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This looks like a fun time so I brought some cookies


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I look forward to hanging out & chatting with everyone.



Favorite Sci-Fi Book: Ender's Game. (Ironically, Orson Scott Card doesn't make my top favorite authors list.)

Favorite Sci-Fi Authors: Philip K. Dick, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Madeline L'Engle (childhood thing) & if it's allowed Douglas Adams

Favorite Sci-Fi Movies: Blade Runner, Dark City, Alien, Moon, Solaris (both for different reasons), Terminator, Close Encounters, Star Wars, Tron, first few Star Trek movies

Favorite Sci-Fi TV: Battlestar Galactica (original as a kid & re-imagined as an adult), Star Trek TOS & TNG (beginning with DS9 the franchise needed to get rid of Rick Berman and bring in some fresh blood), Doctor Who, Buck Rogers in the 25th century, Lost in Space, & if it's allowed Big Bang Theory.

Favorite Sci-Fi Magazines: Omni, Analog, Asimov's Sci-Fi, & Heavy Metal

I do distinguish my Sci-Fi from Fantasy - that is what is scientifically plausible. So, Hellboy, LotR, Dark Crystal, etc would not be included. You may wonder why Tron made it then but that should be another thread.

These are not exhaustive lists by any means and include a sampling from my youngest to most recent memory.

TY for the welcome! (y)
For me, most scifi isn't really scientifically plausible, so I suppose most of those things would make it on my fantasy list based on that definition (due to time travel or FTL drives) :) I think for me, most scifi is just science flavoured fiction, as an aesthetic.

Hard scifi on the other hand... that's a rare beauty.

Great list in either case!


I have to totally agree with you (on the SciFi-Fantasy definition thing). Only on a website dedicated to science fiction would I make such a distinction.

But if we were just chit-chatting someplace, I wouldn't know how to argue that the elements in fantasy works are not at all scientifically possible let alone plausible. The more we as a species learn, the blurrier the lines between Fantasy & SciFi get.

There may yet be fire-breathing dragons somewhere.

I'm intrigued: what is your list of "Hard scifi"?
I'm sure you know the famous Arthur C. Clarke quote:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

The only common major problems I usually have with science fiction being plausible are faster than light drives and time travel (one in the same issue, really)

Scifi that stays on Earth, or that takes a really long time to get anywhere at light speed or lower, and doesn't involve time travel is usually fairly plausible. Granted, there are some things like flashing light to change memories that I don't really buy.

Of course, I'm usually willing to forgive faster than light travel for plot reasons- it's hard to visit other planets otherwise. Usually the creators know it isn't possible, but use it as a plot device.


I do know that Clarke quote. It is a most excellent sentiment.

Regarding FTL travel: it is part of Big Bang cosmology that the universe itself expanded faster than light. This does not violate Einstein's theories because space itself has no mass.

When Roddenberry developed warp drive it was rooted in this reality. If you condense the space in front of you and expand the space behind you, the bubble of space in bewteen (and everything in it) will travel well beyond the speed of light while everything in the bubble of space simply sits there as though floating. So FTL is really plausible in theory.

Whether or not going faster than light would move you backwards in time is another theoretical discussion altogether.

So, what is your favorite non-FTL ScFi list then?


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Thanks for the digital snacks!! Welcome to the board! Great people here who are a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy your time here as well.
I like FTL scifi; the way they do it just isn't usually believable. I still enjoy the themes very much :) Pretty much all space scifi I can think of, short very limited ones like missions to mars etc. use FTL.

It's not just the acceleration of matter that's the problem; it's moving information faster than light to a destination that creates paradoxes (because it arrives back in time). This is due to some inherent qualities of relativity and space time. It's OK for space to expand faster than light- and I think it still does today, technically, just over a greater area- because it doesn't carry information to other regions in the process, and it isn't a closed loop.

One-way, that's no problem. But if it's sent back again, then you have local violations of causality, and that causes all sorts of potential problems (like stopping yourself from sending the message).

Some scifi have actually used this as a plot device. It can get very interesting. :)


@actionavenue Thank you for the welcome.

@IntentionalAlien What most captivates me about good Science Fiction is that it makes me look into the eyes of reality. Existence already has enough problems & paradoxes inherent in it that to belabor our minds with fabricated ones does seem tedious. I suppose that's one of the reasons Blade Runner is my most favorite SciFi film. It makes me ask: If it is not my memories, then what makes me me?

I see your point about FTL. So what do you most love about SciFi?
Bladerunner is definitely one of the best.

As you put it, I also love the existential depth that some scifi has- the way it prompts us to ask important questions that are on the edge of reality as we experience it. Transhumanist issues are very interesting when they come up.

I have to admit, I also love the creatures. Weird creatures are always great, whether in scifi or fantasy.


Sorry, I could not make this post do spoiler bars correctly. My favorite non-humanoid creature is the Garthim from Dark Crystal


favorite extra-terrestrial humanoid creature is H. R. Giger's Alien


favorite terrestrial humanoid creature would be the Balrog from LotR


& I suppose I ought to give a shout out to my favorite category of creatures: the werewolves


I do think it's odd that, in my attempt to bring reason to the bizarreness of reality, I should gravitate to the most unreasoning of creatures. This site is turning out to be quite the Freudian experience for me.

Do you have a particularly favorite creature?

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Nice to meet you Promea. Thanks for bringing the snacks.

I also like your favorite creature list too.

For me, I have so many monster, alien and creature favorites, that I'll show you some of them in a music video I hope you will enjoy.

Oh, it's almost impossible to choose favorites. I like the variety of creatures.

I suppose some of my favorites are from Farscape- I liked the pilot. Star Wars had some great critters too.


@Starbeast from Planet X That video was awesome! It put three weeks back onto my lifespan! I love it! (Was it me or were there no Morlocks?) I can see now that I have a lot of movie-watching to catch up on as I was about 15 out of 43. I thought the slow-mo on Patricia Neal was hilarious (I hope it was intended to be... :confused: ...) A most excellent compilation! :) TY for the welcome!

@IntentionalAlien I know exactly how you feel. During any given week, a more expansive list of mine would have several changes. A burden we have to live with. :P

Starbeast from Planet X

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@Starbeast from Planet X That video was awesome! It put three weeks back onto my lifespan! I love it! (Was it me or were there no Morlocks?) I can see now that I have a lot of movie-watching to catch up on as I was about 15 out of 43. I thought the slow-mo on Patricia Neal was hilarious (I hope it was intended to be... :confused: ...) A most excellent compilation! :) TY for the welcome!

I found the video on Youtube, and I thought the creator of it did a fantastic job, cool tune too. Plus I also thought the pause was a nice touch. But it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my creature favorites. I've seen tons of monster flicks, I've always been a fan of creatures, mutants, aliens and strange beings.