Present Future


May 28, 2003

After the takedown fo SD-6, Sydney and Vaughn had only one thing in mind
To Express and act on the feelings they had hid for so long.
They first thing they did, just seconds after their victory, was kiss. No words needed.
They just looked at eachother through the destroyed room and realize they were free.they did what they felt at the moment, not caring about anything else.
They stood there, kissing, for 5,10,20 mts, an hour maybe, who knows how long.
When they broke off, they held each other, not wanting to let go, fearing it was a dream.
“That was...” Vaughn started,not finding words to describe it
“I know...” sydney said, feeling exactly the same.
“I had wanted...”
“For so long....”

“We should go back” Sydney said, the mission coming back to her mind.
“Oh, you’re right, let’s go”
“Be professional”
“Always” He said, smiling.

Back at the CIA, the whole team had seen them and the gossip had spread aroud incredibly fast. Everybody was happy for them. There was some jealously, but still happiness.
They were debrief on what their next moves would be and dismissed.
Sydney changed to her normal clothes and was about to leave when vaughn found her.
“Vaughn,it’s late and im tired, cant be talk tomorrow?”
”Just one thing”
“What is it?”
“Thankyou.just thank you. For everything”
“You’re welcome. I should be thanking you. You have no idea how much you have helped me this last 2 years. I wouldnt have made it without you. So thanks”
“You want a ride home?”
“I’ll be ok. See you tomorrow”
“Ok. Bye,syd”
“Bye, vaughn”

After saying goodbye, sydney leaned in and gave him a quick goodbye kiss.
He watched her leave, thinking it was finally happening
Since that moment on, he knew he’d be happier than ever.
He took his things and left. But he didnt went home. He went to alice’s place.
He couldnt wait another minute to break up with her. He knew she’ll be up because she never went to sleep before 2 or 3 am.
She wasnt exactly happy, but wasnt surprised. She had seen it coming
She took it quite well. After that, vaughn went heome and went to sleep thinking of the future
And he couldnt take sydney’s picture of his head.

The End

if you think it sucks, say it. im not quite sure myself
Jan 26, 2003
Florida (Now PA for college)
It does not suck. It was short and sweet, and awww....... I loved it. It made me smile, you are a great writer, and don't say it sucks. It really didn't. I hope you write more in the future. If you do pm, it was great. :D (y)

Love ya,

Lauren :angelic:


May 28, 2003
thanks for the reviews. really, thank you so much.
i dont think i'll be writing more, b/c there really isnt any more to say
this is supposed to fit between the end of phase one and the beggining of second double and we all know what happens then.
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