Permission To Come Aboard...

Hey everybody!

I've been lurking, on-and-off, for quite awhile and thought I'd finally introduce myself.

I've been a huge Science Fiction fan for as long as I can remember. Started with Star Trek(TOS). Loved Space 1999. Aside from Star Trek, it's probably my all-time favorite SF TV show. I'm also a big fan of Stargate & Sanctuary.

I love the SF film classics and read a lot of SF books/short stories. My fav SF film would be either "Forbidden Planet" or "The Day The Earth Stood Still." Hard to make a definite choice between the two. The short story is my favorite written form of SF. Some of my fav authors are: Clifford D. Simak, Harlan Ellison, L. Sprague De Camp, and R.A. Laferty (just to name a few). My favorite SF novel would probably be "The World Inside" by Robert Silverberg.

I'm looking forward to some great Science Fiction discussions and maybe making some new Sci-Fi friends.

Hey there! I see you are into a lot of the scifi that was made before the New Wave came in. Now the books come in such thick sizes too frequently that they end up falling out of your hands or require sessions in the multi gym to build up to, lol!
Howdy Tim,

Yeah, I'm more into the Classic Science Fiction, especially TV & movies, although I do enjoy a lot of the newer stuff. Right now I really like Warehouse 13.

As for books, I know what you mean. You practically need a Transporter to move them around.:eek: I prefer small paperbacks. I usually pick them up at used bookstores. They're easier to find there, not to mention cheaper. :D The only "newer" SF author that I can think of right now that I like would be Orson Scott Card. I enjoy the "Ender" books, as I know bunches of people do.
Sci-Fi Dude, welcome! :thumbsup:

I noticed the Space:1999 mention... any chance you caught some of the great shows from the UK of that time like Blake's 7?