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An Old Friend
I just saw the first two episodes of series two and I'm having trouble getting used to the show's pace. I really enjoyed the first season but this one is pacing different or somthing. Its not the same. I'm wondering if anyone else feels the change?
I've seen the title mentioned in some of the BBC related discussions but I haven't caught any of the show yet. Did you see the episodes on the net or on TV?
The show is comparible in theme to Doctor Who, although aimed more at a teenage audience and above, some of the monster scenes might scare the little ones. We've just finished airing the second series here in the UK.

'Primeval' bought by BBC America

Wednesday, February 27 2008, 09:01 GMT
By Ben Rawson-Jones, Cult Editor

BBC America has purchased the first two seasons of ITV's science fiction series Primeval.

Multichannel News reports that the broadcaster, which already screens Torchwood and Robin Hood, will begin transmitting Primeval in August.

BBC Worldwide America president Gareth Ancier hailed their new acquisition, which has already been commissioned for a third season by ITV following consistent ratings. "Primeval is a perfect addition to our successful Saturday night menu of sci-fi and adventure," he said. "We think our audience will be excited by the addition of this prehistoric thriller - one of the latest big hits from the U.K."
August!? GGggrrr.......

Well, this at least explains some of the recent BBCA commercials I've been seeing where Primeval clips are shown, and the name even listed but it isn't on their current schedule lineup.
I think there's only 6 episodes in the first series and then 7 in the second. They run in a timeline, not independent, so make sure you watch them in order.
Series two ended with the death of Stephen, who went to his death pretty calmly. We came away feeling certain that the team would save him by travelling into the past.

But this might not be soon, or at least the shows publicity team are trying to push it out of our minds.

Meet the new boy on 'Primeval'

Wednesday, July 30 2008, 19:36 BST
By Neil Wilkes, Editor
Here's the first look at Primeval's new addition, Captain Becker:


Played by newcomer Ben Mansfield, Becker is drafted in by Lester to help protect the team in the aftermath of Stephen's death. I caught up with Ben in the middle of filming the new series to find out more about the show's new military presence.

How did you get the role?
"I auditioned for another show, Merlin, and got down to the last two to play Arthur. The casting director was also casting Primeval and suggested I come in for this. I didn't expect to get it: I had long hair at the time, which isn't really a military look."

Not that there's anything wrong with long hair. This is your first role, isn't it?
"This is my first sort of long-term TV gig. It was a bit intimidating at first, but [the cast] have been really accommodating."

What's Captain Becker's background?
"He comes from a military family, went to military school, did some special operations and then got seconded to this mysterious outfit."

Is he in the field quite a lot?
"Yes, I'm now part of the team. I go everywhere and watch their backs. I shoot the dinosaurs... and Helen's minions!"

How does he get on with the others in the team?
"He's a bit perplexed with Connor - he sees him as this weird, geeky guy and they have a sort of amiable friction. When he and Cutter first meet, Cutter tells him 'I'm in charge' but Becker insists 'I'm just here to look after you'. They develop a working, professional relationship. He gets on with the others fine."

How do you think you'll cope with attention from female and male fans?
"That's fine with me but I'm not entirely sure that that's going to happen. I would find the idea very amusing."

Would you be happy being a pin-up? Topless shoots for Cosmo, maybe?
"I don't think they'd want to see me topless. Maybe after I went to the gym a bit more."

Finally, how do you feel about stepping into the shoes of the much-missed Captain Ryan?
"Those are difficult shoes to fill, I think. Hopefully I won't have a similar demise!"

The new series of Primeval begins on ITV1 early next year.
Re: Primeval S2 : new great white hunter

I must remember to skip over any current Primeval threads... S1 is just starting on BBC America in another week or so (I think Aug. 9th).
I just saw the premiere of Primeval here in the States on BBC America.

My first reaction was "HHhhhmm.... looks like a Sci-Fi Channel movie." The reaction from the little kid in me was "Cool! Dinosaurs!"

It reminded me of a mixture between Land of the Lost mixed with a bit of Torchwood.

I have the DVR set to record the series so eventually I'll be catching up with you guys who have already watched it.

The first programme in the new series of Primeval sees our team called in to clear a raptor-infested shopping mall. This is, in fact, the first time they have faced a true dinosaur and Cutter is both fascinated and in awe of what he sees. Two adult raptors and a juvenile come through an anomaly drawn by the warmth of the mall’s air conditioning and the smell of live mammals (humans). There they kill two security guards before the team is called in. Cutter assumes they are a family until his trick of using the juvenile to attract the adult male fails and he sees the little one eaten. Eventually they tranquillise both adults and return them to their own time. Unfortunately just before Stephen can return one of the predators grabs his boot but he escapes when the creature is decapitated by the closing anomaly.

'Raptors' as a word was popularised by Jurassic Park and is slightly frowned upon by palaeontologists. It is a generic term to describe a group of agile dinosaur predators called the dromaeosaurids. This group were distinguished by their lightweight skeletons, long arms and the lethal sickle-shaped claw on their second toe. Although as a group they evolved in the Jurassic they thrived throughout the Cretaceous period and the particular animal that appears in the shopping mall is based on Deinonychus (which means ‘terrible claw’) from the Cretaceous. It is one the most famous of all the raptors. As a group these dinosaurs as very closely related to the early birds and many now believe they would have been covered in feathers. The animals in the mall have a pelt of protofeathers that rise like heckles when they attack.


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This is the real baddie of Programme One, he also makes a spectacular reappearance in Programme Six. He is the top predator of the Permian – a sabre tooth killing machine who is originally tempted into the cold present by the smell of people and waste from a supermarket.

