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Oct 30, 2004
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Aug 9, 2005
Sydney Australia
Yay they are just to cute... and i love how comfortable they both are with each other when being away for so long.... and i love that laura and susan get along really well... its cute how laura looks after susan.
Oct 30, 2004
Part 23

At 2 o’clock sharp we are sitting with hundred of other parents perched onto chairs waiting for the children to step onto the scene and perform their singing. The groups are divided into five different groups depending on the level of performance. Even though it is Laura’s first year of singing, the teachers had to move her onto another group due to her wonderful and talented voice, so they say.

I’m aware that she has a nice voice but I never knew her voice was that good. I’m not much of a singer and don’t understand much, except that I can make out whether one is good or bad. I know most of the songs by heart since she is practising them every once in a while at home so when the first beat goes off I immediately recognize the melody and know that she will be coming on stage soon.

Sydney is nearly sitting on the edge of her seat when she spots Laura amongst all the other children raising their voices to the music. I find myself gazing at her dreamingly for a second or two, loving the devotion she has for my daughter. Most of the children are older than Laura and thus also taller than her, one can barely see her if she weren’t the only child wearing a white costume compared to the black ones.

Towards the end of the song, she steps out of the middle her voice rising even further as I fear for my eyes to pop out every second now. She is taking me completely off guard there with her solo. She usually would be so proud, just like for her dance classes, she would tell me ahead. This time though she didn’t… well she is getting sneaker the older she gets I noticed.

Completely confused I shrug my shoulders to my mother and brother telling them I didn’t know any of this. My mother though looks sheepishly into her lap and I know that she has something to do with it; at least she had to know about this!

After the song the people are clapping their hands without end while the group walks off. A male voice blurts my daughter’s name through the speakers as she returns back onto the stage, feeling a little bit lost in the middle. I know my daughter that far, even though she’s smiling away I can see her shyness clearly in her eyes.

Not only the first song was a hit but the entire performance that lasted for an hour was just splendid. The children are doing an amazing job. Towards the end there was another long thankful speech to the different members of the Committee and Presidents that nobody really cared about and a few people started to leave unnoticed. The moment it was finished we left and headed back home to get the car and drive her to her dance class.

It isn’t any real performance but just a simple class that we feel free to attend if we want. All we have to do is sit on a bench and observe in silence. I just prayed for Susan to be able to sit still for yet another hour because in the car she has been rather fussy but only because she hasn’t gotten her usual afternoon nap. The car slumber just wasn’t enough for her.

So I’m sitting at a nearby bench together with Sydney and Susan in her lap, waiting for the girls to appear from the dressers. About five minutes later, a loud cluster filled with laughter and giggle could be heard trotting out in the hallway. The large door to the dance room creaks open and about twenty, four to seven year olds bounce inside. Susan points out to Laura with her little finger, saying her name. Laura shyly waves back with a small smile on her face.

Some of her friends whisper into her ear and I suppose they are asking her who those people are; meaning us. I only recognize Marie standing right behind her; a girl who lives in the same street and occasionally I would drive her here or her mother would pick up Laura.

The children have to group up into four rows and then piano music is filling the air while the teacher starts counting and the girls have to do their performance. In two weeks they have to dance in front of an audience together with the other dancers from the entire school. I’m aware how excited Laura is about that, then I realise that Sydney wouldn’t be here anymore. At least she gets to see a big part of it, though none of them is dressed up in their respective outfit/costumes.

The class goes for about an hour during which Susan has only fussed once. All she wanted to do though, was dance with the other girls. Sydney has had a blast watching her daughter sway her cute little bottom to the music. It was priceless so to say.

“You also wanna dance sweetie?” she asked after the class, lifting Susan up into her arms to carry her outside.

“Yeah, Susie dance too!” the girl exclaimed clapping her hands and shaking her head left and right. Both Sydney and I smile, hearing Laura call me in the distance.

“Papa, t’as vu?” (Daddy did you see?)

“Bien sûr que j’ai vu. J’étais assis sur le banc” (Of course I’ve seen. I was sitting on the bench) I have to remind her, taking the small bag with all her belongings from her.

“Sydney?” she then runs up to Sydney who is walking a few feet ahead of me. “T’as vu?” she questions her in French.

“Yes, and you’re a pretty little dancer. It was very beautiful. So sad I can’t be here to see you really dance in front of everybody with your costume. Daddy will have to send me lots of pictures” Sydney says, combing her fingers through my daughter’s hair that has been slightly dishevelled by the wind. She then helps her fasten the child’s seat belt to the side.

