Plague Inc: Evolved

Azhria Lilu

Nov 18, 2002
Derbyshire, UK
There's a game app called Plague Inc, which I've had for ages and find really addictive. The basic premise is that you develop a plague and release it onto the unsuspecting world. You win when you've killed humanity off.

Is it wrong that it really appeals to the inner serial killer in me? :D I find it highly addictive. I've played it on my nexus for hours and hours at a time and now they're developing it on PC and it's available for Early Access on Steam - so of course, since I had money in my Steam Wallet, it was a must buy.

The official website for the game is here -

If I disappear for weeks at a time, you'll know where to find me :D


Jul 28, 2013
Oh my god.. I've played this game for so long but I had completely zoned out on it becoming a PC game.

Brb, while I go get myself a copy haha.
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