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Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by angelbleu, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. angelbleu

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    Dec 21, 2002
    Chapter 1

    He walks into the warehouse, but she is already there. She’s always there first. He wonders how she manages to shake off tails so easily. “Next time, I’m going to be the early one,” he thinks to himself. At the sound of his steps, she lifts her head from the files she was staring at.

    “ Long time no see,” he says with a smile. She doesn’t return it.

    “ Yes. Good work on the last assignment,” she replies in a very professional tone.

    “ What? No welcome back?” he jokes. He has been in a good mood since his last mission had ended. He didn’t know how much more of it he could take. It wasn’t the most thrilling assignment. Actually, he was bored out of his mind by the second week. He was counting the seconds he could return to LA.

    “ I wasn’t expecting you to be back so soon. My dad just told me two hours ago that you were coming back, and that I needed to brief you on your next assignment . . .” she stops. She really doesn’t want to give it to him now. She’s sure he wouldn’t like it. She’s even pleaded with her dad to let someone else take the assignment.

    “ I don’t even get a resting period? Fine, where am I off to now?”

    “ Actually, you’re staying right here in LA,” she says quietly.

    “ Really?” his voice raises in excitement. Then he notices her quiet demeanor and quickly retracts. “ That’s great, isn’t it?” he adds on in an uncertain tone.

    “ It’s a long term op.”

    “ You’re still my handler right?”

    She nods yes, and he lets out a sigh he didn’t even know he had and she continues, “ Do you recognize this?” as she hands him a picture.

    “ Uh yeah, it’s a bank. I pass by it many times since living in LA.”

    “ It’s not just a bank. It’s a front for SD-6,” she stares at him waiting for his response. Just as she had known and dreaded, he completely turns a one eighty.

    “ NO! Absolutely not!” he spits out. “ I thought you knew I want nothing more to do with The Alliance since . . .” he doesn’t finish.

    “ Since what?” she questions. “ Why won’t you tell me what happened?”

    “ Nothing. Nothing happened. I just, I just thought I was done with all sections of The Alliance.”

    “ I know. You want them to be destroyed don’t you?” He sighs and gives her a look of you know I want that. “ Well, we need another double inside SD-6. With your background at SD-4 years ago, it is an easy cover for you to be just a transfer. One of their key agents just died on a mission. You need to take his place. With you there, it will be so much easier for us.” her tone has suddenly changed into one of authority. He knows she means business when she talks as his handler, and not as a friend.

    “ I don’t know, ” he finally says.

    She turns to the table and grabs all the papers. “ This is a cover story for you. Read it over . . .and this . . .I did some more research on your dad. How he died. And you working inside SD-6 will bring you closer to finding who killed him.”

    “ You mean someone inside SD-6 . . .”

    “ I didn’t say that.” she cuts him off quickly, “ but just read some information in here,” she points to the folder. “ Look, I know you don’t want to do this. We’ll give you a few days to think it over.”

    He takes the papers from her extended hand and heads out to leave. As he takes a few steps, she calls out to him again, “ Hey!” He turns around.

    “ Welcome back, Agent Vaughn,” she gives him a smile.

    “ What a welcome Agent Devlin” he says sourly with his back to her. Though he doesn’t want to admit it, they both know he’s going to take the assignment.

    * * * * *

    Meanwhile on the other side of town, a funeral takes places. A young woman sits quietly as tears flow down uncontrollably. She thinks to herself. How is it possible that the best and worst week in her life both be the same week? The week started out blissfully happy. The man she loves with all her heart had proposed. She was going to be Mrs. Daniel Hecht. Then a night while they were celebrating with a delicious dinner, the phone rang.

    “ Oh Sydney, ” the voice on the other end of the phone sobs. “ It’s Marcus. . .” She thought she couldn’t breathe. Her partner at SD-6 had been shot all because she wasn’t there.

    As she clings to her engagement ring, a feeling of self-loathing overcomes her. She blames herself for what happened. She knew her partner Dixon needed her on that mission, but she was selfish and wanted to spend time celebrating her engagement with Danny. She hates herself. Dixon understood her and persuaded her to stay home; he said he could do it on his own. If she had been there, he would have had ample back-up.

