Past Imperfect


Apr 26, 2007
Okay, guys... It's gonna be long before you know what i mean by this fiction:) LOL, hope you have your nerve all okay:) :woot: :Ph34r:

BY Maria Purt

Summary:  This happens in four years after Irina Derevko falls to her death in 5.17
Info: May have all the spoilers, esp. 517, 421 and 422. This is how I’d make Irina be good and alive.
Rating: PG-13
Disclosure:  Characters of Alias belong to JJ Abrams and ABC Television.

My biggest "thanks" goes to Bev (она же lenafan) for being my beta (and also the one who makes me feel like i don't know english... Gosh, i never thought it was so complicated :LOL: )

Chapter 1

"You can't really think you'll have the information, unless I'm willing to give it. Torturing will just make it worse, and then, I'll be even less cooperative. You know who I am, don't you? In that way, you know what to expect. I was trained to withstand any kind of questioning, any kind of pain. I can easily make it without any water or food for quite a long time. And as for drugs, well, you surely can inject me with something, I'd be truthful, and still, not telling anything you want. So please, save your time and my pain.

"What is your name? I heard the other officer calling you, I guess, Richard or… So, what is it? You know me and the only thing I know about you is that you want to hurt me to get Intel for CIA.

"I can tell you something you might be interested in. You wanted to know what I knew about Irina Derevko. That's a piece of cake, because I know a great deal. Still, I want an agreement. Don't be silent; it's been 8 or 9 days since I'm here. Don't you notice this is the first time I have spoken to you? I'm talking to you when I'm not in pain, Richard. That's the only way."

"No trading; you're nothing here," said the man, finally replying and turning to face the young blond girl who was seated in the chair, cuffed to the armrests. She was obviously smiling now, in spite of the interrogation she'd been through just one hour ago.

"I'm not trading, Richard. I'm offering, and there are two options here. You can accept my proposition, or you don't. It depends on you." The girl shook her head and looked up directly into the interrogator's eyes. He came closer, carrying a little needle in his left hand.

“My name’s not Richard.” He smiled back taking the finger on her hand and pointing the needle right under the nail, but not pushing it yet. They were both waiting.

"I can be mistaken as to your name. One of your assistants was beating me just the moment the other one called you. It was so noisy," she smiled again, her eyes watching the needle he still held dangerously close to her finger. "You want to end our dialog?"  She asked him taking a deep breath.

"You haven't told me a thing yet." His eyes were now dancing with anticipation.

"You haven't removed this item either."

"Okay, let's try. You weren't actually too far mistaken about the name. Richard was the one they called; I came in instead," he paused, taking away the needle and getting a glass of water. "I'm Gavin."

The man brought the glass to her mouth; she sipped it twice, and then turned away.

"I thought you'd drink it all," Gavin said hesitating as if to give her the second chance to drink. "I don't think you'll have this opportunity again soon."

"I'm a trained human, not a robot. And you know I haven't had any drink for too long. I might collapse if I drank too much."

He knew she had her point. Here in the CIA interrogation center, everyone knew of her capabilities, and they wanted to test if that was true. It definitely was. Gavin watched every interrogation of her. She was beaten and injured. They stopped feeding her on her third day, and she had no water for five days.

Whatever Irina Derevko meant to this girl, it was astonishing.

This was the first time the CIA managed to capture one of Irina's op-team. In spite of Irina's death, it still operated and they still were out of touch of any government organization. All the Intel the CIA had for that group, code name 'Nameless', was that they had no headquarters (or at least none were known) and even four years after their leader's death they were as dangerous as Derevko had been.

Gavin remembered Irina Derevko’s death. It appeared her daughter killed her accidentally, letting Irina fall down when glass ceiling covering the atrium below cracked under her weight. Then, Sydney Bristow retired, and so did her husband Vaughn. Five months later, the CIA was fought by an unknown enemy and from then on, 50% of their missions failed. It was obvious someone hunted CIA agents. It took a year before they knew whom they were dealing with. There was Operative group of about thirty to fifty people, with no official motivation but money.

Some time later, the FBI learned that the group was founded by the U.S. enemy, Irina Derevko, in the mid-nineties. None knew who ran it now. The CIA asked Sydney Bristow to come back, and she refused. After her parents' deaths, she never returned to the CIA.

Surprisingly, two weeks ago the CIA tracked down one of the operatives of the 'Nameless'; it was a girl of 20-22 years, with no data available on her in their files.

Gavin took a deep breath to get him back to present. He was still standing in front of the girl, and she was simply staring at him waiting for something.

"You look concerned," she stated. "Don't know what to ask first?" She smiled shaking her cuffed hands to feel more comfortable.

