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Point/Counterpoint, Part 2 (Sundowner #1)

Discussion in 'General' started by lenafan, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. lenafan

    lenafan Rocket Ranger

    Jan 22, 2003
    So. California
    Well stupid, stupid. I was thinking about another story while doing my posting of Part ONE. So I listed story as me. One should not be thinking while posting, it can lead to bad posts. arrrgh! :unsure:

    Anyway this is part 2 of Point/Counterpoint which was done in February, early and we all know what happened on the 25th or was it the 26th.

    :cool: This story has action, but still deals with our family and the family dynamic. Boy, after last Sunday, I'm kind of glad this is a straightforward, non-convaluted story. Enjoy. ;)

    PART 2
    The policemen put Sydney in a cell. She felt a sharp stinging in her shoulder. Reaching behind her, she touched the area. Looking at her hand, she saw blood on her fingers. It was her blood. The gangster had evidently gotten closer to her with the knife than she knew. It was also the shoulder area where Marshall had implanted the tracking device. If it was gone, she was somewhere in Moscow alone with no one to help her.

    Los Angeles
    At the U. S. Center for Intelligence, Jack was talking quickly to Kendall and Vaughn. Sydney was missing. Somehow the tracking point had fallen, been taken or lost, but now they didn’t know where she was in Moscow. Arvin was going to send in an extraction team to see if they could locate her, at least that was the plan. Jack told him, he was going with the team. Arvin had agreed to let him go. Jack was leaving in two hours for Moscow.
    “I need to talk to Irina.” He told Kendall who quickly agreed.
    The cell doors opened. The buzzer sounded warning the prisoner she had a visitor. She was standing by the cell’s window. Jack’s face told her that something serious had happened.
    “Jack, is Sydney all right?”
    He shook his head. “We’ve lost the GPS tracking point Marshall put on her. According to our last read, she was in the district where the meet was scheduled to happen. We don’t know if it did or not. However, Arvin is sending in an extraction team. I’m joining them.”
    “What was her mission?”
    “Ivan Schmerzinskiy was going to give her the names of the two Russian mobsters who run gangs in Moscow.” He sighed. “For money, of course.”
    Irina looked at him for a moment. She leaned one arm against the window. “You have to get Kendall to let me out for forty-eight hours. I can get Sydney.”
    Jack looked exasperated. “I know you were born in Moscow, but you are also a prisoner of the United States. He did it once because Sydney and I were along. Do you seriously expect another pass, this time to go back to your country where you can easily disappear?”
    “Jack, you owe me.” Her eyes never left his. “You nearly had me killed. You have never apologized nor said you were sorry. If it hadn’t been for Vaughn—“
    “—and Sydney.”
    “Vaughn just figured it out that I did what I did. Sydney was the one that got me a pardon and you a reprieve.”
    She stared hard. “We’ve never talked about the incident. Now, you still owe me. I swear I will come back with Sydney.”
    “And what is the SD-6 extraction team going to do, twiddle its thumbs?” He snapped.
    “Jack!” She cried. “You know I know Moscow inside and out. I have contacts there.”
    “Look I came down to tell you about Sydney, Irina. We will be doing our best to get her back.” He turned, walking back towards the cell doors, which were already raising to let him through.
    Irina swore, banging her fist against the thick glass. She knew they wouldn’t find her daughter before something drastic happened. Shouting, she called the Marshal on duty.
    “Please ask Agent Vaughn to come down. I need to speak to him.”
    Ten minutes later, Michael came through the cellblock doors. Irina was waiting for him.
    “Michael, do you love Sydney?” The question was blunt, direct. Her eyes never left his face. He nodded. “Have you ever told her?”
    “Not in so many words.”
    “Fool!” Her eyes never left his face. “I want you to ask Kendall to let me go find Sydney. If you do, I will give you something – I will tell you what happened to your father and how I knew him.”
    The green eyes stared back at her startled. “We already k-know.”
    “Do you?” Irina’s gaze never left him. “ Well, the truth is you don’t know the whole story.” She sighed. “Look, I can find her and bring her back long before SD-6’s extraction team does, if in fact that’s what they are going to do. I will wear any tracking device you want to put on my body. I’ll even wear one of those bloody necklaces laced with C4, but you have to get Kendall and Devlin to agree to let me go before it’s too late!!!”