“Papa, elle a dit quoi?” (Daddy what did she say?) Laura questions while I’m already used translating every so often between the pair. Once Susan is strapped in Laura’s old car seat, I close the door and sit at the steering wheel, Sydney in the passenger seat. “Elle peut pas rester ici?” (Can’t she stay here?)

I then have to explain her that Sydney was going to stay here for only a week and that afterwards she’d need to go back to America because Adam and Zachary were waiting for her at home. America was after all still Sydney’s home and that’s where she was living, just like we were living in France.

Though Laura kept her questioning at that point, I’m still worried about her deepest thoughts for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

“You alright?” Sydney questions as we get ready for bed, her hair pulled up into a ponytail to brush her teeth and clean her face with some sort of special facial cream. “You seemed kind of miles away tonight during dinner. Your brother was doing his best to converse with me but his English is pretty poor; still better than my French though…” she continues her babbling.

I smile at her cuteness “Oh…yeah sorry… I just…”

“What’s wrong?” she finishes up her task, turning around to look at me.

“I… earlier…when we were in the car, Laura was kind of pointing out some stuff to me that make me wonder. I mean she was so heart-broken when I told her that you weren’t going to be there for her dance performance. I think she feels a little bit lost with our relationship, with you living in the States and me here, that we love each other, but that we don’t live together. I know there is something going on in her mind that she didn’t dare asking me further questions. I guess it’s time for me to have a serious talk with her. At the same time though I’m not sure what to tell her…”

Sydney wraps her arms around my waist, stepping up closer to me to lean her head against my chest. My arms wounding their way instantly around her back too.

She sighs before saying, “Adam said he wouldn’t move to France for nothing in the world! He’d rather stay in the States without me and live with his grandparents instead. That was kind of hard to take in… Zach is torn between his own feelings. He doesn’t want to leave his friends, his school, and his grandparents… which I can understand. I also don’t want to loose those things. But eventually one of us will have to make that step”

We both sigh, knowing how the other one feels but neither has a solution to the problem yet.

End Part 23


Aug 27, 2005
that was great cookie!
i hope svd and vaughn come up with a solution soon so they can be a hapy family
thanks for the pm
lol gracie


Jan 9, 2004
I guess I'll reply here since SD-1 is being stupid (again).

She sighs before saying, “Adam said he wouldn’t move to France for nothing in the world! He’d rather stay in the States without me and live with his grandparents instead. That was kind of hard to take in… Zach is torn between his own feelings. He doesn’t want to leave his friends, his school, and his grandparents… which I can understand. I also don’t want to loose those things. But eventually one of us will have to make that step”
We all knew Sydney moving would be more difficult. She has older children to consider who have longer relationships that Laura.

We both sigh, knowing how the other one feels but neither has a solution to the problem yet.
I'm glad they both understand how they feel. The best solution is for Michael and Laura to move to the States. Laura can still be in singing and dancing programs in the States. Plus, that will give Susan a big sister to follow around and copy.


Mar 23, 2004
Michael will have to make the decision. Adam already said he won't move to France. So it's up to Michael to decide to move Laura away from France, her grandmother, uncles and friends.

Thanks for the PM.



Aug 9, 2005
Sydney Australia
I have a feeling that syd will move to france... she can always tell the boys that she is older and wiser....

But either way there are going to be some unhappy parties involved
Oct 30, 2004
Part 24

The week goes by much faster than expected and in no matter of time it’s again time for Sydney and Susan to travel back home. We barely got used to having each other again and then we need to let go. Sunday we all walked around the city center where I showed Sydney a great part of the Paris sightings. It was a sunny day and we finished it off with a cup of coffee and a cup of hot chocolate for the children on the terrace of a café and French pancake.

Monday was a normal school day for Laura and much to her protests, she still needed to go whether she liked it or not. Of course Sydney was all game to bring her to school with me. I called at the office for another couple of days off, informing them that in any case of emergency I’d be available through my cell phone. In the afternoon Laura stormed right up into our awaiting arms.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were similar to Monday, since every day life put a stone into our path. There was only time for Sydney, Susan and me to really connect.

On Friday I agreed with Laura’s teacher for her not to attend school that day. In kindergarten that lack isn’t that bad compared to elementary grade. We spend the time one more time together and went to an indoor pool. At night, the girls literally fell into bed and now Sydney and I were lying in front of the TV zapping through various channels in order to spot something decent.