    “ Sydney,” her boss Arvin Sloane puts a hand on her shoulder. “ Dixon was a good man.”

    She slowly lets the words out, “ I . . . I don’t know if I can go back to work after . . .”

    “ I understand,” he says in a calm voice. “ Take as much time as you need. When you are ready, we’ll have a new partner for you.”

    “ What??” Sydney couldn’t believe her ears. How could he just replace Dixon so quickly? No one can take his place. “ Dixon can’t be replaced.”

    “ I understand. Take some time, and we’ll talk when you decide to return to work.” Sloane says in a fatherly manner.

    “ No, you don’t understand. I don’t WANT another partner,” she says in a threatening voice.

    A/N: Hey guys, I started writing this idea before Phase One...now it seems as if being a double agent isn't a part of the show anymore, but it still is in my story. :LOL:

    AS you can probably tell...this is an alternate universe....in which Sydney never found out about SD-6 because she never told Danny and Danny never died. I know sometimes AU is hard to follow, so if you have any questions...feel free to ask. :D Thanks for reading.
  2. ohhh very nice start. i like it. keep going. :D
    --mandy :angelic:
  3. sarahh729

    sarahh729 Rocket Ranger

    Apr 3, 2003
    Maryland, USA
    i like this :) though why is devlin a girl? is it devlins daughter/neice or something?
  4. nancee

    nancee Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
    o0o0o new story...ive been waiting one from u...intersting i wannna know whats gonna hPPEN
  5. Kristina

    Kristina Rocket Ranger

    Feb 28, 2003
    So let me guess. Syd and Vauhgn are going to work together? :D
  6. aliasgirl89

    aliasgirl89 Rocket Ranger

    Feb 28, 2003
    Ontario, Canada
    I like it can you PM me when you write more!
  7. angelbleu

    angelbleu Rocket Ranger

    Dec 21, 2002
    Mandy, thanks for the encouragement! :D

    Sarah, quite perceptive......Devlin has had a sex change and a is aging backwards... :o. Nah!... you're right. Agent Devlin (Kristine Devlin) is Devlin's daughter and Vaughn's handler. and as to the WHY question....it's just so much more fun to play with the possibilities of handler/asset relationships this way... and I wanted this to kind of parallel what happened in the first season of the real show. :D And since Syd had a male handler, Vaughn has a female handler. thanks for reading.

    iL0v3vAuGhN, thank you so much!! I didn't know smeone was following my work... :D You were my #1 fan for The Hardest Thing and I am really really grateful.

    spy41, didn't Syd just say...she didn't want a partner?? ;) LOL.... of course!!! I'm not a shipper for nothing.....and *looks around....yup, it's the romance fiction* Thank you for reading!!!

    Here is the next part.....

    Chapter 2

    He looks around the garage and an eerie feeling washes through his body. “How does Kristine always know what will get to him?” he thinks as he heads into the garage of Credit Dauphine for his first day of work. He knew, and apparently so did she, that he wouldn’t be able to turn away if there was any possibility that he could find out more about his father’s death. That’s why he took the job at SD-4 years ago, because he thought it would bring him closer to the truth; but all that experience brought was horrible memories that still plague his mind on restless nights.

    He never told anyone about what happened. They made him see the Agency shrink, but even at those sessions, he never gave full disclosure. On a few occasions, he wanted to tell Kristine, but didn’t want to burden her. She isn’t just his handler to him; he likes to think of her as a friend even though there are strict company rules, not to mention that her father has the title of Senior Director.

    He quickly shakes the feeling away. Telling himself that it’s just another assignment. Just another, hopefully not too long, assignment. As he steps outside the elevator door, his pocket starts to vibrate. He takes out the phone and brings to it to ears, “ Hello,” but there is no response. He looks down at the screen of the phone to find two flashing words . . .Good Luck . . . That brings a smile to his face and eases his nerves. Because he is busy staring at the phone, he doesn’t see a man carrying a box of gadgets come bumping into him from the side.

    “ Oh my . . .I . . .I am so sorry . . . sorry,” the man immediately apologizes as he drops down to pick up the pieces that fell out of the box.

    “ Oh no! It’s okay,” Vaughn stoops down to help him with his things.