"Let's start with you telling me your name"

"What? I thought you knew… Oh, you can call me Kamilla," she paused. "Can I have some water once again please?" He brought the glass to her mouth again, and again she just had a little.

"That doesn't sound like truth; you've an accent, Polish or German maybe. The first lie of yours in just the first minute."

"I said you could call me that. I never told you that it was mine. Okay-okay, Svetlana, or just Sveta is fine."
Gavin made a note, turning to the camera, then spoke: "Sometime I'll need to know what you are, and now, yes, Irina Derevko. You mentioned you knew a lot about her. Let's begin with how you met her."

"You might be surprised, but she just came across and asked me if I wanted to earn a lot of money. I was 15 then. In our country, it isn't bad to have money, and you don't actually have to declare where you've got it from. I agreed, and, uhhh…" Svetlana shook her head slowly. "I never regretted it."

"May I ask you what job did she offer to you as a young girl?" Gavin didn't look surprised but wondered.
"Oh, well, that was op-division. It didn't have any governmental support as far as I knew, and even though it wouldn't make any trouble, I wasn't a patriot of my country."

"What year was it that you first met Irina Derevko?" Gavin asked in a low voice.
"1998 or so. Guess that was the same time as Russia had its default."

The man seemed to remember something. He crossed his arms on his chest, hiding his nervousness. "You've been interrogated for more than a week, and now you are willing to tell us whatever we want to know. That doesn't make sense."

Sveta didn't look surprised by his question, nor was she worried. She thought he'd ask that earlier, and yet, she had to make sure she picked the right words. She tried to remember the previous two weeks, and the whole 'before' those weeks. The CIA definitely didn't know anything about her and she smiled to herself remembering the real reason she was here.

That wasn't her mistake nor was it anyone else’s that the CIA had caught her. She actually planned it to happen, and obviously it all went well. She was second-in-command of the ITC as they used to call themselves, and she needed some things to be done personally. The matter of the debt, she thought to herself. She had to find Sydney Bristow who had disappeared four years ago right after her mother, Sveta's boss, Irina Derevko, was considered to be dead. Sydney retired and the CIA had a way to hide those who used to work for them. That was the risk, but there was no other way to get to that woman and the ITC needed her.

Sveta remained silent, thinking to herself of Irina Derevko.

That was horrible, she thought, seeing her boss lying on the floor, bloodied and nearly dead after falling from the top of the atrium. She actually saw her falling, unable to stop it. Then two of Svetlana's team removed Irina's body, having realized her heart was still beating. Sydney and Vaughn were on their way down when the ITC made it impossible for them to check Irina's status.

Placing explosives in the atrium, they blew it up moments before the two arrived. No one would know that Irina survived the fall. In spite of broken bones, and a severe head injury, their boss was still alive. Later, however they found out the head injury had caused amnesia. It's been four years and still nothing changed. ITC kept her in their secret location; making sure nobody would ever see her in this condition. She was like a little girl, unable to remember who she was.

Svetlana hoped her boss would recover in time, and that the organization they were running would have her support again. Nothing happened and nothing was different, and except for amnesia, Irina was now physically fine.

During those four years, the ITC tried everything to help her get her memory back, including all sorts of therapy, stress. The doctor said, it was possible some scary things from her past may have their 'deja vu' for her, so Irina Derevko was tortured by the ITC. Still, nothing happened; she cried and screamed, not understanding why all these people were hurting her so cruelly.

Finally, Svetlana gave up; she secreted her ex-boss in the hidden location nobody knew about and moved on. Some more things had to be done, and there was too little time left.

Some time later, the ITC was attacked and 30% of its members killed. Svetlana knew that was a challenge; a new enemy was something she'd never expected. In eight months, 60% of the ITC were killed.

Then Irina Derevko was kidnapped. That was the first time Svetlana wished she had someone to help her.
"So?" Gavin asked impatiently. "I don't think we actually broke you.  As you've mentioned, you can stand much more than this."

"I've told you already, I'm not one afraid of torture. Just don't seem to understand why you'd want to know anything about woman who died," said Sveta moving her shoulders as if to make the man see she was curious.

He, again, made some notes on his paper, and then smiled a little. Might this girl not know anything? Could she be just some field-op with no contact with the base of the organization?

Laughing to himself, he continued, "This doesn't matter. We need to fulfill some holes in our profiles, just in case."

The girl grinned, as he froze realizing he now answered her questions. "Nice try then," said Gavin. "Russian default? That is…"

"That was when all economical structures of the country went down, having…mmm… too little dollars there." She ended his phrase just as he meant her to. "That has nothing to do with Derevko. Just check some old newspapers, you'll see it there."

"Where did you … operate?" He had actually known about economical problems of all the countries of the post-USSR area, but never paid attention to what exactly they were.

