Nintendo Pokemon X&Y for Nintendo 3DS

Voodoo Wasp

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Jul 2, 2013
I didn't see any thread about the newest Pokemon game that's going to be released worldwide on October this year for 3DS, so I decided I should make one :whistle:

Are you going to buy it (or the 3DS if you don't have it already)?

Here's the latest trailer (as you may have noticed the game is finally entirely in 3D):

And the newest pokemon reveiled so far:

The legendaries:

I myself have only played Fire Red, Heart Gold and White so I can't say I'm a big Pokemon fan but I do feel excited to see what new pokemon we'll see this generation!


Code Monkey
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Mar 20, 2004
I feel so very old on these types of threads as I missed the Pokemon games entirely. Anybody up for a nice game of Pong? :D
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