    “ Sorry, I don’t always look where I’m going. I have never seen you around. Have I? I don’t think so. I’m not particularly good with . . . with faces. Well, except for those people that I see often, like on a daily basis. Like my family for example. Well, not everyone in my family. My Uncle Steve lives in Japan. So I don’t see him often, just on holiday occasions, ” the man continues.

    “ Uh hi,” Vaughn says out of politeness even if deep down he doesn’t know what to think about the “interesting” man. “ Yes uh. I am new. My name is Michael Vaughn . . .you are?”

    “ Marshall Flinkman. But people just call me Marshall. I’m the op tech guy here. Nice to meet you Mr.Vaughn. Or is it just Vaughn. Or Agent Vaughn. Or even casual Michael. Did you . . .did you know that Michael is the second most common name parents name their son? After John that is. John’s number one . . . Marshall isn’t a very common name. Neither is Flinkman . . .” This guy could continue forever if someone didn’t stop him.

    “ Anything is fine. People usually just say Vaughn. Because like you said, um Michael is just too common,” he gives Marshall a smile and an outstretched hand. He thinks to himself that this place definitely has some unique characters. Marshall is very amusing to him. At least he won’t be bored here. He wonders what other people around this place are like. “ Marshall, do you by any chance know where I can find the director. I am suppose to meet him today.”

    “ Oh Sloane. Yeah. In fact I am going to the meeting room right now. You can follow me. You must be the new guy that’s going to work with Agent Bristow. You’re really lucky. . .” Marshall says with a shy smile.

    “ Really? Why is that?” he thinks to himself. Bristow. Bristow. Vaughn says the name a few times in his head. Sounds like a guy with a lot of experience. He guesses he’s lucky to be working with someone who knows a lot. “Here we go, no turning back now,” are the finally prep words he gives himself.

    * * * * * *

    She can’t believe she is sitting in the briefing room again. The seat next to her is empty and so is the seat she’s sitting in because she feels like a ghost. She is not fully present even though her body is here. Across from her sits the man who has been more of a father than her own ever has. But he disappointed her last week by mentioning that Dixon would be replaced.

    “ Sydney. I’m glad you’re back,” Sloane says as he moves closer towards her. “ The place just isn’t the same without you,” he gives her a sly half smile.

    She keeps her head down. Sometimes she gets uncomfortable around him. She can’t explain it. Most of the time, she looks up to him and respects him, but sometimes she feels uneasy. It’s probably just because he’s her boss. No one is ever completely at ease with their boss.

    “ Dixon would have wanted you to move on with your duties. For this country,” he likes to play the patriotic card. Then moves right on to business, “There is an agent from SD-4. I have looked at his records and most of it is quite impressive. But of course you will need to take on a superior role to show him how things are done.”

    “ I don’t think I am the best person to teach a new agent how things are done.”

    “ But you are. You are one of the best we have Sydney.”

    “ I would really like it if . . .” all of the sudden the door opens and Marshall is there with a load of tech things and a man following behind.

    “ Ah, you must be Agent Michael Vaughn. I see you have met Marshall.” Sloane, pretending to be a wonderful boss, stands up to greet his newest agent.

    “ Yes sir.” Vaughn is surprised at his own timidity. This boss gives him the creeps, which he was not expecting. Just thinking about what the Alliance does and to know that the man in front of him was in charge of numerous of those operations made him a little sick.

    “ I read your records at SD-4. Good work.”

    “ Thank you sir.” To hear anyone say what he did at SD-4 was good makes him angry.

    “ But of course at SD-6, we have our own ways that may be different than what you are used to. But Agent Bristow will be here to guide you for the beginning,” Arvin Sloane may be a small man, but has great presence. So big in fact that Vaughn did not even notice that there is another person in the room. Of course, that other person has been trying desperately to be invisible.

    Vaughn turns his head to see a young brunette dressed in a matching suit and skirt. Her hair hangs down a little past her shoulders. Professional yet shows her young age. Though the suit doesn’t accentuate anything, he can tell she is very fit. She is sitting down, but he knows she is very tall just by glancing down at her long legs. He wants a better look at her face, but her head is turned away. That is Agent Bristow? He didn’t know what he was expecting, but he certainly wasn’t expecting her.