"Everywhere" she smiled, "After training period, Irina and I…we… well, we traveled all over the world…"

"Training? What training?" He seemed concerned now. "Derevko had some sort of training base, didn't she?"

That was bad. Sveta was not to tell him anything about structure of the ITC, nor was she to tell him where the place was, so, she thought to herself, she had to tell him something different. Still, that had to be true in order that stupid lie detector to 'believe' her.

"Yes, it was located in north-west of Ukraine, near Lootsk, if you know that city. Some more wasser, please." (*1*)

She smiled at him. "Water, I mean."

"The training center first, please." Gavin serious; he finally had something more to probe her for. 

"Are you in a hurry? No? Then, me neither, I am not going anywhere until we're finished. And I've doubts I'm going anywhere even once we are finished." She waited while he gave her some more liquid. "Training…" she remembered something and her body shook unwillingly. ”That was the worse part of all time I worked for Irina Derevko. But that was also time I was shocked the most. I'm not sure I know what trainings are like at CIA, but I'm sure it's far from what it looked like in Irina's organization.

"By the time..." Sveta paused checking if she still remembered what she was to reveal. "By the time I joined, I already knew my boss was ex-KGB officer, and I was little afraid of her. The 'Irina Andreyevna' was much different from the 'Irina' who offered me job. She was all business like, always serious and never smiling.

"And after learning shooting, hand-to-hand fighting, physical training, and …let's just call it studying how to look good, make up and stuff…" Svetlana's smile vanished. "There came a time for each trainee to learn how to withstand the questioning. We were all told that interrogator would stop the moment someone of us asked him to. No one actually made it through first ten minutes and neither did I. Interrogator simply brought hot steel stick close to my face when I screamed at him to stop it. Later on, Irina explained that pain is not what always breaks someone. It's often one's fear that makes it instead."

Gavin looked distant now; he was deep in thought although he did hear every word and made some more notes. "And how did Irina make you all… How many, by the way?" He asked.

"Don't know…" she said and the detector beeped loud. "I mean, we were all divided into groups of three to five. Can't seem to remember how many groups there were."

"And Irina took all of you there by force?

"No, we all respected her from the second day of the torture training. That was when she had herself unrestrictedly interrogated in order to show us no one had any privileges when he was caught. Irina was tortured for about 6 or 7 hours never giving out any word. Interrogator, I guess, would stop once she'd ask, but she did not. He used all the stuff he had for training part, electroshock, some drugs, fire, and…"

"What did she do that for?"

"I told you. We all respected her after that and did our best to learn art of being in pain." Her eyes became wild when she said the last words. "She never used some kind of torture for enemy unless she tried it for herself, so she'd know how that person felt. She could use that to break one even faster."
Sveta's mind gave her the picture of what had happened long ago: training.  She did not lie, indeed that was the time everyone regretted that they agreed to work for the organization. Sveta just wasn't to tell all the truth. There were things no one would ever know, and those pictures she now remembered were ones of those things.

Eventually, the second morning Irina Andreyevna came into the training-center, wearing some jeans, jacket, and a t-shirt; no one actually saw her in clothes like that, and her hair was gathered. She greeted everyone, and then turned to speak to the interrogator. It appeared his name was Alexander, and some time later, every trainee used to call him simply Sanya. However, at that moment, he was Alexander Valeryevych; and after two or three minutes of talking Irina finally spoke to everybody. Almost everyone there spoke only Russian, so she had to use it.

"Вчера все вы подверглись проверке, и, как и ожидалось, провалились" she paused watching the reaction. Everyone remained silent, and so did Sanya. (*2*)

"Проблема либо в мотивации, либо в вас. Если дело в вас, то проблему решить очень легко. Если в мотивации – еще проще"  Irina smiled, pulling off her jacket. (*3*)

"Работа в этой организации сопряжена с риском, вы это знаете. Любой из вас может быть схвачен , и в этом случае он вряд ли избежит допросов" sighing, she removed the ring from her left arm and placed it on the table, near the earrings she put there the moment before. (*4*)

"Никто не может быть исключением. Александр Валерьевич, все, что у вас имеется. У вас есть…" she glanced at her watch, and then put it on the same table, "… 7 часов". (*5*)

The woman then turned to face Alexander, and he immediately backhanded her face, pushing her into the wall. She obviously did not expect that, and lost her balance. Still saying nothing, Sanya took one of her arms and squeezed it putting the other hand behind the woman's back. Once having her both hands secured, he dragged her to the metal chair everyone had been seated yesterday. Irina didn't fight back, nor did she resist.

