: And I will paint my toe nails light pink and ice blue!! :blink: I know its weird but so many of u wanted ice blue and light pink so there u go! I'm painting them red,ice blue,and light pink!! :D Thanx guys!! ;)

Joyie said:
Oooh... sounds pretty. :D

I think I'm gonna paint my nails PINK! :D
You know what guys?!? My red nail polish was all dried up when I was gonna paint my nails so I had to paint my fingure nails hot pink! But that's ok! I like it!!! :P :D I still painted my toes ice blue and light pink,though! ;)