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Praise, Condemnation or Indifference

  • People who like Horror movies are sick, twisted and demented

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  • People who like Horror movies are creative, thrilling and stable

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  • People who like Horror movies are [define with comment]

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  • I don't know anyone that likes Horror movies

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An Old Friend
There seems to be a lot of people that think of Horror movies as a taboo taste that is to be shunned.
They feel that someone that prefers horror movies has some dark trait that doesn't fit in with society.

I'm curious if you have ever been subject to such judgements based on your preference for horror movies?
I'm also curious if you have such reservations about others that do like horror movies?

When you see the genre Horror is it an attraction or a repulsion?
Has it always been so?

Is there a time when you liked horror movies but no longer do?
Is there a time when you didn't but now you do?

What can you name as the major factor that changed your affiliation to the horror genre?

In the past, I saw horror movies and the people that liked them as a deviant personality trait.
I refused to watch any movie with a genre of horror assigned.
Then, my taste changed to the artistic quality of the shots depicted in films.
I started marveling at how that shot was done, what it took to get that effect.
I found a huge amount of creativity in the horror films I had previously shunned.
I started seeing all the different styles indicative to the horror genre as a wider expression of creativity.
This one has an okay ghost, that one has an amazing ghost.
What did it take to create such an image on film.
My preconceptions of people that like horror changed.
I started to understand the appeal.

One thing I truly believe is that anyone can like or dislike horror for their own reasons.
I know why I like it, just curious to know why you like or dislike it?
Tom good question, and the horror field is so broad it draws in a lot of people for the differing subgenres, zombies, date crowd, psychological, Sci-Fi, slasher, you name it. One think I note is a lot of core horror folk watch a whole bunch of films from differing countries, sub-titles not a problem, recently rise in foreign and arthouse happening over the last couple of years.

Personally wasn't really into horror till caught a screening of The Exorcist at a student criticism class, at the time the movie came full force at me, been a fan ever since. I like the movies in the genre that explore the human condition, are subversive - point out the faults in human society, or simply exist to entertain.