OK whos better

  • Will Turner (Orlando Bloom)

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  • Cap'n Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)

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Omg, how can you make me choose?? I love Orli, but I agree w/ everyone that Johnny was better in the movie...how can you not love Cap'n Jack Sparrow?


First of all, I think my sig tells you what I voted for, and second, the fact that Johnny has 8 and Orli has 0 should also tell you something. :smiley: So yeah. Definitely Johnny.
You just gotta love Jack...i'm sorry but his character is just sooo funny!!! I love the "parly" bit with him and the pirates. In the whole film he just has so many great quotes!!
Noooo I can't choose, I refuse to choose between them! :lol: I think Jack was much funnier and entertaining and stuff, but Will was sooo sweet. ^_^ And they are both really really really really hot. :D So I can't choose. :lol: