Please help with naming a film.


Jan 24, 2020
Hi team,

For sometime now, have been searching every corner of the net for a science fiction film I watched many years ago. The main problem is, it was a very, very long time ago, scenes are like fragments of broken glass stuck in the nostalgia parts of my memory

I have searched through IMDB as well as Wiki for top 100, top 200, Sci-Fi films from the 60s, 70,s, 80, and 90’s, Googling different scenes I kind of remember... yet still coming short of an answer.

The film which I recall was somewhat a little similar to Capricorn One, except it involved exhausting astronaut training and extensive medicals, for most of the film… I remember macabre scenes of chimps dying from the G-Force (G-LOC) machines, there was chimp testing… :(
Astronauts scrubbed red raw from exposure to radiation.
It was extremely realistic.

I think the shuttle launched, yet crashed somewhere in the desert, and the astronauts where reported dead, yet still alive, and hunted by CIA... similar to Capricorn One, but it definitely isn’t Capricorn one.

Any suggestion would be really, really appreciated.
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