Playskool Unveils "Darth Tater"

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Code Monkey
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I have to get one of these! :P

No need to freeze your copy of The Empire Strikes Back DVD searching for spuds among the asteroids -- Playskool brings the elusive Star Wars potato to you! This dark side incarnation of Mr. Potato -- Darth Tater -- comes with lightsaber, cape, helmet, shoes, eyes, nose, teeth, and more! A Sith Lord could only hope to look so good! Discover the root of all evil this Spring with what is certain to be a mashing success with collectors.

Super Soaker continues their tradition of quality Star Wars wet-ware with the release of the Wookiee Water Blaster, a stunning replica of one of the many weapons carried by the Wookiee warriors of Kashyyyk in Revenge of the Sith. In addition to featuring authentic blaster sounds and a movie-accurate design, this heavy-hitter can blast water up to 35 feet and carry 14 oz. of water. Arm yourself this Spring with this sure-fire hit to take on those hot summer movie lines!