Planet of the apes:going home


Galen, Burke, Virden we're tired of running. It had been 5 years since the astronauts left 1980 to come to the future.

The astronauts wondered who had won the presidential election president Carter or former governor Reagan.

Burke wondered how his son was doing he would now be turning 15 years of age.he also wondered if his wife had remarried.

Virden had long regretted the decision to ever become a astronaut.

Galen screamed as he fell to the floor. Sharp pains I. His thigh had only been getting worse.
Virgin helped the chimp up.
Galen I thought you pulled a muscle.

I am tired of this haven't slept in days.the astronauts could fence galaen was fatigue and in pain they took a break from their sojourn.

Look. Virden cried out. Both galen and
Burke could not believe what they saw it was a spaceship.


Galen rested on the floor from exhaustion he could no longer stay awake.
Burke. ,Virden watch the astronauts come out of the ship.My name is Taylor I am a ansa astronaut.this is my wife nova were are fleeing a planet called solris.
I am sure this is my friend virden
We're nasa astronauts.
What year did you leave ?Taylor asks.
I left in 1968 I must of jumped into a alternate universe.


Taylor and nova sleep on the ground while burke burden inspected the space ship.
Burke you ever noticed how galen
Sounds a lot like Roddy Mcdowall.
Now you mention he does speak with a British accent.


The next day Urko and his troops suhe planed for this allalomng a earth quakerround galen and the astronauts. urko is about to excute the humans but before he tells them he planed this all alomg a earth quake causes him to fall in ditch. the astronaughts leave in sace ship. zauis gives galen his old job back.
the end