Propworx Sci-Fi Auction Launches

Propworx Launches Huge Sci-Fi Auction On eBay

eBay Seller ID: Propworx

Link: Items for sale by propworx | eBay

261 listed lots from such popular properties as:

Battlestar Galactica
Iron Man
Starship Troopers
Star Wars
Incredible Hulk
Fantastic Four
Lost in Space: The Robbinsons
Defying Gravity

Just a sample of the amazing items:
• Stargate Atlantis Gate Room Stargate Segment
• Alien Queen Leg from “Aliens”
• Starship Troopers Hero Morita Rifle
• Master Replicas Star Wars Y-Wing
• Stargate SG-1 Jaffa Warrior Costume
• X-men 2 Jean Grey Maquette
• Iron Man Battle Damaged Mark III Torso Costume

Items end Sunday, February 27th.