Sanya pushed her even harder, pulling a needle to the back of her neck. Irina made her way to where he led her, and in two moments she was placed in that chair, feet chained to the floor and head restrained to the back of the chair, her arms were now tied down to the armrests. All trainees were watching every thing that happened, they were actually in the same room, just 13 feet from their boss.

The interrogator placed four wires on her hands: two near the shoulders and two on the wrists. Obviously, the drug had taken its effect, as the woman began to shake even before Alexander did anything to those wires. And, once he did, Irina's body started shaking heavily when electricity went through her hands and to her feet grounded to the floor.

"You okay?" Sanya asked her to make sure he hadn't use too high voltage. He got no response, and continued. He hit her twice to her ribs, not too strong to break those, but still, that was enough for Irina to gasp for air and then breathe loudly.

"Ага , типа мы все так и поверили , что все по- настоящему" someone whispered, and the other voice agreed to that. (*6*)

Some time later, the blood flowed from Irina's nose, and she coughed. It was several hours since they began the procedure, and the only sounds they heard from the woman were 5 or 6 whimpers when Alexander raised the voltage or aimed the hot air to her unclothed hands.  
"Бачиш кров? Вона справжня " Sveta whispered loudly, and others just shut up. (*7*)

Svetlana now remembered that was the first time she said something in Ukrainian ever since being in the training base; she used only Russian there, but at that very moment, she wasn’t paying attention to what she said. She was simply shocked, as she too considered it all a charade before. 

Svetlana also remembered Alexander looking at his watch some more time later. He was pleased to stop what he was doing. His 7 hours were to end in three minutes. Placing the torture item, he held to the shelf, he approached Irina and took off the cuffs. He then helped her up, leading her to the nurses who appeared in the doorway. Irina grabbed her earrings and a ring, and in a minute, they were all gone, leaving the silenced trainees deep in their thoughts.

Yeah, Svetlana clearly remembered each of the trainees who were standing there that moment, unsure of what to do or what to think. Of course, she wasn't going to tell Gavin how many they were, but the picture in her head was now even more vivid; that day all of the ITC recruits were there and it was the day Irina Derevko made them totally hers...body and soul.

Sveta looked at Gavin again, not knowing why he was smiling this time. "What?" she asked.

"You liked Irina Derevko, didn't you?"

She nodded "Yes. I did. And I actually will kill the one who made her tot." The girl rolled her eyes and laughed. (*8*)

End of chapter 1:)
(*1*) Germ. “Water”
(*2*) Rus. “Yesterday, you were all tested, and predictably failed.”
(*3*) Rus. “The problem is your motivation, or simply you. If that’s you what we’re dealing with, then, it’s all simple. If the problem is your motivation, then, it’s even easier.”
(*4*) Rus. “Working for this organization involves the risk of being captures, you know. Anyone can be caught, and once that happens he won’t avoid questioning”
(*5*) Rus. “No one can be the exceptional. Alexander Valeryevych, use everything you have. You’ve just…” “7 hours.”
(*6*) Rus. “Yeah, like we all would believe that’s for real.”
(*7*) Ukr. “You see the blood. It’s real”
(*8*) Germ. “Dead”


Jan 22, 2003
So. California
As I said before you have me hooked. I understand that Svetlana wants to find Sydney, but is it to kill her or to have her confront show her that her mother is still alive? You did say that Svetana promied to kill the one who made her dead. :o

Anyway, good start to your story. :D



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Well, I'm glad you pmed me Lenafan, this story seems interesting, i'm hooked. Is it possible to get a pm from the author when a new chapter is added? Thank you.


Apr 26, 2007
Love the new beginning & thx for the PM!

You're welcome, and thanks:) My university seems to be far enough from me (mentally), so, i hope to do a bit more writings these days... *Uh, well, except for that i'm leaving to Kiev the day after, lol*

As I said before you have me hooked. I understand that Svetlana wants to find Sydney, but is it to kill her or to have her confront show her that her mother is still alive? You did say that Svetana promied to kill the one who made her dead. :o

Anyway, good start to your story. :D

Well, this is gonna ne smth like *thank you, and once again...LOL :redhair: * You saw what it looked like before, so you know what i mean, son't ya?
As to Sveta, hmmm, why would i tell you anyway? :rolleyes: *Don't be mad, you'll know first :P *

This start was more detailed and I like it... can't wait to read more.. hurry up Maria :P
Oh, wait a year, and you'll like it again :blink: :Ph34r: :woot: :rolleyes: :angelic:

Well, I'm glad you pmed me Lenafan, this story seems interesting, i'm hooked. Is it possible to get a pm from the author when a new chapter is added? Thank you.
Ok, so, it seems like i have an agent right now called Bev, right? :rolleyes: :shamefullyembarrased: Thanks peop:) You'll have it (if my 'oops-i-forgot-it-again' mind doesn't let me down (n) )


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thanks lenafan for the link to this story.

