Personal Writer's Bible


An Old Friend
Lets set up a Writers bible format.
I believe we could set it up so it is Electronic AND Actual.

Set up the electronic as a set of files with spread sheets and graphics.
Have a section on constructing an actual writer's reference.

Master Folder- Holds all other folders on the storyline.
* Can be named with the story working title or a code.
* You start a new Master folder when you start a new story line or when you make a major divergence (sequal)
Sub-Folders- Allows you to Isolate material and spreadsheets by category
* WorldBuilding
* Language Creation
* Clothing Styles
* Environment
* Character Development
* History
* Backing Science
* Reference Directories
* Timelines
* Plot Development
* Major Events
* Names-People/Places/Things
* Technology Levels
* Turmoil & Crisis
* Heirarchy/Governments/Friendship ties
* Reference Pictures / Photos / Drawings
Category Sub-Folders
This is where the meat is...
* Use NotePad for Quick Ideas
* Use WordPad for Large Amount of Text
* Use a Write program for formatting and hyperlinking (MSWord, Ability Write Etc...)
* Use Paint for Bitmap
* Use Jpeg for Web Sharing
* SubFolder your graphics so the folder can be compressed to save space and reduce overall file size.

Here's some of the stuff I'd throw in this folder.
* A couple pics of planets from the internet that resemble my world(s).
* WordPad that describes seasonal changes (if any), Bodies of water, Mountain ranges, City Locations, Terrain changes, Ports/Starports/Tethers, etc...
* A bitmap drawing of the imagined planet that reinforces the wordpad descriptions
* Real NASA and ESA planetary characteristics Data sheets so I can figure my planets conditions accurately
* A characteristics Spreadsheet with tables for population densities, resources, heights and depths, escape velocities, Races, Coordinates, etc...
* Timelines Related to worldbuilding

Well, It's a start. I'd like to know what you think. How would you keep track of a novel? Is there already a format established for this? Do you have a link? Can WE build a better one?



Creative Writer
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whichever way you do it, manually or with the aid of a writers collation program like Writers Cafe

Writer's Café fiction writing software - novels - screenwriting - short stories - creative fun

you need to backup to a cd/dvd and store at a seperate location and if you have a decent line, use a large capacity email account and email yourself the files, compressed with winrar if necessary

then if you suffer catastrophe, when you reinstall or get a new pc, you can just download all your files from wherever it is. i use the same techniques for my college work. even just bought myself a 128meg usb flash drive for £8 sterling new on ebay to store stuff on and carry round with me


An Old Friend
Here's what got me thinkin
Writer's Bibles
I've been reading about various writer's tools and was wondering if anyone uses a writer's bible and what you put in it?

One book suggested:
a master character list
maps of locales
diagrams of important places (rooms, floorplans, etc)
summaries of important information
story grid/outline

This all goes into an indexed binder to keep it sorted and organized. The writer also said he used an easel pad to do his outline.

What works for you?