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Most of my posts dont show up. Sometimes other peoples posts show up as new posts but when I click to read the last post, its not there.
I don't even know if this topic will show up.

It always says 'waiting for coolscifi then disappears.
I open the forums up and check new posts and they are there but when I click to read they are not there.

I have two posts in the what time is it thread. one for 3:30 am and one for 3:32 am. Neither are there?


Its really difficult to use coolscifi anymore.
Always copy your text before you post, then if theres an error, got to that thread/forum again and remake.

Curiously I am seeing this on numerous vbulletin forums right now!
That is not the problem - Other sites are not triple posting or hide posting
It could be a number of issues... the ISP of the users, the data center that the servers are on, the backbones that the data center is on, and, of course, if the Cool Sci-Fi server decides to burp every so often.

Today around lunch time (12:00'ish Eastern) I noticed a slow down on the server from my work connection but everything seems back to normal now.
I am not sure if this is 100% on topic or not but I figured I would share this with you guys anyway.. I just ran across a site that I am going to start sending to everyone who can't figure out the BCC line in their email program.. The address is .

Finally someone gets it! What do you guys think?
Best Wishes