As he came through he was spotted by Helen Cutter whose curiosity then led her on an eight year journey through time. The second time he came through the discovery of the anomaly by Cutter and the team prevents him going back. He then starts to more openly attack people including a local school boy Ben. In the end he is shot dead by Cutter’s research assistant Stephen.

This creature is based on Gorgonops longifrons found in the Karoo Basin in South Africa which was between 3 and 4 metres long and had eight centimetre sabres. These predators were known as the ‘wolves of the Permian’ and were an unpleasant cross between a mammal and reptile. We have made our one somewhat larger and given him double sabres.
With one episode left to air of Season 1 on BBC America, things are really heating up! With an alternate history timeline and a shadow organization within ARC revealed, the season closer looks like the future of mankind may be in danger.
The show needs to go on, with season 3, so it appears the shows producers are attempting to provide better entertainment to avoid the show going stale on us.

'Primeval' producer promises changes

Sunday, December 7 2008, 00:16 GMT
By Ben Rawson-Jones, Cult Editor

Primeval's new producer has promised story-enhancing changes for the third season.

Tim Bradley told Digital Spy: "We do have a little more character development this series, and we do have some very dramatic plot points and a different grouping of characters. So the energy's there and we'll have a lot more story."

"It's easy to get a bit stale," continued Bradley. "A creature will come through and terrify people, then either it gets shot, lured or kicked back through an anomaly. So we're changing that a bit."

"In each episode we've tried to vary the creatures, so some will be different from those you've seen before," he added.
We're (BBC America viewers) are a season behind yet so we don't know what direction Season 3 should be taken in. :(
Just watched it
The season starts off slow but they all do.
There are new players introduced
There is reference to mythical creatures tied to actual animals
There is a hint of a way to capture and hold an anomily
There is a possible love interest brewing
Ep2 preview looks promising
The script was very hit and miss this first episode of season 3.

There were loads of moments I was almost cringing at the behaviour of the characters, who are manhandled by the script writers and direction into something approaching a couldn't give a damn attitude as to their value.

It does need to get a lot better really. Even my 9 year old son who has been frightened by episodes of Primeval in the past turned round and said it was a funny episode.

Is 'Primeval' back with a bang?

Sunday, March 29 2009, 06:00 BST
By Ben Rawson-Jones, Cult Editor

After two years of mediocrity, Primeval is back on our screens with a new addition to the cast and various anomaly-hopping beasties in tow. Yet there's very little in the third season premiere to suggest that the ITV show will be anything other than disposable, if watchable, pap.
A lacklustre pre-credits sequence kicks off proceedings with a whimper, as a prehistoric monster pokes its head through an anomaly in a deserted museum, then promptly scoots off again. Perhaps it took a look at the script? It's a real wasted opportunity, as the opening couple of minutes need to instil a sense of jeopardy and excitement instead of a general response of 'meh'.
Thus ensues the usual, predictable runaround as Nick Cutter and his team pursue the Mega Croc around London before coaxing it back home. It quickly becomes frustrating that the monster will always spend ages roaring at one of the key protagonists, allowing them to concoct some kind of escape plan, yet will move straight in for the kill on any random extra. Still, extra brownie points for the quick dispatch of a traffic warden, plus Cutter's inventive use of a fire hose to lure the Croc off a balcony.

As Sarah, Laila Rouass is seamlessly inducted into the Cutter crew, with the actress exuding an impressive air of sensuality and vulnerability. Far from the usual damsel in distress, she can even raise the blood pressure of the average bloke while discussing embalming and demon goddesses ripping out your heart. It's too early to tell whether Lester's new foil, government bod Christine, will prove to be a success, although she could well prove to be a good foil.Attempts to elevate Nick Cutter's character from a dour block of wood fall flat, with his emoting over the deceased Stephen proving rather nauseous. Such attempts to give a layer of emotional depth are painfully shoehorned into the action, especially when Abby quips "Stephen would have known what to do." Cue Cutter grinding to a halt, putting his hand over his face before Abby issues a quiet apology. It's all too painfully obvious.
As ever, Ben Miller tackles the role of Lester with relish and soaks up the bulk of the (rare) good lines. Let's hope he hits the front line again very soon, as his dino-blasting at the end of the last season was pure escapist pleasure.

Slick direction helps to compensate for the stale and overly formulaic writing to an extent, with some swift editing ensuring that the pace rattles along nicely. One particular sequence is a tour de force of family-friendly action, involving a flashback to the government soldiers' doomed attempts to retrieve an artifact from the clutches of a rather sinister bunch of vampirical monsters. The visual feel of the episode, including various bits of London iconography and the CGI beastie, is generally of an impressive standard too. Furthermore, the aesthetic qualities of the lead characters are also well developed and make them look distinguished and individual, as Abby's new streamlined look complements Connor's attempts at bohemian chic and Cutter's bedraggled state.
Sadly, the episode ends as it begins - in a very shoddy manner. In a blatant bid to kick off a story arc that will simmer until the inevitable season finale face-off, Cutter's ex Helen returns to the scene and we're treated to a flashback of her nabbing the artefact. Who cares? We have no idea what her motivations or plans are, or who is at risk, so it's an ineffective end to a patchy beginning to the third season. Will Primeval ever hit its stride?
Episode 2 was a bit more dark and scary actually. Haunted house, mysterious little girl in a bright red coat, chameleon like violent animal to deal with. Interactive game to play, quite interesting, although laden with adverts that might disrupt the attention span a bit! use 'clueword' "ghost" when you start playing the game and consult your day to day journal to start you off. You can hover the pointer over various items in the room and click on them.

Also, the trailer for episode 3 looks quite interesting.