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An Old Friend
You know how you have a bot set to post hubble images and space images of the day. Is there a feed to make one for the New Horizons mission that will give us new images of Pluto as the spacecraft nears the planet?
Right now the images are pixelated badly but as time progresses they will get clearer and clearer. Might be cool to track the resolution changes.

Plus, New Horizons will continue past Pluto. Might get some cool pics of plutinos.
I am not aware of a news feed for the New Horizons mission but keep an eye out July 14 for a special on the Science Channel.
Premiering Tuesday, July 14, at 9/8c – the same day New Horizons is scheduled to make its historic flyby of Pluto — Mission Pluto takes an in-depth look at the ambitious project from start to finish, leading into the final hours of a journey more than nine years, $700 million and over 3 billion miles in the making. The special, hosted by Jason Silva (@JasonSilva) (National Geographic Channel’s hit series Brain Games), also premieres July 19 on Nat Geo Mundo and globally on National Geographic Channel in 170 countries and 45 languages. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter at @NatGeoChannel @NGC_PR and Instagram (@natgeochannel).

“If you’ve seen me on shows like Brain Games, you’ll know how much I get fired up by the wonders of the universe and the power of technology to bring them to us,” says Silva. “We’re on the brink of profound discoveries about the last piece of real estate in our solar system.”

If you are on Twitter, the mission does have its own account. @NASANewHorizons