Conspiracy Phobos-Grunt may have been downed by US facility (accidentally)


Code Monkey
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Considering the amount of monitoring that goes on between the US, Russia, & China if it was possible that radar caused the mission failure then it would be something we'd be hearing & seeing a lot more of. Heck, China would be having a field day with it against the US.


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Well, thinking about this, there is a lot of space junk up there, and whilst nations do tend to announce they are launching things to avoid people possibly thinking they are ground to ground missiles (tipped with nukes) I wonder how much details is given, such as orbital pathways/times.

And even if this was publicised, how easy would it be for a station carrying out tests to have a bureaucratic or personal failure to communicate and act to avoid disruption of a satellite launched? This is the first time it's gone wrong like this, maybe they'll learn from it, for better or worse.