    “ I need to take a call in the other room,” Sloane’s words quickly bring Vaughn out of his serious study of the woman. “ You two should get acquainted. Marshall, I need you to come with me.”

    “ Yes Mr.Sloane. It was nice to meet you Agent Vaughn.”

    “ You too Marshall.” Vaughn follows the two to the door. Even though she tried very hard not to, she turns her head to see who this new agent is. From the back, he looks quite tall; maybe that’s only because she’s sitting down. He turns his head back to her and like a reflex, she immediately turns her head away coolly. Vaughn doesn’t know how to take that.

    “ Uh, hi. I’m Agent Vaughn.” He walks towards her and she suddenly lifts her head to give him a hard stare. For the first time, he sees her beautiful face. Though her features say she is quite young, still in her twenties, her eyes are much older and sadder. She has an air of confidence. He can’t explain it. It is a little intimidating.

    “ Um . . .” what is it with the people in this company? He thinks. Why do they all make him speechless?

    “ Look,” she finally says something. “ I don’t know what Sloane might have told you. But I don’t want another partner,” she says quickly and coolly.

    “ I see. Um, I heard about your partner. I understand that . . . ” he tries to be friendly and he is surprisingly genuinely concerned.

    “ You DON’T understand. You wouldn’t. He is not going to be replaced by someone who . . .I don’t mean to sound rude, but who doesn't have his experience.”

    Her words sting him a little. More than he cares to admit.
    “ I can understand that your partner meant a lot to you. I am not trying to replace anyone,” he starts to get a little defensive. He is a little taken back. She hasn’t even given him a chance, and she probably isn’t going to.

    “ I don’t know how to make this clearer. I don’t NEED anyone else. I can handle missions by myself. I will request solo missions from now on.”

    “ I’ve been on solo missions before, it’s very hard not to have back-up . . .”

    “ Look, Mr . . .Vaughn. I don’t know how much you think you know. I’ve been here for seven years, and I know my own capabilities thank you.”

    “ I’m just trying . . .”

    “ Maybe you shouldn’t try so hard,” she retorts. She doesn’t know why she’s acting the way she is. She doesn’t feel or want to try to be Mary Sunshine when all she can think about is how much she misses Dixon.

    “ Maybe,” he states firmly with a hint of disappointment.

    She sees this and wishes she wasn’t so harsh. “ Sometimes some people are just not meant to work together. ”

    “ You’re right. I just thought that that realization usually comes AFTER those people have given working together a chance,” he is out the door before his words settle with her. After he is gone, she slumps down into her chair and starts to cry again.
  8. angelbleu

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    Dec 21, 2002
    ASH, oops....i'm sorry I missed your comment. Thanks for reading....um, do you still need the PM?? :unsure: i'll PM you for the next one..... :D and if anyone else would like a PM...lemme know. :D
  9. ILuvMichael

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    Jan 26, 2003
    I absolutely love it! this fic is so great...there are so many words to describe it...


    so many more, i just can't think anymore!

    so, i may sound stupid with asking this...but what's AU? sorry, i'm just really out of it.

    so, update soon...i'm loving it, as you can tell.
  10. sarahh729

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Maryland, USA
    that was good :)
  11. nancee

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    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
    awwwwwwwww why did u have to remind me bout that? im trying ot forget it..its so sad!!!!!!! ::tears::....okee....this is good so far..more!
  12. A.I.C.

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    Apr 21, 2003
    wow.it's great! I like it! But i've got a question(maybe you've mentioned it and i simply didn't get it... :()!When does this story takes place? Before they met???
    And please post more. I'd absolutly like to know who is doubled... :D
    Can I get a PM when you update?? Please!
  13. VaughnFan13

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    Feb 28, 2003
    please post more soon..vaughn had better stick with the sd-6 assignement so that he can meet the real syd...
  14. Ames47

    Ames47 Amy Strikes Back

    Mar 31, 2003
    the outskirts of HELL
    wow im glad i started to read this!! this is very interesting and good!!hmm i like how this is going and its by far different from the others i have read which i like!! cant wait to see how you play this out!!! hey can you please pm me when you have a new chap!! thanks!!
  15. Kristina

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    Feb 28, 2003
    That was so awesome! Post more soon! :D
  16. aliaschick4mv

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    Feb 26, 2003
    East Coast
    :claps: YAY ANGEL! Great fic! It's very interesting seeing Flustered!Vaughn. And hostile!Sydney is kinda heart breaking...

