Preview for Season 5


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I know! they seriously need to saty far far away from each other :mad:

Oh and thanks...that was one of my favorite GG moments...where hes like "I got beaked" :ROFLMAO:


I am soooo excited for the season premiere. Only two more days!

I'm not impressed with the way Rory's going, but I guess it had to have happened sooner or later. But I'm stoked for Luke and Lorelei together finally.

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I didn´t saw it, but I read the transcript!
Firstly how naive is Rory? Hello!
And since when is she so ... (I don´t know how to call it) ughhh ... :mad:
Really sad and unlike Rory! :blink:
Secondly just one word awwww
I wanna know what happens next! I just have the transcrips (with delay), the screencaps (with delay too) and my imagination! :P