It seems very interesting. Also Irina is gooooood, no way would I have myself tortured for 7 hours.

And for right now who knows if it will continue but I like Svetlana now I just need to know why she wants to find Sydney. My guess is she wants syd to know her mom is alive and help find her and help her get her memory back.

Please pm me when you update


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Hmmmm, Bev?!! You work as an auto-sender?LOL
Thanks, nlc1015, for your interest:) You'll know when i upload the next chapter:)

By the way, interesting idea: why would Svetlana wait for 4 years before start looking for Syd? Noone wants to know?LOL


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This new beginning is very great. And I see you change the interrogator's name. ^_^

Thanks for the PM and please update soon.


Apr 26, 2007
Chapter 2

"Irina?" She heard a voice but didn't want to respond. "Irina!" Someone said again, coming closer to the woman who was still standing on the balcony.

"Uh?" Irina finally reacted, turning to face the one who spoke. "Sorry, I was... thinking." She smiled, her hair flying softly in the light wind.
"You have been standing here for about an hour. Aren't you freezing?" The woman said, handing a warm blanket to Irina. "I don't want you to catch cold."

"Thanks." Irina smiled again. "I love rain. It is so... clean. I am not sure, but I think it has something to do with my past." She wrapped herself with the blanket, her body shaking, realizing it was really cold outside.

The ocean was storming and the darkened night cloudy sky was pelting rain. She liked this weather, or at least, she thought she did. All she could do during the last few years was thinking, guessing and trying to remember. Irina Derevko, as they told her was her name, had nothing in her mind. People asked her some things, some really horrible things she had to know, but she did not understand what they meant.

Wrapped in the blanket, she sat back in the armchair, resting her head and looking at the woman who stood in front of her.

"What is wrong, Cathy?" she asked.

"I'm worried about you, Irina. They had you a hostage for more than four years...I mean... if you simply told me where they were, we'd destroy them. You'd get your revenge for what they did to you."

"I don't want revenge." Derevko shook her shoulders and smiled happily. "All I want is to feel safe, and I am safe now here."

"But they hurt you!" Cathy upped her tone, now almost screaming. "You don't want to leave it that way, do you? Irina Derevko would never..."

"I'm not Irina Derevko. I don't know what I am. Who I am. Where I am." Tears were running down her cheeks. "Why do you all want me to do something I never will do? I don't want to be a killer. I am not a killer, am I? ... How many did that Derevko kill?"

"Okay, okay, I get it." Cathy seemed rather distracted or disappointed. "You don't want to talk to me this evening," her voice now was as calm as possible. "Don't worry, that's okay. Rest now." She went back inside leaving Irina alone on the balcony, deep in her thoughts.

She didn't want to punish anyone, did she? Irina could not say for sure what exactly she wanted. And, well, those people, they were not so bad.

She remembered the first time she opened her eyes: head was in agonizing pain, as was all her body. First, she was so dizzy she could not even understand her surroundings. Everything seemed dark gray, then a bit lighter, and then, it was all too white, so her eyes couldn't stand it.

Someone approached her, touching her hand tenderly. Still, she winced in pain, at that.

"Irina..."She heard the voice somewhere far from her almost dead body. "Irina, ich bin es Sveta. Hören Sie mich?" (*1*)
Irina, again, tried to pull her eyes open. It hurt, but at least she managed to see the one speaking. She never saw that girl before. Before? Before what, she asked her sleeping mind, and tried to move her arms. God, she thought, I'd better not do that. The pain overwhelmed her, and she cried out.

Immediately, the room was full of people wearing white, and they were all around her. One of them injected her with something even before she tried to resist. Irina didn't know who these people were, and why they were calling her that name. But she tried and, predictably, failed to remember her real name. There was nothing she could think of.

The one who injected her nodded to the girl and left. The others followed him and, as soon as they all were gone, the girl sat next to Irina's bed. She was worried that was obvious.

"Irina, you feel any better?" She spoke with an accent, touching the woman's forehead. There was a huge bandage there, covering almost all her head, and down very close to Irina's eyes.

She wanted to reply and once had her mouth open, she realized she could not say anything. Whatever they gave to her moments ago had its effect and she was now falling asleep. That's for the good, she thought before drowning into darkness. At least, there was no pain there, and she could now rest.

The sky shouted and Irina looked up. It was late, but she didn't want to sleep. She tightened her blanket, moved her head slowly and looked at the door. Cathy would not probably be back now, she was upset, or maybe even angry, but would try not to bother Irina. The woman breathed deeply, remembering.

The first time she was told who she was, Irina could barely believe it. Otherwise, she could not take it she was a killer and a spy all her life.