    So, when do we see Danny? And S/V? Somewhere?


    Luve ya,
  17. angelbleu

    angelbleu Rocket Ranger

    Dec 21, 2002
    ILuvMichael, awwwww thank you!! You should start your own thesaurus. ;) very big vocabulary. and AU means Alternate Universe. So it doesn't exactly follow the premise of the show. :D

    sarah, thanks for reading. :D

    iL0v3vAuGhN...sorry :(, thou shall not speak of that fic that shall remain nameless..... but hugs anyway. there was a happy ending...

    A.I.C., this takes place in an Alternate Universe so....Syd and Vaughn have never met before. It doesn't really follow the time-line of the show...is that confusing?? :unsure: You should treat it as if it's like the beginning of season one when Syd doesn't know about SD-6 yet because Danny was never killed. Vaughn is a double agent for the CIA working inside SD-6 and he is assigned to be Syd's partner. I hope that helps. :D

    VaughnFan13...no fears...let's say they'll meet again.... ;) Thanks for reading.

    ames723. Another familiar face. Thank you for reading my other stuff. I like trying new things....setting up different circumstances and letting the characters direct me where to go.

    spy41 You're awesome for reading....seriously. :D

    Elle!!!! oops....I mean DANI :shamefullyembarrased: It'll take me awhile to get used to it... ;) Yeah....but hostile Syd is kinda sad....but that's kinda the way she was in the beginning of Season One....no? She was kinda mean to Vaughn....but I'm glad that all changed. Oh and Danny IS still in the picture....

    Chapter 3

    He looks at his watch wondering what is taking Kristine so long. He doesn’t like having all this time to think about all the things that could have possibly happened to her. It has been three days since he started at SD-6, but he had only been to the office once. Sloane was under the impression that he just moved from SD-4’s headquarter location in France and still needed time to settle in. Vaughn was not going to be one to complain for getting a few days off to figure out how everything might work out in this operation. It would be nice if he did get a partner though.

    He remembers the most life-threatening ones were always the ones without anyone else there. When he had been too confident that he could do things alone, more often than not, that’s when trouble came as well. Thinking about solo-missions in the past, he wonders how Agent Bristow would fare. He doesn’t doubt her physical abilities or her confidence. He experienced firsthand her stubbornness and determination. He doesn’t want to say he saw through her; but he got the distinct feeling that there is much more behind the tough professional exterior she put up. He worries more for her emotional well-being on solo missions than her physical strength.

    The realization that he has been thinking about her for more than he should suddenly hits. Why should he be even thinking about what she wants to do? He doesn’t even know her, and she obviously doesn’t want to know him. If she wants to go partner-less, that’s just fine by him. He will have another and probably better partner. But she never even gave him a chance. She thinks she knows everything. “ Who does she think she is?” he says out loud.

    “ Who?” a voice and clicking heels behind him interrupts his thoughts. “ Are we talking to ourselves again Agent Vaughn?” she gives him a raised eyebrow. He didn’t realize how worked up he had gotten. Immediately, he feels terrible for thinking about someone who he doesn’t know when he should have been worried about why Kristine is late.

    “ Only when frustrated,” he mumbles.

    “ Tell me. Who’s this person that has you all frustrated?” Kristine asks more as a way to get him to talk than out of really wanting to know. “ Did you have a fight with Alice?” She assumes it’s because of his girlfriend. For some reason, every so often, she feels the need to ask about his personal life. She would never admit it, but it may be a way to remind herself that he has another life outside this crazy one. Every time she asks about Alice, she regrets it. She doesn’t really want to know. Fortunately, he senses the same thing and usually doesn’t elaborate.

    “ Uh no. We barely had a chance to talk . . . let alone fight . . .” he says lightly.

    “ Oh. Well, if it’s not Alice, who is it then?”