    Irina had done a deep drop parachute jump where she fell nearly 5000 feet before opening her chute just 500 feet from the ground. The rigging tore at her body, leaving it sore all over. She dropped silently into a small park. The tactical GPS indicator she had been given, allowed her to drop so precisely that she couldn’t miss. Vicki Crane, the op-tech at the Task Force Center, had also implanted the tracking point.
    “It has to be someplace no one would look for it.” Irina stared at the smaller woman.
    “There’s one place. It will be painful.”
    “Do it!”
    She buried the parachute. She now was on her turf. She strolled out of the park to join other late night Moscovites. Checking the nearby street signs to get her bearings, Irina turned north towards the Kremlin and where her apartment was located.

    Sydney shivered. She was lying on her bunk. They had wanted to know why she killed the man in the bar, but even more menacing was the questions about the kill move she had used. It seemed not many people knew the KGB technique of how to kill with a leg twist. She had told them he had come at her with a knife and in the ensuing battle, it had just happened. She was sorry, but she had a knife wound to prove he had attacked her. They cleaned and bandaged the knife wound. They warned her they were not going to be patient much longer. If she didn’t tell them, they would just put her into prison. No trial they said.
    Sydney shivered again. Her shoulder was aching and she hoped it wasn’t infected. The jail garb was made from flimsy material and there was no heat, of course. She heard a guard coming, but didn’t move.
    Suddenly there was a key in the lock and the cell door was swung open.
    “Get up. Hands behind back!” The guard jerked her out of the bunk.
    Sydney stood while he put on handcuffs. Then he put on leg shackles. “Move out.”
    Sydney walked slowly down the hallway to the next door which the guard opened, pushing her through. She then walked down another corridor to another door. It opened from the outside. She stepped through. Someone was at the desk where the sergeant on duty was waiting. He looked her over carefully. “O. K. Major, the prisoner is yours.”
    Sydney looked around and nearly gasped when she saw her Mother dressed in an SVR officer’s uniform. She would never have guessed the CIA or FBI would let her Mother out. Maybe her father was close by.
    “Come with me,” her Mother said sharply. She half saluted the sergeant and that made him feel good. “Thank you.”

    Vaughn sat at a laptop computer. He was watching the tracking point that Irina Derevko was wearing. She had dropped into the heart of Moscow just six hours ago. She had 42 hours left to find Sydney and get back to the extraction point that was on the Polish side of the border. That’s all Kendall and Devlin would give her. She had promised. It was her daughter she was going after and the two men knew she would be back on time with Sydney.
    He was still worried, however, since no one knew exactly where Sydney was.
  2. Moriel

    Moriel Banned

    Feb 27, 2003
    Mafia Headquarters
    i love this fan-fic. keep writing!!! :angel2:
  3. Blackavar

    Blackavar Captain

    Feb 26, 2003
    Keep going! Keep going!
  4. lenafan

    lenafan Rocket Ranger

    Jan 22, 2003
    So. California
    :cool: Thanks. Posting part 3 today. As well as part one of "Gotcha" Opus 1. Enjoy.
  5. Scarlet Crystal

    Scarlet Crystal Bibbity Rabbity

    Dec 30, 2002
    nice! :) i really like all of your work. you are a great writer!
  6. lenafan

    lenafan Rocket Ranger

    Jan 22, 2003
    So. California
    Thanks. It's great fun trying to anticipate the writers (as in the newly posted "Gotcha!" Opus 1. I also posted Point/ counterpoint Part 3. :shamefullyembarrased:

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