Please help - What is the name of this story


About ten years ago I read a story in an Analog or maybe a Sci Fi compilation book that I am dying to read again. The plot is as follows. Please help me if you can.

There is a war going on between Humans and an alien race. The war is not going well for the humans. The protagonist in the book is a strategist that has the unenviable job of reviewing past lost battles and determine what went wrong. He is very good at his job, so good in fact he feels he should be on the front lines during the battles to help win them. He becomes jaded at his lack of usefullness. The humans on earth dont really take the war seriously; it is so far away that it does not seem to really affect their lives so not much gets done. This protagonist takes it upon himself to assist the escape of an alien prisoner. He goes with the prisoner to the aliens home planet and eventually becomes accepted by them. He helps them with the strategy of their battles. He suggests that the aliens not only attack and kill the colonists but to mutilate them and hang them from street lights. At his suggestion the aliens ensure that the humans know the protagonist is assisting the aliens and suggesting the harsh treatment of the civilians. This awfull treatment of the colonists and the fact that it was suggested by a traitor human brings the war home to the humans and causes them to take the war serously. The story ends with the humans inventing a way for thier ships to appear from no where. when the human fleet appears from no where and attack the alien fleet the protagonist kills everyone on the mothership, including his close friend that he helped escape. Before he killed his friend he explained that what he did he did for his race. He chose to become the worst traitor in human history all to allow the human race to survive. He brought the war home to the humans and forced them to react and by doing so his family, his kids, and all of humanity would believe he was the worst traitor ever. Then he blew up the ship.

That is the best I can remember. Some things are no doubt wrong but any help would be appreciated. thank you.