    “ It’s no one,” he hopes she will drop it, but she has no intentions to do so. “ It’s no one that I would ever see again anyway. It doesn’t really matter. Where have you been? You’re never late.”

    She sees that he is trying to change the subject. She’s not going to let him win. “ Fine. If you want to be vague like that. I can too. I had something to do, but it’s not important.” It will be a tie this time. “ How did it go with the first day?”

    “ Mostly good. Sloane gives me the creeps. Met a very . . .amusing . . . co-worker to say the least. I won’t be assigned on a mission until Sloane finds someone to show me ‘how things are done.’ I don’t think you should be expecting any big missions until some later time. I’m not sure he completely bought my cover story.”

    “ That’s fine. I know you don’t want to hear it, but this may be long term,” she says sympathetically. All he does is nod to show his reluctance, but understanding.

    “ He has to find you someone? What happened to the agent who’s partner died a few weeks ago on a mission? It is important for you to work with key agents and not just anyone.”

    “ I don’t think that is up to me . . .” he lets out. Kristine is a perceptive woman. She catches on that this agent is not just any agent. This person is the one that has gotten him all frustrated.

    As she opens her mouth for more questions, his phone rings.

    “ Hello? oh yeah. I’m sorry . . .I’ll be there really soon. Bye.” He smiles to his phone. “ It’s Alice. I am late for dinner reservations. Are we done here?”

    She thinks, no of course not. She wants to find out more about this other agent. But instead she just says, “ yeah. I think so.”

    * * * * * *

    Sydney gets home and just crashes on the couch. Is this what depression feels like? Not wanting to go to work; not wanting to talk to anyone, not wanting to move away from this couch. Dixon had been more than a co-worker. He was a friend; a mentor. She trusted him with her life and vice-versa, but she let him down. She had exhausted all her tears and all she could manage was to cover her face with her hands. After a few minutes, she feels some pressure on the opposite end of the couch. Warm hands pry her own away from her face. She opens her eyes to see a smiling face.

    “ Hey, how are you feeling?” he says as his thumb begins to caress her cheek. She thanks God that she has Danny there with her to help her through a time like this. She doesn’t have the energy to say anything, so she just shrugs.

    “You know what?” he pulls her up so she’s in a sitting position. He hangs on to her arms because if he lets go, he knows she’ll just flop back down again. “ I think it is time that you get off this couch, don’t you agree?” her face remains expressionless.

    In a deliberately high-pitched voice, he tries to imitate her voice, “ Yes Danny. I think I should get off this couch,” hoping to get a smile out of her. She obliges him and gives him a smile only because he is trying so hard.

    “ There. Now I think you should get changed because we are going out.”

    “ No . . .” she shakes her head. “ Why should we go out?”

    “ Because it will be good for you. And because Francie said we should check this particular restaurant out.”

    “ I can’t.”

    “ Yes you can Syd. If you come with me tonight . . . I promise we can be miserable together when we come back.” He definitely knows how to talk. After all, he is a pediatrician. He says things like “ if you hold still little Tommy while I give you this shot, I promise you can have a lollipop afterwards.”

    She finally gives up and says, “ Fine . . .but I don’t know what kind of company I’ll be.”
  18. A.I.C.

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    Apr 21, 2003
    (y) That's great!!! (y) Thanks for your explaination- it helps a lot! :D
    I'll guess syd and danny will meet alice and vaughn at the restaurant??? Am I right?( Ok- I know i'll see it in the next chapter,won't I? :)) Please post more soon... :woot: :woot: :woot:
    And thanks for the PM!
  19. Ames47

    Ames47 Amy Strikes Back

    Mar 31, 2003
    the outskirts of HELL
    oh they are gonna run into vaughn and alice arent they?!!! huh huh??!! ;) this is getting really good!! and thanks for the pm!! :D
  20. ILuvMichael

    ILuvMichael Rocket Ranger

    Jan 26, 2003
    first off, thanks for the PM...i wouldn't have checked here for a while otherwise.

    another...i will spare my many words and just say that this next chapter was great! i loved it...wonderful...i better stop now...lol

    and third, i feel so STUPID! i mean, AU, alternate universe...i should have known.


    keep up the good work...hope you write more soon!

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