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Hello there! I'm Matthew and I'm a 20-something bloke from the UK. I decided to join the forum after a brief period of lurking. It is worth noting that I do not even vaguely classify myself as a science fiction "nerd" and I don't "fanboy" over the genre because of the lasers or the spaceships (although they are pretty cool).

I like science fiction because - as a genre - it represents an interesting platform for modern sociological and philosophical reflections. My favourite sci-fi franchises are (in no particular order) Dune, The Culture Novels, Firefly, Star Trek (post-TOS, Pre-ENT), Battlestar Galactica (remake), The Matrix, 1984 and a handful of Assimov books, not because they have cool space ships or aliens but because they depict interesting philosophical ideals and thoughts that are as relevant today as they may well be in the future. Dune is a wonderful example of this; a fundamental study into what it is to be human.

This post is already longer than I intended, so I will leave it here but - and only if you wish to know more about me, and deal with my endless ranting - feel free to PM me :)

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Good afternoon and nice to meet you Dotdotdash.

Sounds like you're like most of us here, with huge interests in sci-fi. You can text as much as you like, especially if you have a lot to say. So go ahead and post away, make your own threads if you like and have fun.