Point me to fun free sci-fi webisodes


Hello - so I haven't yet tried out any webisodes and I'd love to. I am asking the Cool SCFI community to point me to some free sci-fi webisodes. And perhaps some that I might have to pay for, but just not much.

Briefly, how can I find them and why do you like them?



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Well, we created this child forum as a rise in them started appearing recently.

We are hoping that people will collate links they've found to post here for watching and sharing. Therefore, hopefully any the members reading this will know what to d:.

Keep on sharing these finds everyone :smiley:

Just my personal opinion... :smiley:

This guy is a role model as to how far I'd like to take my own series... technically he has completed 15 installments, but he decided to take them down and re-release them with completely original soundtracks and improved VFX.
check out


36 are the number of people. They are human. They balance out the equilibrium of the earth -- if all die within sunrise to sunset -- then we die -- the battle continues. They are Pillars.


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This is currently my favorite SciFi web series (SciFi Comedy). Great FX, great story lines, and quite hilarious! Transolar Galactica:

Season 1 Trailer Here

I watched all their episodes from their Facebook page. They have 10 episodes in their first season and some cool behind the scenes footage too. Enoy! (y)
I haven't tried also Webisodes and I'd love to try it. It seems that this is interesting and actually it is my first time to hear webisodes. With all the videos that you guys posted would help me to find a perfect and interesting video for me. Thank you for the posts.
Another great sci-fi series I discovered recently. Here is an animated short of the series, and below that is the first episode (3 released thus far)