That was when she came to for the second time. They obviously drugged her, so she now did not feel much pain, and neither did she feel her body. Once her eyes were open, some device beeped, and in five seconds, someone entered her room. It was a girl she saw before, still worried, looking thoughtfully over Irina's pale face.

"Irina?" The girl started as people in white appeared behind her.

They were busy, not paying attention to the blond. Irina closed her eyes to get rid of headache, but that could hardly help. She moved her lips trying to make a sound.

"Who..." She didn't finish.

"Irina, how you feel?"
" What..." The woman whispered.

"Ich... Me, Svetlana. You not remembering mich?.. Irina..." (*2*)

"I'm not Irina," she finally gathered her strength to say. "I don't know who I am."

The girl's face froze. She immediately turned to the one in the white robe, and he said something Irina could not understand. They both then left just to come back several minutes later, still talking. They looked at her in disbelief, doctor said more to Svetlana, and she nodded. Svetlana spoke again, slowly and pausing after each phrase.

"You remember something?.. Anything?.. You fell down, remember?.. You are Russian... You run ITC... Nothing?" She sighed seeing confusion on the other woman's face.

"I can't be," Irina smiled weakly. "...Russian. I don't speak it."

The doctor approached the girl. Irina could see he was nervous. She wanted to get out of here, to go home. If she knew where home was, it would be much easier to do that. The girl's phone rang, and the man in white stopped talking as Svetlana picked up the mobile and listened carefully. She said nothing, but turned it off then, and spoke to the doctor again. Still, Irina could understand nothing they said.

"Can you tell me?"

"Was... What do you want, Irina?" Svetlana turned her head to face the older woman. (*3*)

"Who am I?"

Irina spent the next few hours listening to three people whom she obviously saw for the first time in her life; but those seemed to know her before ... or the one they thought she was ... and they continued to call her like Irina. Her head hurt, she could not take it anymore as they told her she was a killer of sort. Her eyes began tearing and she cried.

"I'm not it, you know. Why are you lying to me? I can't be that one." She became silent as she felt her entire body in pain again: the painkillers had worn off. Hysterically, experiencing more pain in her head and ribcage, she tried to sit up only to find they tied her to the bed. Her mind blew up, and Irina felt dizzy again. She did not believe them, did she?

"Let me go!" She screamed before collapsing.

"Doktor! Es geht ihr Schlechte! Kommen Sie ..." Irina heard before loosing consciousness. (*4*)

Irina looked at the sky again, turning her head to the door to the bedroom. It was time she'd better get some sleep not to feel awful tomorrow morning. She got up from the armchair and headed to her bedroom. It was warm inside, and the lights were off. Irina set on the edge of her bed massaging her stiffened torso.

Her mind took her back to her time in ITC's hands. First, they seemed to treat her well, and nothing predicted they'd make her suffer other than telling her she had been worst one in the whole world. In some time, her wounds healed, and she was allowed to go anywhere within the base, but after several weeks they moved her to some place where there was very few people, and Irina knew none of them. She still had sessions with the psychologist, but those made no progress: Irina remembered nothing. The man said her injuries were terrible and her survival was just a miracle.

She remembered the pain in her hands when those people in white robes connected her to the electricity. They said nothing to her, as they didn't speak her language. Just before they started, the blond girl, Svetlana, came in. She spoke to Irina in a low voice, saying she hated what they were about to do to her. "But there is no other way. We tried all we could. And we need you remember who you used to be."
And they did it, time after time, each time it was worse than before.

Irina's body shook unwillingly and she closed her eyes tightly to get rid of that picture. She could not. Maybe Cathy was right: she had to take her revenge on those people in order to feel better. Otherwise, the nightmares would probably not stop.

End of chapter 2:)


(*1*) Germ. "It is me, Svetlana. Do you hear me?"
(*2*) Germ. "I… Me"
(*3*) Germ. "What"
(*4*) Germ. "Doctor! She is worse! Come you…"


Aug 10, 2005
Oh, this story keeps getting better & better. Irina struggling to remember who she was (and not wanting to believe it at the same time). And Svetlana -- when she finds Sydney it may not be a happy meeting!

Looking forward to the next installment!



Aug 3, 2005
So the ITC people wants Irina to get revenge to APO or just Sydney? And did they not having any pictures of Sydney or Jack or Nadia, so they can show that to Irina? If they already showed her the pictures and Irina still can't remember, what makes Svetlana wants to find Sydney? :unsure:

Sorry for all the questions but your story is very intriguing. ^_^

Can't wait for more.


Apr 26, 2007
Chapter 3

"What, you still can't get anything? Cathy, I'm shocked!" The middle-aged man spoke to Cathy once she appeared in the doorway.

