Feedback Posts not going beyond this server?


On April 4, I posted a short announcement to rec.arts.sf.composition (the article titled "A short yahoo.")
It appeared locally, but does not appear to have left this server. When I check Google Groups, the article isn't there.
Is there a checkbox I have to click somewhere to make postings appear externally?

George Walker
I personally approved that thread myself to go to the newsgroups. You could have checked before it went live. Check again to see if it has appeared, if not then post pack and Kevin will get onto checking for it later, check permissions.
I checked again via Google groups, and also from my newsreader at work (where I'm not supposed to post anything.) No trace of the article using either.
Google Groups shows the last external posting from was on March 31, so it obviously works for some people, some of the time :smiley:

OK, we'll look into this, check the coding for all forums just in case some are working and others not.

nb. I've checked the newsgroups myself and can't find the thread out their either, using multiple different searches.
I'll check it into it. At first glance it appears that there is a timing issue for those threads that are subject to moderation.

Because of spam problems we had to put a limitation in place where members with less than X amount of posts have their Usenet postings moderated but it would appear that once the post is approved that in some case it is not being picked up.
I hope you've gone past the post count where they will go through (I suddenly find myself without a definite number). Post a thread again, I'll get it approved and then we'll search for it.

Would you mind reposting the thread? As Tim mentioned, once an account has X amount of posts then they are not subject to moderation but in the interim I have manually modified your account so that your post should go right through.
That's fine then.

We are catching and deleting posts that got us denied access to newsgroups previously, now we have a moderation system in place. The newsgroups didn't take kindly to spam purporting to sell adidas and puma clothing from Chinese companies using hotmail addresses :smiley:
I reposted, and see that the article has escaped the gravitational pull of to appear in the universe at large.
George, thanks for confirming! As Tim mentioned, we got hit by a spammer in the past so we had to really tighten down the posts that get created here in the Usenet forums.

If anything else odd crops up, just let us know and we'll fix it. :smiley: