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An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
Primal Carnage 2.0 is usually what we refer to as the “recode” – a complete make over of the game from its base structure, gameplay systems and visuals. Every inch of the game has been analyzed and scrutinized to the finest of details. One aspect we haven’t discussed yet is the User Interface and what role it plays in the development of the recode.

Since all areas of the game are being revised, we took a good look at the current UI for Primal Carnage and ultimately came to the conclusion that it wasn’t really working. After some time dissecting its current state our UI Developer – Will, a freelancer from Australia – came up with a list of things missing, or that overall weren’t working:

  • As it stood there was no Gamepad support in the menus and inconsistent support during gameplay
  • The visuals were stylistically inconsistent – one area of the UI would be raster graphics whereas another would be vector graphics
  • The branding overall was inconsistent with multiple versions of the Primal Carnage logo in the game, on the Steam store, and on the web
  • There were a lot of visually unappealing static elements
  • HUD elements were hard to read and conveyed information poorly. For example the health bars were silhouettes of the character class and they drained/filled as the player’s health went up/down.
Below is a small collection of screenshots of the old UI for Primal Carnage for reference:

A closer look at the source files indicated it would have been nearly impossible to build upon what has already been implemented and have it present a quality known to modern games. It’s unfortunately a problem that has been the leading factor in the amount of time needed to be spent on the recode.

New Direction, New Design
Following the identification of what didn’t work with the old UI, the decision was made to give it a complete do-over. Almost everything from the old game was scrapped, and the intention was to rebuild it completely from scratch. However before development began we had to establish several key things that would go into the design and development of the new User Interface for Primal Carnage.

Gamepad support was an essential feature and should be completely available for the game. The player should have the ability to simply pick up a gamepad and start playing without a hitch whatsoever.
Additionally, the style was overhauled to maintain a high level of consistency in quality and a sense of dynamism the original release did not.

The Swift Killer
This intelligent pack hunter is a nimble killer capable of traversing all types of terrain with ease, ripping apart victims in seconds, and disappearing without a trace… and that’s when they're alone.

The Venomous Scourge
Capable of disabling victims from afar, this vile creature is about choice. Whether going in for the kill, or leaving them as a meal for the rest of its team, a Dilophosaurus is the master of deciding a human's fate.

The Aerial Scout
In the time it takes for you to read this, that aerodynamic predator could have flown in, clutched a human with its legs, and taken off with its prize. With a long drop and a sudden stop, you will remember the skies are not safe.

The Charger
A freight train of muscle and power, the Carnotaurus is a near unstoppable juggernaut. Big, mean, and short-tempered, when this bull charges it's best not to stand your ground.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Tyrant
With a mouth large enough to swallow a man whole and feet large enough to crush anything underfoot, this is ten tons of ground-shaking Hell on Earth. When it comes to this jungle, it's good to be king.

The Throne Breaker
With an extreme distaste for the sound of your average Phoenix chopper, this beast has all the perks of a Rex but with 150% more arm strength.

Moira Hart
The Sniper
An expert marksman, Moira is no stranger to big game. Her keen eye and precision rifle can destroy targets at range with ease but she’s always in need of backup when the danger gets a little too close for comfort.

Marcus Tyler
The Commando
A military veteran, Marcus is adept at unleashing a hailstorm of lead upon his foes. With bullets to spare and a built in grenade launcher he truly represents peace through superior firepower.

Joseph Crane
The Pathfinder
A survival expert, Joseph carries a sturdy shotgun for close range combat and distress flares to ward away dinosaurs and illuminate darkness. Now if only he could ward away his gambling habits.

Jackson Stone
The Trapper
A game hunter with a glint in his eye, Jackson packs twin pistols: Pride and Joy. With a gas powered netgun for trapping and immobilizing smaller animals, he’s still on the lookout for the perfect pair of boots.

Angus McLaughlin
The Pyromaniac
When the Scotsman isn't exhibiting his penchant for explosives, Angus relies on his trusty “Flamesaw." With a constant stream of napalm, the Pyro serves to remind us that everything burns.



An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
I love anything with cool dinosaurs in it!

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