Ten minutes later we decide to go for a DVD instead, that way Sydney will also be able to follow the movie and its storyline, instead of only watching the images. Step mom is our next best choice. I’ve always been fond of Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts as actresses, so when I found out, they were both in the movie, I couldn’t resist buying it, astonishing Sydney with my wide range of DVDs.

With Sydney’s head resting in my lap we are already half-way through the movie as she heads for the bathroom. Upon her return she lets out a loud and long sigh that makes me wonder what’s going on in her mind so I ask her.

She replies gazing down at her fidgeting fingers “We’ve never been together”. And by together I know that she means in a physical way, which is true. Why does she come up with that subject now, on her last night? “I don’t know. I was just…wondering… I mean… I … we never talked about it” she admits with a soft blush colour on the cheekbones.

“Do you want to be… together?” I ask using air quotes, at which she has to smile, knowing that I’m making fun of her cuteness.

“Michael, I’m being serious”

“I am!” I defend myself, a brief moment of silence growing over us “Do you want to?” I dare asking tentatively. Whenever I showed any sort of affection or what so ever to get closer to her, she pushed me away. Not in a mean way, but enough for me to understand that she wasn’t ready for the next step of our relationship, so I just let it rest without insisting. Now she seems having her doubts.

A shrug of her shoulders however negates my thoughts, but I also notice a certain kind of hesitation in her movements.

“I… You won’t understand” she starts, and then shakes her head in the negative, turning her head the other direction.

“I won’t if you don’t explain, but I’d love to know what is troubling you. If you don’t want to that’s ok, we can wait. You’re leaving tomorrow anyway…”

“I don’t want to leave you Michael. I don’t know what I want… I mean, you… us to be a family! That’s all! That’s all I know… I’ve always been with Danny, since we were seventeen. I was nineteen when I was pregnant with Adam and then two years later with Zach. And then…. I… I lost my baby… I thought nothing was ever going to be the same. But eventually we worked things around and knew how to love each other again.”

I’m taken off guard by Sydney’s words not knowing anything about the baby she has once lost. Instead of interfering in her words I show her as much assurance as possible by holding her in my arms while silent tears are slowly streaming down her face.

“When I learnt about the fourth pregnancy I was so scared. I was so scared to loose the baby again, but I didn’t and although we knew we had to start all over again, nothing mattered. You should have seen Danny’s eyes when he heard I was expecting a girl. He was all over her… he loved her so much and she wasn’t even born yet. He simply couldn’t wait to hold his baby girl in his arms. He though never got to hold her… I don’t know, I feel like cheating on him. I don’t want him to hate me for moving on without him. I…. I…. I love you that’s all I know”

What I see in front of me, is a heart-broken woman that has never had the chance to say properly goodbye to her husband. A woman that has once loved a man and always will, whose husband has been torn away in the worst way imaginable.

“He won’t hate you Sydney. How do you want him to hate you? I mean, you have the right to be happy. It’s not your fault Danny was taken away from you and the children.” I try to comfort her as much as possible by choosing the right words to speak.

“I know… it just feels that way. I feel terrible for moving on. Plus I don’t know how to.”

“Hey…” I say tilting her chin, “As said, we don’t need to. I’m fine with it. I just want you to feel happy and comfortable with the thought of us consuming our love. You’re not ready and I can see that in your eyes. As much as I’m ready for the next step in our relationship I’m fine with waiting.”


I nod my head with a smile on my face “Hm… And about me being the second” I whisper into her ear, raising goose bumps all over her body “I feel very much honoured”. Her eyes are gazing straight into my eyes when I speak those words and I can’t resist kissing her. I feel the smooth skin of her lips against mine, unable to let go of the other one and only searching for more. She’s the one initiating to deepen the kiss for several minutes before we need to break apart.

“Thanks” she swallows, resting her forehead against my chest while I rub my hands up and down her arms.

“I’m sorry about the baby” I add cupping her cheek, a few sniffles and sobs still coming from her.

“I…I never told anybody, except you.”

I nod my head, remembering that fact for future reference. “You ok to get some sleep?”

She agrees to settle into bed, both of us laying arm in arm and both wanting for that last night together to last forever. But we both know that it will eventually come to an end.

End Part 24


Feb 20, 2005
this was really cute ^_^ so when is one of them moving so that they can be a happy family? :P

can't wait for more and thanks for the pm


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