"Uh, shut up. She's stupid or she's playing her own game. Anyway we're off our schedule now, god damn it!" As she said this, she hit the table with her hand.

"Hey, don't break furniture, hon! Who said that it would be easy?" Timothy said taking her into his arms. "We'll need it. The table, I mean," he smiled. "Does she at least trust you?"

"Course she does!" Cathy shouted. She was now in another house and Irina would not hear her, nor would she even know where Cathy was. "We need more time and apparently we don't have that much. We better get back to the substation. She thinks I went to bed, so she doesn't expect me till morning."

They left the house, closing the door, and turning on the gate signal. Once seated in the jeep, Cathy spoke: "I honestly don't get it. How could she create that crazy group of killers, she looks so peaceful."

"You look so too, now." Tim said. "That also doesn't mean anything, does it?"

Cathy didn't reply as her phone rang.

"Hola, Josh! Yep, we'll be there soon. Uh, don't even ask; I want to see Jane in my office once I arrive, yes, and briefing in 40 minutes. Okay, see you." She turned off the mobile, and took a deep breath watching the road passing by their car. "I'm afraid I'll kill her soon. Anyway, it has to end. I'm tired."

"Catherine, you surprise me. If I hadn't known you for all my life, I'd think you were out of your mind." Tim laughed. "We’ve spent so much time hunting her, so much of our resources…"

"And what's the point? I thought once she didn't remember anything, she'd be easy to deal with." The woman shrugged.

"You'd better have some sleep, little one. I'll wake you up when we arrive."

"You're kidding? I'm 40, so don't call me a little one, Tim. If you weren't my brother, I'd kill you for that," she yawned. "Besides, we'll be in place soon."

A half hour later their car slowed and they stopped in front of the gray wall, waiting. Cathy typed something on her panel, and the wall moved to the right, letting them in. Rain stopped hitting the car as they moved inside their base. A man was waiting, holding some papers.

"What is it, Simon, you drown your laptop?" Cathy smirked as she got out of the jeep, taking her bag. Timothy followed her, smiling at her joke.

"Un, no, madam. It is what we found in the flat of the last target we eliminated. It's a protocol related to 2005. I want you to have a look," he handed the paper to his boss.

Cathy studied it for a second, and asked, "Why would someone keep it in one’s apartment for that long?" Cathy wondered. "Is there anything I don't see?"

"Well, yes and no. First, I wondered about it too, but then, uh, madam, it is encrypted. I think the CIA might have something to do with it, but we need more time to contact our sources."

"Simon, who was the target?" Cathy asked, her voice inpatient.

"Ex-Prophet agent. High ranking. Helmut Folker." Simon said following his boss to the elevator.

"Wasn't that the one who ran a science laboratory in Nevada?" Timothy interrupted as he typed the password on the panel; the elevator started down. "He wanted to make a deal with us, but betrayed us, didn't he?"

Cathy nodded slowly. Simon gave her the second piece of paper.

"And this is…" the woman asked.

"We found it in his apartment too. Looks like he worked on brainwashing program for the Prophet V. Yes, yes, I know, that is old one, but somehow he added some sort of therapy, the subject would react the way the programmer wanted, not even knowing he was programmed. Just in some situations, but not all the time."

The elevator's door slid open, and they went down the hall. Cathy led the way to her office, still thinking.

Simon continued. "We've been working with it for the last 20 hours, still can't gather all of it. It's too complicated."

Cathy greeted people who stood in the briefing room, and turned to Simon:

"Speaking about Folker, not to mention, that was a tactical mistake. His death I mean. Contact your sources; I want to know what is in that protocol. And if that is instruction for his program, I want to have it." She again looked at the agents giving Simon a signal that their conversation was ended. "Okay, everyone. We have new assignment…"

End of chapter 3:)
Jun 19, 2006
I was wondering who Cathy was.. that was a good day.. :confused: now I'm wondering who all these people are.. :LOL: You're preparing us for a deep universe aren't you? I'm all confused and waiting at your mercy to read chapter 4.


Apr 26, 2007
I was wondering who Cathy was.. that was a good day.. :confused: now I'm wondering who all these people are.. :LOL: You're preparing us for a deep universe aren't you? I'm all confused and waiting at your mercy to read chapter 4.
A deep universe? Might be :rolleyes: I just want everyone to have a happy ending, and as far as that is very hard for me to give any kind of happy ending, then, here we go... Poor, poor people of Alias:(


Apr 26, 2007
Chapter 4

"Syd, come here!" The voice carried into the room unexpectedly.

"What's up?" She asked loudly, still not moving from her son's bed.

"You must see this." Michael said, appearing in the doorway.

"Uh?" She turned her head slowly; then she kissed the boy and left. "So, that was… what?"

