Plugging my Book: The Amaranth.

Hey guys,

Well its time I Plug my book here.

Its title "The Amaranth" and is being published by Xlibris publishing.

Here's the Facebook page. Click the link and like the page!

The Amaranth's Facebook

"The Helix was created to revolutionize the way we communicate, connect and share. It brought the entire galaxy to our doorstep. The ability to collaborate without even the click of a button. But even the most pure of intentions can spawn terrible evil. What was once a vision of greatness has become something much more malevolent, spreading like a mechanical plague. Life, liberty and love are now forbidden...

But there is hope... the Frontier.

Can they keep themselves free from the corruption? What will the shocking discovery one Helix Agent uncovers mean for the future of the United Planets of Earth?"

Cover concept art