Season 5 Possible Season 5 Spoiler

I like the character Lauren but it'd be unrealistic. She got shot like 10 times

But in the season finale last year when she fell in the hole I never heard a thud or any noise that she fell to the bottom....
sarkfan_alias said:
She  can not be back why . Vaughn and Sark went to see her body so how could she be alive in less it flashbacks

she can be alive because her body was frozen that is why wheb they did the flash to body it still lokked alive not decaying like a corpse buried in the ground would be.
um... HELLO.. WERE IS LAUREN REED!!! god dammmit.. we need her in the t.v show... i have been obsessed with alias from the word go... and seing mellisa's character grow was sooooooooo wicked!!! even though she was the evil b****... the double agent.. the " tratior" her being invloved in the show made everything more exciting more.. unbeleivable wicked...

yes i agree lauren was shot.. but.. she wasnt shot anywere to important!!! she was mainly shot in the arms chest and legs.. thats it.. so i think her coming back would be sooo wicked.. and i also heared that they are thinking of making the body that sark viewd not really her... infact it was a fake, and when she dropped down the hufe whole.. she wasnt dead.. she escaped sumwere down there.. and before elena got shot by syd, she orginzied a fake lauren reed to take the place of the real one... if they do shot her and she dose not in face die!!!!!!

lauren makes the alias show so much more ALIVE... even though she not a lil angel :angelic: .. and infact a lil :Ph34r: naughty devil... she makes eveything sooo much more better... and sark never gets anyone to go with him.. when vaughn showed him laurens body... he was soo heart-broken.. he cried sooo much.. i was like awwwwww!!! my lil baby... OMG HE'S SOOOO HOT!!! I LUB SARK I WISH I WAS MEL GEROUG I WANNA PASH HIM!!! :woot: anyway... lmao!!! he needs sum1.. he was soo in love with her... and i felt sooo god damm soz for him....

lauren reed coming back would be sooooo EXCITING... because she would make everyone's life go upside down.. and excuse me... can i just say.. ppl who r like ... OMG SHE'S DEAH BLAH BLAH... and PPL NEVA DIE ECT ECT... francie died... sydneys best friend... and ppl hoo r like.. omg.. just kill her she soo dead.. what about irna who has died like 10 times... she was shot .. and badlty killed.. yet she is still alive.. and it dosnet matter if they make ppl stay alive in this show... its what makes it more exciting and more thrilling...

anyway... LAUREN REED BETTA COME BACK!!!... im gonna back mel geouge on this all the way.. she a fantastic actress..

LUB ME!! :redhair: (y) :D
The reason i hated Lauren's character in season three was because she was vaughn's wife, and im sure many can agree. But if she does come back i think she would be a great villian to be partnered with Sark. As long as she goes no where near Vaughn im fine with her coming back. :D

The show already had Sark/Lauren as a combo..remember when they were pretty much groping each other every episode after they attacked someone? She is SO over..Sark on the other hand is more than welcome to come back!
yeah they shot her like nine hundred times but lets not doubt the effects of the Elixir of Life
Miss Allison Dorin was shot very close to the same amount and was running around the next season so...Also Sark might have access to it based on his prior relationship with her. Which would explain his odd request to visit her dead body and Vaughn looking away to give him some privacy. He could have administered the Elixir of Life and she could be chilling with her mother somewhere. That's just one possibility.


I love Melissa George and I loved Lauren Reed! Throughout season 3 I found myself sticking up for her when she was good and I I thought she was an awesome villian when she was bad. If anyone got on my nerves in season 3 it was Vaughn. Having said that it would be weird if they brought her back - I mean she looked pretty dead to me - I was amazed that she still managed to speak after the amount of times he shot her.

But I guess if they brought her back they would do it with style.