"Your older child just…" Vaughn didn't finish as Sydney finally noticed what he wanted her to see. "...just did it." He stated quietly. And I meant her little son made that tower.

Sydney slowly approached the carpet, where there was a tower placed now. The same one she managed to make when she was a child. The same one she proclaimed to be a disaster.

"Sweetie, did you do this?" She asked smiling. Still, she trembled, as she realized she was using her father's words like her own.

"Yes, mommy. Nasty game. Boring."

"Uh, that's not for you, dear. It's just… something I forgot to throw in the dump," she smiled again, taking the parts of the tower and heading toward the door. "I thought you threw it all away the day we moved," she whispered to Michael, her tone irritated.

"I did."

"Then, how on earth did it appear here?"

"Nice question… Not that it's the same one you had when you were a child, huh?"

"Dunno." Syd shook her head as if refreshing the vision. "Now, your bed is waiting for you," she spoke to the child, who immediately jumped up from the floor. "Nighty, night, sweetheart!"

"You too, Mommy," she heard, hurrying down to the kitchen. Memories were flooded with moments from her childhood. She looked at Michael who seemed to be deep in thought. "What do you think?"

"I'm not sure," he hesitated, still turning the pieces of the tower in his hands, "But this is not like the one I found in your wardrobe and threw out."

The next moment the floor shook and windows shattered. From upstairs, a child’s scream was heard. Both parents hurried there, but one more explosion sounded outside the house, making the front door crash inward. Syd landed on the floor, covering her head with her hands.

"What the…" Michael yelled as he moved to his wife, lifting a sharp knife from the table. "We'd better move now."

"Yeah," she said, getting up and running to the children’s bedrooms. They were still crying, still hiding somewhere there. Another explosion happened very close, and Sydney noticed smoke coming from her kitchen. Vaughn fell to the ground. "You okay?" She said bending over him.

"Run. Fast. Get the kids. I don’t think this is over."

Sydney rushed into her younger child's room to find little Jack hysterical. Trying to calm him down, she carried him as she ran toward Isabelle’s room. Vaughn was trying to find some kind of weapon in their room. Walking into her daughter's room, Syd suddenly realized it was very quiet there.


Too quiet.

"Isabel? Come on, dear, where are you," she whispered knowing there was nobody there in the room. Sydney hurried out only to find the entire house was now quiet. "Vaughn? Isabel?" She spoke a bit louder than before.

Still, there was no response. Heavy smoke came from the kitchen and the little boy in her arms coughed. She stopped, trying to hear something. Anything, but there was dead silence. No gunshots, no screams, nothing. She slowly went down the stairs, sensing she was now all alone in the house. She cradled Jack in her arms.

"Shhh, don't cry. Mommy's here."

"What happened, Mommy?" He sniffled, looking frightened.

She froze realizing WHAT actually just happened. As the thought overwhelmed her mind, she hurried to the phone on the coffee table, quickly punching in a number she thought she’d never use again.

"This is Sydney Bristow Vaughn speaking. Security number," she paused, trying to remember the one correctly. It had been a long time since she last used it. Then, she slowly said the number, praying for it to be correct and active. Her voice was about to break any moment now. Isabel was gone, her husband, Michael, was gone, her house was a mess and she was sure she'd not find the gun which Michael was supposed to bring to her several minutes ago.

"Yes, Mrs. Vaughn?" The voice was no one Sydney recognized. Too much time since…

"The safe place is compromised. We've been attacked," she paused, shocked by her own words. "What's the situation?" The voice sounded indifferent, even maybe robot-like.

"I don't know. My husband and daughter have been kidnapped. I need an extraction...and hurry! The attackers are heavily armed. If they're still here. Looks like they already have what they wanted."

The line disconnected, and Sydney pressed 'redial' to make sure no one would be able to track her call. Everything was fine and the number vanished as if their conversation never happened.

Moving to the kitchen to make sure nothing was on fire, she heard something outside. Not that she'd try to maneuver right now, but the curiosity made her pause and listen. She carefully lowered herself to the floor, making as little sound as possible…hearing,

"…podriamos ver en funcionamento…"

"Mommy?" The boy whispered. "I'm scared."

"Shhh, Jack."

"...sera por parte de ustedes el responsible de coordinar…"

The voice stopped as if the speaker knew she was listening. Then, there was nothing outside. Syd stayed in the dimly lit kitchen as long as it took for the extraction team to get to her place. She was not armed, and she had a little child – and that made too complicated to react in any other way.

Three hours later, Agent Sydney Bristow entered Director's office, at CIA headquarters.

End of chapter 4

*uh, guys, i've problems with accessing allalias lately, so if i don't update here - that's not my fault:) Just check for more*
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